The Warrior Princess (A MMA Story)

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I got my mid-life crisis and decided to get in shape. Since I had always been a fan of martial arts, I went to a MMA training gym a few blocks away from where I live to get some training.

The gym was organized into groups of 10, and I was assigned to one that was incomplete. I was the newest member of a group that had been training together for two years, but everyone accepted me right away and after two weeks, it felt I had been with them since the beginning of times. Full acceptance came with a nickname, and mine is Grandpa because at 40, I am older than our coach. We are 10 members, with 5 girls and 5 guys, most of them in their low 20’s. Of course, with young women and men training in tight clothes, there is a lot of sexual tension. I knew that the guys had been fucking with most of the girls with just one exception: Kyoko “The Warrior Princess”.

Kyoko is a 25 years old Japanese girl, just 5 feet tall and 100 pounds, but with a body to die for. She is extremely fit with a small, round, tight ass that looks tempting in those boy shorts she uses for training. Her breasts are kind of big for her body, but they complement her figure, specially when the nipples press on the thin film of the lycra tops she likes to wear for training. She never wears make-up for training and her black hair is always in a pony tail or a single braid. In training she is very intense, sometimes to an extreme. Her nickname already was “Warrior Princess” and I assumed it was because she takes training so seriously.

I did not think much about the origin of her nickname – and the fact that none of the guys made any advance on her – until one day in the locker room, when I heard my name followed by some laughter.

“What’s the deal guys?” I asked, curious about the issue. The guys looked at my face and resumed the laughing. It was getting me mad and it showed, so one of the guys nicknamed Cylon intervened to cool me down.

“Don’t get mad Grandpa…” he said. “It’s simply that we were wondering when the Warrior Princess is going to kick your ass.” I did not understand the joke, so they explained the whole story to me. It happened that Kyoko had a simple dating principle: she would go out with the guy who defeat her in a match. That was the origin of her nickname. All male members of the team had gone through the ritual and all had been defeated.

Now it was my time to laugh. I could not believe that such a small woman could kick the ass of four experts in martial arts that doubled her weight. I recognize she was intense and an expert, but she was still in a huge disadvantage against these guys. Cylon again intervened and challenged me to ask her out the following week. I smiled and told him I would do that right away – Kyoko was still hitting a heavy bag when I went inside the locker room.

I finished changing clothes and as expected, Kyoko was finishing her routine with the heavy bag. I walked to her with all the guys following me at a distance.

“Hey Princess, are you done with the bag? I want to ask you something, but I don’t want to interrupt your training…” I said with my best smile.

“Yes, I’m done Gramps. What’s the deal?” she said with a scowl when she noticed the four guys laughing a few feet away.

“Don’t mind the Stooges. This is the thing. You are a beautiful young woman and I wanted to ask you to take some drinks with me. Would you accept to go out and have a drink with old Grandpa?” I said trying to look at her brown eyes which had a steel stare.

“Did they tell you why I don’t date them? These idiots are too soft… they could not win a stupid match against a girl like me. Don’t take it wrong, but I doubt you can win either.” She said that without any emotion, looking directly to my eyes.

“I get it Princess… so what about next week? We can have the match right here in front of the band. If you win, you win. If I win, you go out to have a drink with me” I said with a smile. She shrugged her shoulders and agreed. I said goodbye as always and went smiling to my apartment.

 The following week

During the week before the match, word spread out and I received e-mails from all the other members of the training group – including the coach. They were teasing me with pictures of old men, guys in hospital beds, or memes about being senile and a dirty old man. It was hilarious. The day of the match, we had the regular practice and at the end, the coach set up the match while trying to hold his laughter. He had already seen the previous four matches and was expecting another win for the Warrior Princess.

When the bell rang, I understood why her nickname was Warrior Princess. Kyoko was a small hurricane of punches and kicks since the start of the match. She hit harder than expected for a 100 pounds girl, but I was able to absorb the hits and later deflect or avoid most of the strikes and kicks. She won the first round, but on the second round I used my height and reach to my advantage (I’m six feet tall), and even got her in a arm lock at the end of the round. The match was even and the guys were rooting for me while the girls supported Kyoko. It was just a sparring match with protective gear, but anyone would think the UFC was taping a show. Third round began and soon Kyoko tried to kick my midsection. I saw it coming and countered with a leg lock. That surprised her and could not release herself. After a little struggle, she had no option but to tap-out. The guys began a chant with my nick while I checked on Kyoko’s leg. The leg was sore, but she was not injured. When she removed the head protector, her eyes had a different light. She was surprised and a little angry, but she agreed on me to pick her up at her place the next night.

