A fantasy Come True

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Let me start off by saying that my wife and I have been married for 20 years and have a very active sex life. Often while in bed we fantasize about having a threesome to add some variety to our sex life. My wife has always been bi-curious so we always wish we could find a women to participate in a threesome.

The following is a true story and has helped fill that fantasy. Recently I added a game room with a sun room attached and in the sun room is a hot tub that is big enough for 10 adults. My wife was having one of those naughty toy parties for women on Saturday night and I went out with all of the guys to pass the evening. Well it got to be boring because all of the guys were drinking and I don’t drink so I excused myself and left. When I got home the only cars left in the driveway were my mothers, mother-in-law’s and the one that my two sister in laws came in and the demonstrators for the toy party. When I went inside the game room was empty and all of the ladies were in the hot tub. I looked into the sun room and stayed out of site for a while because what I saw was all of the ladies were nude and in the tube. As I looked around the room they were all trying out the different toys. I got so turned on fr4om this that I started to rub my crotch and my pecker got so hard I just had to let it out. By this time I was not paying attention to the ladies in the room and had my eyes closed. The dead silence made me look up and into the room and I realized that it was all quite because they were all watching me. My sister in law said ” Hey don’t waste that bring it over here” I just looked at my wife and she gave her look of OK. So, what the Hell, I went for it. As I got closer my sister in law said get them close of and come into the hot tub. I hesitated only for a minute and before I could move all of the ladies including my Mom had their hands on me and were stripping my close off like hungry little virgins. They put me in the tub and all hands were everywhere on my body. I just laid back and enjoyed it. They said keep your eyes closed and you will experience the orgy of a lifetime. I don’t think that there was a part of my body that was not being either kissed, sucked or probed by all of the women. Then I have always wanted to get a blowjob by as many women as possible at once and my wife knew that. Here it came my eyes still closed I felt three or four tongues all around my dick and the ball sack. One was sucking down all of my dick that she could, one was licking it, one was sucking the sack and that other was working her way around to my butt. I was ready to cum and that was obvious so the one that was sucking my cock pulled out and they had me stand up eyes still closed and squirt my cum all over them. To this day I don’t know who was doing what but my wife is having another adult toy party and this one is for both women and men. This could be interesting, I will let you know.

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    Lead me to the hot tub and play ‘Rub-My Dick’–til I shoot load after load of sticky Hot Milk.

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