Best Friends Reunion


They were the best of friends, inseparable throughout their adolescence, until the day Cali moved away.
I had a crush on Cali in junior high. A pretty bad one too. But she was so far out of my league I was terrified to even try… even when she put the moves on me one day. She came to me at lunch and asked me out and I figured, “no way she’s serious”. So I told her she was just pulling my chain and to leave me alone.
“No, I’m serious, I really like you. What do I have to do to convince you that I’m not playing you?”
Well, like an ass, I was still not convinced. And like most idiotic teens, I acted on the first thing that came to mind before I even considered what I was saying. I told her to go kiss some girl across the lunchroom. Well, needless to say that was the end of my chances with Cali. After turning several shades of red and muttering something about not being a lesbo, she stalked off with a group of her friends and pretty much ignored me for the next two years or so.
Then came freshman year. Michelle… ah sweet lovely Michelle. I fell for her from the very first day I saw her. Of course, she was out of my league, too, and she didn’t even know it. After some few months, I developed a bit of a friendship with Michelle … She’d sit and listen to me talk about my extended family, or my friends, and even some of my poetry. But, that was as far as it went. I was too afraid to tell her how I felt and she showed no kind of real interest in me beyond entertainment value, and a punching bag when she was in a particularly foul mood. Yes, she would pluck my ears from behind, and grin when I’d turn around angrily to see who it was… she’d sell me “gum balls” for a quarter, then laugh when the “super sour lemon warhead” she handed me almost made me gag. She’d hit me in the back of the head and pretend not to now why I was looking at her when I turned around. It was TORTURE to put up with, but I had it for her so bad, I never said or did anything about it.
Some time during the first year or two of high school, Cali moved away and I contented myself to pining for Michelle (that’s not to say I didn’t date, or do other things… but my heart always had a place for my fantasies about Michelle. After graduation, Michelle moved away for school, and I went on to college in Florida and several years passed by with neither of us knowing what happened to the other.
After College, I returned to the little whole in the mud town I grew up in and tried to start a life. Well, as fate would have it, I soon ran into Michelle who had also returned after school, and we hit it off- big time. Seven months later we were married. I finally had her… the girl of my high school dreams. For the past five years, we’ve built a family, a home, and a life together. In that time I learned that the girl of my high school dreams had been the best of friends with the girl of my junior high dreams. Now, as any man knows, this is where fantasies are born, but it gets better. About a year and a half ago, my wife and I both learned to come to grips with the fact that we are both bisexual (although at this point neither of us had had any experience with same sex relationships… yet). NOW, the fantasies can really start to kick up… especially when my wife told me that she always found herself attracted to Cali when they were teens.
Now, just the other day, I called my wife at lunch and she told me she got a phone call from her brother… Cali was in town for a short visit and wanted to see her. So, I told Michelle to set it up for us to take her to dinner. The night of dinner came and we went to the local restaurant. It just happens that I know the bartender and the manager. Unknown to the ladies, I had the bartender mix all their drinks with double the liquor, and made mine all virgin. After dinner was done, we all came back to the house just to relax and maybe watch a movie (of course the ladies were feeling pretty buzzed by then) and it was decided that Cali should spend the night. Michelle and Cali went to the bedroom to find something to wear for bed after the movie was done. After a minute, I decided I had better “make sure everything was ok in there”.
I stood in the doorway unnoticed and watched my wife bending over searching for the nightshirt she wanted for Cali. She was already in a nightshirt that came down just below her ass when she’s standing upright, but bent as she was, I had a perfect view of her ass, and the hint of her pussy. It was then that I noticed Cali had the same view as I, and she was sitting on the end of the bed in just her bra and panties, waiting for the night shirt. Then I saw that as she waited, she gazed appreciatively at Michelle’s ass and what she could see of her pussy. Then biting her lower lip, she started rubbing the front of her own panties, stroking her pussy gently through the cloth. She stopped abruptly as Michelle turned to hand her a nightshirt similar to the one she was wearing. I quickly retreated to the hall to catch my breath while trying to hide the bulge that was forming in my pants. I returned to the living room and quickly cued up the most erotic, non-porn movie we have.
Later, as we’re watching the movie, Cali moved to the floor in front of the set, lying on her belly. I noticed that as the movie continued, she had begun sliding backward an inch at a time pulling up the nightshirt… and I realized that the thong she was wearing in the bedroom was gone. Michelle soon noticed the bulge in my pants and during one of the more erotic scenes, she quietly slid a hand in my pants and started fondling me, bringing me to a full erection. Then she must have just noticed the state of Cali’s nightshirt, because she stopped mid stroke and just stared at the beauty of her best friend’s pussy. Then Cali began opening and closing her legs slowly, almost like she knew we were watching… or was trying to get us to. Taking advantage of the moment. I slipped my hand around and gently brushed my fingertips along Michelle’s pussy lips. She must have been aroused as hell, because she couldn’t stop a soft moan from escaping her mouth and as she did, Cali decided it was time to roll over and face us. There she was with her shirt pulled up to her hips and her legs spread to show her wet pussy. Almost immediately, her hand sought her clit, making slow movements… teasing Michelle and I with her open wanting.
