thirst for cum

have you ever been addicted to anything in your life? chocolate, nicotine, alcohol if so you will know how all addicts feel, the lengths they will go to, to satisfy their yearning!
i am an addict, i openly admit that i’m addicted to cum i cannot survive a day without getting to swallow a shot of hot sticky cum.

i realised i was addicted when i had finished a relationship with an old flame as he said he thought my insatible sexual appitite was getting too much for him, he felt i only wanted him for his cock, which to be fair i did! but of course didn’t admit that to him.
four days had past and i began to ache i needed cock in my mouth, my friend rang and asked if i wanted to go to a club on the forth night of my deprievity so without hesitation i agreed, i knew i’d be able to get some cock at the club the men to women ratio was fantastic in our favor in there.
i put on my leather short skirt and corset and finished off with my black knee length leather boots. i have to admit it looked horny as hell and knew i’d be able to get someone back to my place without much persusion!

off to the club we went and we sat at the bar with loaded drinks and i confessed my eagerness to come out with my friend to her, she laughed and said i was mad, i knew i wasn’t …. i was just horny.

it didn’t take long before men began to flock towards Sarah and I, Sarah is amazingly good looking she’s blonde, about 5ft 9, size 8 dress and about 34b breasts, i’m not as tall and a brunette but have enormous breasts 36E and totally natural.
we moved to a table and we were followed by two strapping black men, both around 6ft and very musculy. they introduced themselves and Tom and Matt, Tom sat next to me and Matt alongside Sarah.

after a few drinks we were all getting a little cosy and very relaxed, Sarah and Matt had wondered off somewhere and left Tom and I to entertain ourselves.
Tom went to the bar and got us both some large cocktails i gave him a beaming smile as he got back to the table, “are you trying to get me drunk Mr?” i said with a laugh, i was already drunk not that i’d have needed to be drunk to be with him he was amazing, funny, smart and incredibly good-looking.
“no i’m trying to get you into bed!” he replied looking straight at me to test my reaction
“you don’t need the drink Tom!” the energy was electric between us i was wet just thinking about getting him into my bed, i leant forward and kissed him, he responded with the most passionate kiss ever, probing my mouth hungerly with his tongue, i moved closer into the kiss and he slipped his hand up my skirt and began rubbing my soaking pussy he pulled away from our kiss “no underwear eh?” i smiled and replied “must have known you’d be here” he kissed me again i was aching to get him home
“wanna get out of here?” i whispered into his ear whilst he was still stroking my soaking slit, i moved my hand onto his rock hard cock and stroked it through his trousers, he smiled “too fucking right i do!” we took one last sip of our drinks and headed for the door.

Tom flagged down a taxi and within minutes we were on our way, i couldn’t wait to be drinking his cum, in the taxi we kissed and i got out his cock it was massive! i couldn’t believe it, i knelt on front of him and licked off the precum and took him deep into my throat, relaxing my muscles to take all of his eleven inches, he let out a sigh and i glanced up at him and placed his hand on my head so he could control what i did, he was soon fucking my face and groaning lowly i was loving it and the thought of it being in the back of a taxi was getting me even more horny. he was fucking my face hard and fast and it didn’t take long before i felt the twitch i’d been longing for and then he pulled his cock out of my throat into the shallows of my mouth and i started to wank him to aid his orgasm and then he shot his load in my mouth i moaned and swallowed every last drop as he kept shooting more and more.
i sat up and wiped my mouth and he leant over and whispered “thats what i like, girls who love cum, cause so do i and i’m gonna drink all yours tonight!”

but thats another story!

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  1. Daddy Oh!

    Girl, nothing wrong with getting your iron everyday. You are a keeper

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