Worst Case Scenerio

It was a late summer afternoon in the city. Ronald and Vanessa were riding around in Vanessa’s Coupe wondering what they could do on such a boring Wednesday. The two had been seriously dating since Vanessa was a sophomore in high school and Ronald a senior. Now Vanessa had her time as a senoir and was experiencing some first of her own. First prom, first car, first job and most intimately, Vanessa first time sexual intercourse with her high school sweetie Ronald.
Quickly they decided to go on their ordinary routine of going to a nearby theatre where they watch all the new action flicks their interested shared. One movie that had been all the rave was a new zombie flick. Vanessa bought the tickets and off they went.
Vanessa could sense that the movie was going to be a disappointment considering the theatre occupied a grandmother and her grandkids and a middle-aged man sitting directly in the middle of the theatre. Ronald and Vanessa sat in their usual seats in the back with no reason in particular.
As the movie was starting Ronald confirmed Vanessa’s feelings towards the movie, it sucked! But both were good sports so they decided to continue watching. As Vanessa rested her head on Ronald’s shoulder she began to remember why she was attracted to him. Strong, intense body and not to mention a beautiful, big, black penis. She rubbed his stomach and could feel an ounce of moisture between her hot spot. Meanwhile Ronald was enjoying this rub down by Vanessa. He took her hand away from his six-pack and guided it down his awaiting buldge. Vanessa began to rub the exterior of her jeans but was annoyed at the rough fabric so she decided to get an on-hands approach!
She unzipped his jeans at went for it. Vanessa noticed his penis had been bigger than she remember it, but then she remembered that they had only had sex on two distant occasions considering his member was so big penetration was painful yet pleasureable. Vanessa suddenly got bold and attempted oral sex. Her long, dark curly hair was getting in the way so Ronald pulled it back from her while he was massaging and guiding her head to move just the right rhythm. Up and down and up and down she went. By word of mouth from her sexually active friends she learned that by massaging the balls the pleasure would be intense so she experimented with it. Ronald was so turned on by innocent Vanessa’s boldness that he reached over to her skirt moved her thong to the side and began furiously rubbing her clitoris. She was so wet he was able to thrust his two fingers inside her with a no-mercy rhythm.
Finally Vanessa did not care if they were in public, she lifted up her and mounted on stick. Because of her status as an beginniner her riding the pony was all that good so Ronald took matters into his own hands and got up and guided her to the floor. There he entered her from behind and banged her like tomorrow wasn’t gonna happen. Vanessa rubbed and squeezed her hard, dark nipples while massaging her olive toned skin surrounding her nipples. Because of the few people inside they did not want to disturb anyone’s enjoyment of the feature film so they were as quiet as two mice fucking!
Finally after ten minutes of their love making on the theatre movie floor Ronald came all over Vanessa’s ass. Vanessa however was not finshed getting her kicks. Ronald saw to it to flip her over and lap up all of the cum the two of them produced all over Vanessa’s pussy, ass and thighs making sure his woman was totally satisfied. Of course the two did not stay at the movie; they went home and created their even more private part two.

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