 The date

The following night, I knocked the door at the address she gave me and a young Japanese girl with a flowery dress opened the door. She had a mane of long black hair and one of the most beautiful faces I had seen in years. When I asked for Kyoko, she began laughing and I realized why: She was Kyoko! I told her why I did not recognize her and for the first time ever I saw the Warrior Princess blushing. She was adorable and as I told her she giggled like a teenager. The date was the typical dinner and drinks in a nearby restaurant, nothing special, but enough to know each other outside of the gym.

We walked back to her house and she invited me in. She wanted to show me something and wanted my opinion. We went inside the house and she led me to the basement where the Princess had a full size MMA fighting cage! She explained she bought it to learn how to fight in it. Her face and voice were the ones of a kid showing a new toy to his pals. We went inside and it felt weird, but at the same time it was funny. I was laughing when I asked if she had sparred with anyone there, and blushing, she told me that I was the first person that had seen it.

She was ashamed and looking to the floor when she said that, and believe me when I say she was the most adorable thing I had seen. I could not avoid taking her chin with my fingers and raise her head to kiss her lips. She did not answer the kiss, but neither rejected it, so I kissed her again. The second time, she answered my kiss and soon we were eating our mouths. There is something about a cage that brings the animal out of you, and soon we were tearing our clothes from our bodies, throwing pieces against the cage walls. In seconds, we were naked inside the fighting octagon and I was pushing Kyoko to the mat.

I was eating that body with kisses. I took her big breasts with my hands and sucked at her pierced nipples. Kyoko was moaning and telling me to continue. I did not need any encouragement and I kept descending until I found her trimmed pubic hair. Her legs opened and I dived between them to eat her little pussy. Her moans now were louder and her legs were crossed above my head and back. I placed my hands on that ass that had drove me crazy during practices and raised my pussy meal, licking and sucking at her clit with a vengeance. I felt her hands pressing my head, banging at the mat, heard her loud moans and sensed her body getting closer to orgasm. My tongue went into over drive over her clitoris and Kyoko began trashing with a powerful orgasm. Her pussy was squirting like a fountain and I got it all over my chest and arms. Finally I released my grip on her ass and went back to kiss her whole torso before kissing her mouth again. If before she looked adorable, now in the afterglow of her orgasm, with her hair all over the place, her face flushed red, and a big smile, she was irresistibly sexy.

By this time my cock was made of granite and Kyoko knew how to deal with it. She pushed me so my back was on the mat and sat over my torso. “My turn…” she said while crawling down to my erection. She looked directly to my eyes before taking my whole penis inside her mouth and began sucking it as if it was the last meal on Earth. She would bathe the whole cock with her saliva, then she would slide her mouth all the way up to the head, use her tongue all around the sensitive head, suck at it and release it with a loud POP sound. She giggled every time she did that before sucking my balls followed by a licking of the length of the shaft before engulfing the entire cock again.

She did that for an eternity before I felt the familiar tingling of my balls screaming for release. I told her that I was cumming and she told me to shoot my load wherever I wanted. I took her small body and rolled over her, pointing my engorged cock to her breasts. A few quick strokes and I began shooting hot cum over Kyoko’s breasts. I shot like a gallon of juice over her, because when I recovered from my climax, I could see semen all over her breasts, some on her neck, and even some on her chin.

My Princess was smiling and then she did something I never expected – she began smearing my semen all over her body as if it was body lotion! My cock did not go soft, so I took her legs, opened them and without warning, shoved my erection inside her wet pussy. Kyoko shouted and cursed me, but her legs were around me like clamps to avoid my escape.

“Ah, you want to play rough, eh?” I said while taking her on my arms and stood with her pussy still impaled with my erection. I basically slammed our bodies against one of the wire mesh walls and she let out a guttural sound that I still don’t know if it was human. What I know is that she grabbed the steel cage with her hands to get some support while I used mine to hold her ass while I began a hard and deep attack on her pussy. With every thrust I pinned her against the cage and she would let escape a “OOMPH”. Her pussy muscles where going berserk all over my cock, so I increased the speed of the animal fuck I was giving her. Somehow I supported her with one arm and used one of my hands to grab her hair. I pulled her head back hard and she got another hard orgasm that made her scream like a banshee. That made it for me and with a final deep thrust inside her, I came for the second time that evening. We fell to the floor with Kyoko on top of me, with all her black hair, now mated and wild, over my chest. Both of us were sticky with sweat and our own juices, all the scents of raw, animal sex filling the basement.

Embraced on the cage mat, my Warrior Princess smiled and and asked me about a re-match. Oh, yes dear, we would have many, many rematches in that cage…


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