First time with my gorgeous brother in law…

My brother in law Ben and my older sister Deb have been together since high school which is about 10 years so far. They have only been married about a year and the 3 of us (along with various other housemates over time) have lived together for about the last 4 years. He is as gorgeous and caring a big brother as anyone could ever ask for, not to mention very easy on the eyes. I would say he is one of my best friends and I love him dearly. We have always been extremely close, probably for as long as he has known Deb. I am the middle of 3 girls and he always fit right in as our big brother.

The 3 of us have a very loving and affectionate relationship so snuggling on the couch or hugging and kissing hello and goodnight is the norm for us. Given our house is mostly a family home (the one other house mate is a very close female friend) it is rather liberal when it comes to getting around the house in your underwear, be it to and from the shower or to find clothes etc. I love summer as Ben usually just wears lose boxer shorts at night. We 3 girls sit on the couch watching TV while he lies on the floor, arms behind his head. I find it so hard not to just sit and stare at the shape of his quite large penis through his boxers.

There has always been an element of cheeky flirting between the two of us. From bum pinching, to intentionally pressing my breasts into his chest when we cuddle. Ben and I have always suggested to everyone that we are totally comfortable in our skins and were it not for everyone else being uncomfortable we wouldn’t wear clothes much at all. You could tell we both pushed this issue with each other in the unspoken hope that we were going to get to see the other naked.

I soon noticed Ben would wander up to my room to chat as soon as I got out of the shower, as though testing my resolve. I eventually decided ‘fuck it’, I want him to see me naked – then he has no excuse for me not to see him. I had been single for a while and as weird as masturbating to your brother in law in clothes is, I wanted some harder images to go to bed with.

Ben and my flirting was kept between us so as not to upset my older sis. So when she wasn’t around the fun had begun.
The first few times that we were alone after making my decision, I left my bra on the clothes horse in the lounge room and when I knew he was out there Id just put some knickers on and walk out topless and get it. I could tell he loved it. It was quite funny watching him try and remain serious without staring at my breasts
I hoped out of the shower next time in just a towel and wandered out to get both my knickers and bra. We both fained conversation so as to keep me there in a towel. Ben cheekily asked why I was walking around the house in a towel. It’s just us home babe – I don’t mind at all if you’re more comfortable nude he said. Ok I replied. So I dropped the towel to the floor as I looked through my clean washing for what to wear. He barely said anything but I was sure he was loving it. So I said ‘same goes – why are you in boxers?’  Its different he said. I fail to see how – com’on, fair’s fair babe I replied. Yeah but… as innocent as this is he said. I mean it’s only being nude which I’m totally cool with but our bodies do different things he said. Such as I asked? Well when you get excited by things it’s a lot harder for me to tell but if I’m excited by things it’s pretty obvious for you he replied.
You’re talking about getting a stiffy I joked. Why would that happen Ben? Derrr, you’re absolutely stunning Lucy! That’s why he said. So what, hard dick or soft dick it’s just the human body I said. So if you get to see me naked then I want to see you naked so take off your boxers, after all it’s just us at home babe, we’re family I suggested.
Wether he knew it or not at this point, my fanny was dripping wet and my clit and labia were hard and swollen, certainly hanging out of the lips of my fanny for him to see.
I watched as he stood up and took off his boxers. His penis was big and beautiful and man was it hard. It took all my strength not to drop to my knees in front of him, taking his throbbing cock into my mouth and suck it!

See he said, it doesn’t mean that I want to have sex or anything – it’s just a stupid body thing he suggested.
I agree – my fanny is really wet but that’s because I’m enjoying being nude with you, not because I want to fuck or anything. When I had collected my clothes and after sitting with Ben for a while, I went back to my room to get dressed – but not before fingering myself to orgasm at least once. I pushed the door too and laid across my bed. Knees bent and heels near my bum. I madly rubbed my clit with 2 fingers on one hand while fucking my dripping hole with 2 fingers on the other hand. God it felt good. All I could think about was Ben fucking me with his huge cock. Just as I started cumming, I realised the door had opened. I looked up to see Ben walk in. He stopped as soon as he realised and just watched. The sight of his cock again only spurred on my orgasm. I wasn’t stopping now. I closed my eyes and kept fingering my pussy as I orgasmed hard. My hips bucked, and my insides clamped down on the 2 fingers inside me.
When it finally stopped I opened my eyes hoping Ben wouldn’t be there, but he was. He was standing in my door, right between my legs staring straight at my very spread, wet fanny madly pulling his cock! He stopped when he realised I was looking at him. Shit, sorry babe he said. I’ll go. No don’t I said! I didn’t mean to he said. I don’t mind babe, truly I said. Finish yours I asked gently. No I shouldn’t he replied. But you got to see me do it, I really want to see you cum babe, please I begged. But it will go everywhere he said. Come closer and do it on me I asked – I have to have another shower now any way.
I slid closer to the edge of the bed and put my feet on the floor keeping my legs spread. I grabbed Ben by the waste and pulled him between my legs. His cock was right in my face now. I wanted to suck it. To taste his cum. I wanted it all over me. I was so fucking hot by this point. Ben just stood there looking at me. Are you sure he asked? Of course I said. Do you want me to help I offered? No we shouldn’t cross that line babe he said. Ok I said as I lay back on the bed. Go I said. Ben closed his eyes and began pulling his cock again. His head was tilted back and he started moaning softly after a few seconds. The head of his huge cock was so hard and red, it looked like it would explode with his cum any second. As I lay there watching Ben pull his cock I started fingering myself again. It wouldn’t take me long this time I thought. As his rhythm got faster so did mine.
I’m going to cum he said. I couldn’t take it any more so I sat straight up and replaced Bens hand with mine and stuck his gorgeous big cock in my mouth. I pulled it hard and fast and pushed it as deep in and out of my mouth as I could while I sucked it. Still madly fingering myself to orgasm again. Ben gently grabbed my head and guided me as though he was fucking my mouth. I started to moan as I sucked as my pussy was rippling with orgasm again. Fuck, FUCK he moaned and then he came. His hot cum spurted into the back of my throat. This made my pussy explode! It just kept spurting out of his cock; I was sucking and swallowing as quick as I could but I was going to choke so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and just tilted my head back with my mouth open, Letting the rest squirt over my face. I loved its salty sweetness.

Hopefully this was the first of many little encounters with my gorgeous brother in law xxx


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    Could you please please please write more ?!?! Damn loved the detail and kinkiness of this.

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