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wife and I swing for the frist time part 3

As we walked into the room not 3 min behind the women we all three men just stood there in disbelief we could not believe what was going on that fast. There lay Misty on the bed with her skirt up to her hips and

Pam between her legs head buried deep into Misty pussy licking her clit head bobbing up and down on her tongue going wild on her puss,y hands up under Misty ass lifting her up off the bed. Brenda sitting on Misty face and grinding her hips into Misty face and Misty having her hands wrapped up around Brenda legs pulling her closer to her face with Brenda arching her back you could just see the pleasure on her face.

As we moved around them not taking our eyes off them and getting undressed Mike was at least a good 9 inches which I am not that small I am a good 8 and I would think that Steve is at least 7 1/2 but the size of his was just a bit bigger and to see one that big get good and hard is another thing in its self.

I reached down and took my hard cock into my hand and started stroking it keeping my eyes on the women on the bed. Brenda started moaning really loud and shaking as she was cumming on Misty face as she finished she got off Misty and came and sat between Steve and myself. Mike went over to Pam that was still on her knees licking Misty pussy and laid down on the bed next to Misty leaning over to take one of her tits into his mouth and started sucking on it flicking his tongue over her nipple and playing with the other one. I felt a hand on my cock when I looked down it was Brenda one hand on my cock and the other on Steve’s cock.

Pam reached up and took Mike’s cock into her hand and started stroking him not missing a beat to Misty’s pussy. When I heard Misty say out loud that she need a cock and needed it now. Pam leaned up off her pussy and Mike took her place with his hard cock. Slowly entering her pussy and pumping her slowly. Steve got up and walked over to Misty and shoved his cock into Misty mouth. Watching my wife get it from two men at the same time was great. With Brenda stroking my cock when I felt a warm mouth tickling the tip of my cock here I had two women on me at the same time. When I looked down I saw Pam sucking my cock and Brenda leaning down to get underneath Pam and start licking her pussy. Making Pam go down on my cock deeper. Looking back to the bed Misty had moved to the doggy style position with Steve in her pussy now and Mike in her mouth. Pam got up off of Brenda mouth and straddled me sliding my cock into her wet pussy she was soaking I slid in with ease as she started bouncing up and down on top of me. Bouncing them big tits in my face when I felt a tongue on my balls, it had to be Brenda oh god it felt so good.

I was able to look back at the bed where Misty was and Steve was jerking off and shooting his load onto Misty back. When Mike came back over to Brenda and slid his hard cock into her pussy pumping her hard. Leaving Misty on the bed by her self in pure pleasure. Resting from her wild time with the two men that just did her right. As I heard Mike grunt as he pulled his cock out and shot his load up the back of Brenda hitting her in the hair. As I was about to explode myself telling Pam that I was ready she slid off me as I grabbed my cock and started stroking it wildly. Then Brenda moved in front of me as I shot my load into her face. As my cum dripped down her face both Pam and Misty came over and started licking it off her face kissing her lips in the mean time as it was all over her we all laid on the bed and ordered some beer from room service and rested. Getting ready for more later, if it happed. But knowing we made some great friends and couldn’t wait until next time

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