Trimming the Bush Part2 by Screw3

Trimming the Bush Part 2 by Screw3

After their shower Ray and Deidre, aka Flame, lay down on her bed. Ray was a week short of 19 while Deidre, the author of the Flame Romance Novels, was 35. Deidre reached over and fondled Ray’s large dick. “You were going to tell me about your first time. I really want to hear about the woman who trained you.”
Ray said, “Suck me hard then position yourself on top. I will then tell you the adventure and the woman who taught me. If I start to soften then do your Kugels, no that’s pastry, Keigles.”
“Did she teach you that too?”
“No, that was a Eurasian woman, but that’s another story.
Deidre took as much as his over 8″ cock into her mouth and when he was hard she lowered herself onto his now hard cock. She moved up and down on him slowly so that she could get all of his prick inside her. “Go ahead baby. Don’t keep me waiting.”
Ray laughed, “Ray, you keep doing that and I am going to get too excited to stay still.”
“Okay, it was shortly after my 16th birthday and my folks were going on a cruise. I think they were having trouble, might still be on a kind of armed truce. My step-mom’s sister, Sam for Samantha, came to stay here. She was divorced about 21/2 years. The second day she picked up the phone and couldn’t find me. She got concerned because one of the kids in my class had killed himself 2 weeks before. Sam opened the door to my bedroom and I was laying on my back jerking off. It was over 3 years since she had any sex. The sight of my dick drove her wild, I guess. She said, ‘You shouldn’t do that. Why don’t you have a girl friend?”
“Sam, all of them are afraid of the size of my prick. ‘Let me help you with that, if you won’t tell anyone then I will suck that magnificent cock of yours.’ I didn’t do anything but hold out my arms. After she sucked me off I started to finger her cunt. Then she asked if I wanted to go down on her. I put my head down and she had to tell me what to do. When I found her clit she shuddered and I put a finger in and found her g-spot by accident and she went wild. ‘Fuck me’, she cried, so I did. After 3 days of this she started complaining her pussy was too sore and she needed to have some rest. So I fucked her ass and mouth for two days.”
“Ray, I can feel your cock in every cell of my body. I have never had a feeling like this.”
She started moving up and down and she started coming in moments. “Ray, you may be the best lover I have ever had, or has had me. You still haven’t come. Tell me about the Eurasian woman who taught you this way.”
“I went to the library to get a book I needed for class. Jasmine overheard two girls talking about me and my dick and she didn’t believe it was possible, but she didn’t say anything to them. When I went up to check out my book she handed me another book she checked out to my account. It was the way of the Tau. When I brought it back she had me come into her office to talk about it. I did not really understand it so she said to check it back out and gave me 2 other books that explained Japanese culture and an Englishman’s book on the Tau.”
“I love this.” Deidre said as she rippled her muscles up and down my cock, “You don’t mind if I teach this to others in my books do you?”
“Fine Flame. When I brought those books back I asked her if she knew the tea ceremony and she invited me to her house and she would perform it for me. Jaz’s mother was a Japanese lady and her father was a US Marine Colonel. I think she had been trying to figure out how to get me alone anyway and so was I. It had been two weeks since Sam left when I started reading that book for a book report. After a week of solid sex, like today with you, I was now horny as all get out after a month with none. Jaz was dressed in a Japanese garb with slits in the skirt and I was wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt. She served the tea and then said, ‘That was one ipsy bitsy tea ceremony if I say so myself. I know I shouldn’t but would you like a little sake, Raymond-san?’ I replied affirmatively and she poured us both some heated sake in little cups. She poured herself another one then sat on my thigh on the floor. I reached through one of the slits. I think that surprised her. She figured I might kiss her and she could slow things down. She had little silky panties and when I touched her pussy it was already damp. ‘Oh Raymond-san, you shouldn’t do that.’ That was hardly a stop order so I pushed the panties to the side and put my finger in and reached for her g-spot and found it easily. Sam had told me how to do it deliberately. Then I slowly lifted the skirt up and put my head between her legs and started licking her clit while my fingers kept playing with her g-spot. Then she did me by mouth and her little mouth and throat was able to take the whole thing down her throat.”
“Ray, I can’t stand it. I need to cum again, lover.” Deidre kept going and Ray said one of his mantras that Jasmin had taught him. Deidre went forward and back so Ray stuck a finger onto her clit and Flame came again. “Don’t you want to come yet Ray? You are driving me wild. I think I feel your dick in my teeth, no hell in my hair.”
Ray moved his dick inside her and she exploded her head flying back and her juices flooded over onto his thighs. Ray went back to his story. “Well Jaz was surprised when I was able to recover as quickly as I did after I came in her throat gagging her. I laid her on her back and fucked her tight cunt. The third time I went to her house she taught me how to do this while she instructed me in the teachings of Lao-Tse. Now let’s fuck for real.

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