Helping James, Part 2

It was early evening when I arrived at my sister’s house. James was already there. I asked him how he was and he said he was coping well, but I could tell he wasn’t. It had been 2 months since my nephew’s wife had left him for another man, but clearly he was still very upset. After all, James loved Katy very much and he didn’t want to lose her. It seemed such a shame that at the age of 35, 15 years my junior, his first marriage was already over.
 As I chatted to my sister over a glass of wine, I could tell things weren’t right. James sat away from us. He was quiet and withdrawn. Not at all his usual self. Normally, he would tease me about my short skirts, excessive make-up and inappropriate dress sense, but this evening there was none of that. Just the odd sentence or polite comment. A little later in the evening James excused himself. He said he was tired and needed to rest, so he went upstairs to be alone.
 Around 2 am my sister and I had exhausted all conversation, not to mention the wine supply. She was fast asleep in the armchair, so I covered her with a blanket and made my way upstairs. As I passed James’s room I thought I might check on him. Quietly, I opened the door. To my surprise James was still awake. He was sat on the edge of the bed holding a photo of Katy. I could see that he was upset so I sat down beside him. I held James in my arms and tried to reassure him that everything would be fine. I promised him that I’d be there for him should he need me in any way. It was the least I could do for my sister’s child.
 As I held him close, James’s head leaned toward my breast. I thought nothing of it. It felt very motherly to have him nestle his cheek against my soft skin, so I decided to hold him closer. Then to my surprise, but certainly not my horror, James began to kiss my breast.
 “No,” I whispered. “You’re confused,” but undeterred, he continued.
Before I knew it, James was unzipping his trousers and whimpering like a child. I felt so sorry for the boy, but what could I do?
“Please,” he mumbled in a stream of tears. “Please.”
It was too much for me. Relenting, I unbuttoned my blouse, lowered the straps of my bra and leaned back on the bed. My eyes were closed when I first felt the touch of his lips on my nipple, but then I looked and saw the joy on his little face.
“Cum for me, James,” I whispered. “Cum for me. Pretend I’m your Katy.”
James pulled his trousers down, took his stiff penis in his hand and began to rub it as he kissed my nipples. I knew it was so wrong but I had to watch and encourage the poor boy. I desperately wanted to help him.
“Cum for me, you beautiful boy. Cum for your Katy,” I said softly.
James rubbed his penis hard and it wasn’t long before he came. He must have been so frustrated. For ten or twenty minutes after he came, James trembled, so with my blouse still open I held him close. I knew what I’d allowed was wrong, but it felt so good to know that I could help in some way.
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