Young Employee has to Play Doctor

Angie was a cute, 27 year old Asian business graduate in her 4th year with her company, a bank. She had applied for a team leader role that had recently been posted by her boss, Tom. Although she was somewhat inexperienced, Tom liked her drive and work habits, not to mention she was very good looking at 5’2 105 lbs with natural B cups. When he interviewed her, he told her that because this was a higher stress job, he was requiring all candidates to get a full physical exam by a private doctor, Dr. Martin, and that he woudl be leanign on the doctor’s recommendations. Angie though this was unusual but agreed to the exam and Tom set it up. Little did Angie know that Tom would be disguising himself as the doctor to get a complete look at her sexy body and see how far she would go to “get the job”.

Tom had always wanted to play out a doctor “role play fantasy” and arranged to rent a mistress’s dungeon/office that had a “medical” room. He also arranged to get a doctor’s outfit including a face mask and glasses so Angie wouldn’t recognize him. Angie arrived right on time at 4pm later that day and was surprised how small the office was and no receptionist was there to greet her.

Tom came out and greeted her as Dr. Martin (with his doctor’s outfit and mask) and escorted her to the exam room. He handed her a very skimpy gown and told her to get undressed completely and then put on the gown as he sat at the desk and pretended to do some paperwork all the while keeping his eye on Angie. As she undressed he realized she was even more sexy than he imagined as he saw her supple breasts and little bottom exposed.

Angie said she was ready and Tom told her to step on the scale as he measured her all the while getting another good glance at her ass, which was exposed to the rear of the gown. He then had her sit on the exam table while he checked her blodd pressure, pulse and then checked her temp orally. He then made up a story that her temp was elevated and he needed to recheck it rectally and had her turn over on her stomach and pulled up her gown exposign that littel ass. He then lubricated the thermometer and inserted it ever so slowly in her rectum. Angie felt excited yet a little weird too and enjoyed it.

Tom then had her sit up while he checked her breathing with the stethoscope on her back through the opening in the back of her gown and then loosed it so he could check her chest. The gown dropped in the front, exposign Angie’s breasts, whcih she tried to cover up, but Tom told her to relax as he pressed the stethoscope against both breasts. He then had her lay back as he lifted her gown exposing her entire upper torso and genital areas. He checked her breasts, then proceeded to her abdomen and began pushign against her stomach.

Tom then told her to move down and put her feet in the stirups while he checked her vagina. By this time Angie was beginnign to get a little aroused as Tom begin first massaging her labia lips a little with lubricant and then inserted and expanded the speculum and took a few samples. She was totally exposed but enjoyed it a little. He then told her he would need to check her rectum and inserted his fingers slowly but deeply into her rectum with his lubricated fingers. She moaned a little but said she was ok.

Tom then asked her how sexually active she was and Angie said not at all. Tom said this was unusual for a woman of her age and told her that he noticed her vagina and rectum were a littel irritated. He also told her that the stress and tension of this new job woudl only aggravate this condition and was goign to have to recommend that she not get the job.

Angie was crushed and asked if there was anything she coudl do to convince him otherwise to which Tom said she needed to have more sex. But Tom said he didn’t want any recommendations he made to backfire and he knew that Angie was Tom’s favorite so he told her if she would have self supervised sex with Dr. Martin, for 1 week, he woudl pass her. She agreed and begin by unzipping his pants and swallowign his cock with minimal effort. He then proceeded to orally stiumulate her vagina and then entered her as she moaned in ectasy all the whiel Tom left his Doctor’s mask on so as not to reveal his face. They repeated thsi every day that week week and then Tom gave her the good news later that week.

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