“I’ve wanted you since I’ve known you”, she whispered between small moans. “Come to me, please?”
Quickly I nodded my head to my wife and gave her the OK to join her friend. Eagerly Michelle joined Cali on the floor, and the two shared a slow… wet… passionate kiss, their tongues tenderly exploring one another’s mouths while their hands slowly, longingly caressed each other’s bodies. Their passionate moans filled the room seeming to dull every other experience in memory. Soon their hands had found one another’s breasts, cupping… stroking and fondling through shirts, bringing their nipples to fully erect little points clearly visible as they continued in their blissful play. As Michelle removed Cali’s shirt, I noticed her sharp intake of breath at the sight of her best friend’s ample breasts. Soon Cali’s hand found my wife’s wanting pussy. She spread Michelle’s glistening, wet lips and started rubbing small circles over her erect clit. In the heat of her passion, I saw my wife shudder and lick Cali’s left nipple with hot desire before taking it completely in her mouth.
It was all I could stand… I was already harder than I had ever been in my entire life. If I didn’t get some relief soon, it felt like I would go insane. Trying to keep a watchful eye for an opportunity to join, I started gently rubbing my
erect penis in anticipation. A
s though this had been the cue she had been waiting for, Cali looked straight into my eyes and motioned with her free hand for me to join them. As I sat on the floor with them, Cali leaned close and said, “I was talking to both of you”.
I knew this was about to be one of the most memorable nights of my married life. I reached over and helped Michelle out of her shirt while she and Cali helped me out of my clothes, sensuously kissing my body in the process. Cali began working her way toward my throbbing dick and started teasing the head with her tongue, and slowly she took the length of me into her mouth. I couldn’t believe this was real… after all these years, Cali had my dick in her mouth! Then I noticed that Michelle had positioned herself between Cali’s legs and was about to take her first taste of pussy!
I knew it wouldn’t be long at this rate before I shot my load into Cali’s mouth, I just hoped I could hold on long enough for it to be enjoyable all around. Then I felt it… Cali’s mouth tightened around my shaft and her strokes became faster and stronger as my wife’s tongue made repeated contact with her clit. I watched with awe as my wife licked and sucked at her best friend’s pussy, and Cali started rocking her hips to the rhythm of Michelle’s tongue. This increased my arousal to the point that I started pumping myself in and out of Cali’s mouth, feeling the intensity of both our approaching orgasms. She moved one hand to cup my balls, massaging them and stroking them. She started moaning softly around my dick and I knew she was close.
Michelle must have sensed it too, because she picked up the intensity, and Cali must have sensed that I was struggling to hold back my building orgasm because she stopped massaging my balls and moved her hand further back and slowly inserted one finger into my ass. I thought I was going to have a heart attack it felt so good! And I watched as my wife did the same to her, slowly fingering her best friend’s ass while she still ate her wet, hot pussy.
As Cali’s orgasm got closer, she started fingering me faster and sucking me harder. I started to breathe harder and a slight moan escaped my lips and she knew she had me… and my wife knew it, too. In truth, Michelle had the most control… what she did to Cali directly affected me, and I could tell that it was turning her on like crazy.
Finally, it happened… Cali’s body tensed and she started bucking at my wife’s face as an intense orgasm ripped through her body, causing shudder after convulsive shudder. She was flooding Michelle’s moth with her cum! It was more than I could stand, and her mouth clenched around my swelling head… ripping the orgasm that had been building right out of me. My body rocked uncontrollably as I shot pulse after hot pulse of my cum right into her mouth. This seemed to increase her orgasm as she swallowed every bit of what I put out.
I don’t know how long it lasted, but, as I finally began to regain control of my body, I noticed that Cali had turned from me and was now working on Michelle’s clit with all the fervor she had had on my dick. I also noticed that I was still rock hard. They were in the 69 position so my wife could still tease her friend’s clit while getting her pleasure, so I got around behind my wife and slipped inside her pussy from behind. As I slowly plunged in and out of her, I could feel her arousal intensify. I felt Cali’s hands reaching up and gripping my ass. This was definitely worth the wait!
As I felt another orgasm building, I started pumping my wife a little harder. She was already moaning so much and breathing so hard, she couldn’t keep licking her friend’s clit. Cali took this as encouragement to get more fierce with her licking and started sucking a little, too. I reached down and started fondling Michelle’s swaying breasts, and felt Cali’s hands leave my ass. A moment later, her hands and mine were working Michelle’s nipples and breasts in unison… building her into a frenzy of moans and panting. I could feel her orgasm approaching, and so could Cali. My own orgasm was building extremely high again, and I knew that her orgasm would trigger mine. Cali started pinching and twisting her nipples while she licked her soaking wet clit, which pushed Michelle over the top. As Michelle’s orgasm exploded through her body, I shot a river of hot cum into her pushing her peak even higher. As I collapsed on the floor, exhausted and breathless, I thought to myself “it can’t get any better than this”.
Man, was I wrong…
Cali has now decided to move back to the area and is living with us and shares our bed, so I look forward to further adventures.
I’m sure you do, too…

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  1. likesithard

    came twice reading this!!!!!!!! excellant – give us more!

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  2. jennie

    one of the better written stories, I’ve read on here, keep up the good work

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