A New Beginning

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Chapter Five: Ariel’s Decision

When her uncle left the room, Ariel rolled onto her stomach and frantically massaged her burning little butt. She’d never been spanked before and this was a new sensation. Suddenly, Ariel noted another sensation. Damn, it seemed impossible, but she was turned on. Her pussy was tingling too. Ariel rolled onto her back, tentatively moved a hand down between her legs and almost before she realized what she was doing, she was brushing a finger over her clit. Soon, her breath was coming in ragged little gasps and before too long; she had a very intense orgasm.

Ariel was completely confused by her feelings. She should be furious with her uncle. Ariel had to admit that she’d provoked him on purpose. That wasn’t fair. It wasn’t her uncle’s fault that her mother was such a bitch. Still, he had humiliated her. He had no right to do that. The thought of her uncle spanking her bare butt was very embarrassing. After what had happened, how could she face him? Ariel knew she’d have to. She couldn’t stay in this room for the whole weekend. She decided she’d have to patch things up and make the best of the situation.

Now, another thought crossed Ariel’s mind. Why had her uncle punished her in that way? Did he want an excuse to see her bare ass? Did it get him hot; was that what she’d done to him? This possibility intrigued Ariel. The thought that she could get a mature man turned on was more exciting than the plans she’d had with that creep Rich Wirtz. Now, Ariel was beginning to suspect that her uncle didn’t think she was such a baby. Maybe this weekend would be much more exciting than she’d first imagined. She’d have to come up with a way to see if her suspicions about her uncle’s attraction to her were true.

Jamie Cooper was getting ready to go to her job at McDonalds, when she saw an older woman and a teenage girl going into Hal Fulton’s house. She watched for a while. Then she saw the woman leaving alone. Shit, what did that mean? Some cute chick was visiting with Hal. She had to be a relative, but she still might be competition. Jamie had decided to let a few days go by before she went back over there. She wanted to give the old guy some time to think about her and get really hot, before she played her hand. Now, she thought that maybe that had been a mistake. Jamie smiled cynically and thought don’t worry, you still have Roy.

Roy Green’s face was covered in barbeque sauce from his chin to his ears. He’d just finished off his second rack of ribs, a dozen ears of corn and a pound of coleslaw. His mom said, “There’s more ribs in the oven son.”

“I don’t have time mom. I’ll be late for work. I’ll grab a few hamburgers and some fries when I get there.”

“I’m worried about you son. Since you got that little girlfriend, your appetite’s been way off. “

“I know mom, but I just keep thinking about Jamie all the time. She has the cutest set of tits you ever saw and a hot little pussy too.”

“That may be all well and good Roy, but you can’t live on love. You have to eat to keep your strength up. If you let yourself get too weak, you won’t be able to fuck her when she wants it. Then where will you be?”

“I guess you’re right mom. Give me those ribs. I can be a little late.”

After I left Ariel in the bedroom, I went back down to the kitchen and continued preparing dinner. Damn, she was hot. Spanking her cute little ass was a real turn on. Every time I thought about it, I could feel my cock starting to get hard. I figured things could go two ways. If Ariel was anything like her mother, that little ass warming would turn her on. If she wasn’t, I’d be in for a shitty weekend.

About thirty minutes later, the steaks were almost done and I was hoping the smell would tempt Ariel. My wish was soon fulfilled. I heard her call from the top of the stairs, “Uncle Hal, I’m hungry. May I please come down now?”

“Yes come down. Dinner’s almost ready.”

Ariel came into the kitchen wearing only her blouse and panties. God, did she ever look hot. I was wondering what she was trying to do. I noticed that she was carrying a pillow from the bed with her. When she saw my questioning look, she said in a soft little voice, “My butt’s really sore Uncle Hal. It hurt too much to get back into my jeans.” Ariel placed the pillow on the chair and sat down. Then she said, “I’m sorry for the way I was acting. I don’t blame you for spanking me. I deserved it. It’s just that I’ve never been spanked before and I guess my butt’s not used to it.”

“I’m sorry I had to spank you Ariel, but I think it was for the best. Now, maybe we can enjoy the rest of the weekend.”

Ariel looked down and with a shy note in her voice asked, “Uncle Hal?”

“What is it dear?”

“Well…uh…do you have some kind of cream…or uh…something like that? Maybe after dinner you could… uh…rub some on my butt.”

I said, “Sure baby, no problem”

When Roy entered McDonalds, he saw Jamie working the counter and his heart gave a little leap. She was so hot! Her large tits were protruding tantalizingly beneath her Mc Donalds tee shirt. Roy could picture them now. He remembered how he’d been touching them and sucking on their nipples just a couple of nights ago. He felt his cock getting hard. He smiled and waved at Jamie. She acted as if she didn’t notice him. Roy figured she was just a little shy around him now. She was probably remembering how hot he’d gotten her and she might be a little embarrassed. Jamie was a good girl and they were like that.”

That old battleaxe of a manager, Miss Kilbane, came rushing out and stood directly in front of Roy, blocking his view of Jamie. She said, “Roy, you’re late, I’m docking you an hour’s pay. Before you start, squeeze your fat ass into the men’s room and wash your face and hands. You look like you took a bath in barbeque sauce. I guess I shouldn’t complain, it would be nice if you took any kind of bath. When you’re done, go help Karen at the drive-thru and keep the fuck out of sight as much as possible. The customers don’t want to be reminded of what eating this shit can do to them. It’s bad for business.”

Roy was pissed. He was thinking fuck you, you old whore, but he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t take a chance on losing his job, now that he had a girlfriend.

A few minutes later, Roy was busy making up orders and handing them to Karen. Oh fuck, Karen had the cutest chubby little ass. Roy was itching to get his hands on it. Then he remembered he already had a girlfriend. Jamie would be pissed if she caught him staring at Karen’s ass. Then Roy thought I’m a man. That’s the way I am. I can’t change it. Jamie is just going to have to understand that.

Jamie had almost barfed when she saw Roy come in and wave at her. Jesus Christ, how could she have let that disgusting pig play with her tits and eat her pussy, even for a hundred dollars?

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