Abandoned Ch. 03

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“I think I really screwed things up,” Lucinda said to Joy as they ate lunch the next afternoon.

“Why do you say that?”

Lucinda sighed. “Because, I made the first move and kissed him.”

Joy smirked. “Well is he gay or what?”

Lucinda laughed. “No why would you say such a crass thing?”

“Because Lucinda, you are a gorgeous woman. I don’t understand why a guy would freak if you kissed him.”

“I guess maybe he just wants a friend. I mean I am a lot older than he is and maybe the kiss just scared him away. I have a feeling he won’t call me.”

Joy look at her friend with sympathetic eyes. “Don’t say that. I’m sure he will call you.”

Lucinda hoped it was true. She’d thought about Jake last night and could still feel his kiss on her lips.

* * *

Jake paced his hotel room back and forth. Lucinda had really turned him on last night and that was the whole problem. She had a very high chance of actually being his mother. He’d heard so many stories of boys falling in love with their mothers but never thought he would be going through that. The thing was she didn’t feel like a mother to him. She felt like a woman that he wanted. He wanted to see Lucinda that night but he was afraid. He was afraid that he’d want her more or that she’d seduce him and he wouldn’t have enough strength to stop.

His hotel phone rang and he stared at it blankly. He had told the front desk to hold all his calls since he knew only Lucinda would be calling him. He wasn’t ready to talk to her yet. He needed to carefully think everything through.

“Hello?” Jake answered the phone.

“Yes Mr. Morgan? A certain Lucinda Grant has called you twice. She says it’s very important. I just thought you might need to know.”

“Yes thank you. I will call her back right now.”

Jake hung up the phone and took a deep breath. He stared at the phone. He knew it would take a while before he would actually be able to call Lucinda.

* * *

Lucinda hung up her phone and felt so saddened. She was afraid she had ruined everything with Jake because of the kiss. “Damnit Lucinda you had a good and honest young guy and now you messed everything up!”

She let her body fall to her bed and she looked up at the ceiling. It was past seven that night and she knew Jake would not call her. She decided to shower and get to bed early. What else would she have to look forward to?

* * *

Jake eyed Lucinda’s house from outside. He was parked in front of her house and saw that she had a few lights on. He wondered if she was thinking of him. He got off his truck and headed to her door. His hands were shaky but he managed to ring her doorbell.

Lucinda frowned as she put her book down and went to answer the door. She hoped it wouldn’t be a salesman or an obnoxious neighbor. He wore a towel on her head from just having stepped out of the shower. Her face turned crimson when she saw Jake standing there in front of her.


“I’m sorry about not calling you back. I’m really sorry.”

Lucinda felt her heart racing. “It’s OK. I’m sure I probably scared you with…with the kiss.”

Jake nodded. “No you didn’t. I guess I just got nervous that’s all. I’m not too experienced with women you know.”

Lucinda smiled sweetly. “That’s good to know. Did you want to come in?”

Jake hesitated but deep down he did want to see her home. “Yes I’d love to.”

She stepped aside and let him in. He heard her lock her door and he turned to face her once again. She made an awkward face.

“What’s wrong?” Jake asked.

“Well I’m sorry I’m not really dressed up. I had no idea I would get any visitors this evening.” She took her towel off and let her damp hair fall.

Jake beamed and put his hand on her cheek. His touch sent strong sexual sensations all through her body. “You still look beautiful Lucinda.”

“Thank you,” she replied shyly. “Did you want some coffee? I can put on a fresh pot.”

“Yeah coffee sounds good.”

“Great! Then have a seat there and you can turn on the TV if you like. I’ll go make the coffee.”

Jake took a seat on her couch and took his wallet out of his back pocket and placed it on the coffee table along with his keys. He looked around her lovely home and noticed she had many paintings up on her wall. The lighting was dim since she only had two lamps on. He kept looking hoping to find some pictures. Underneath her coffee table, Lucinda had a few magazines and what looked like a photo album. Jake got excited hoping to find pictures of his grandparents or maybe even his father.

He grabbed the thick green album and began to look through it. He saw many pictures of Lucinda and her co-workers. It seemed like those were all the pictures she had. Jake was feeling disappointed but as he looked further, he saw Lucinda with what looked to be her parents. His grandparents. Her mother was a tall, thin woman with short dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her father was also very tall with short salt and pepper hair and brown eyes. She stood with them in the picture from what looked to be her college graduation picture.

“Oh no you found my pictures!” Lucinda cried out playfully.

Jake almost jumped out of his seat. “Oh God you scared me!”

Lucinda laughed. “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t see any ugly pictures of me.”

“No way. You look beautiful in each one Lucinda.”

She sat next to him and Jake pointed out the picture he’d seen. “Are these your parents?”

Lucinda nodded. “Yes that is them. My mother looks nothing like me does she?”

“Well only the eyes mostly. You look more like your father.”

“Yeah I had been told that a lot.”

They both stared at the photograph and Jake decided it was time to ask a few questions.

“So tell me something. You really never married at all?”

“No I sure didn’t.”

“Did you ever have a love of your life?”

She smiled and nodded. “Yes I did but I lost him a long time ago.”

“Hmm must have been one hell of a guy huh?”

“You could say that,” Lucinda said softly. “Let me go check on the coffee. You can keep looking at the pictures if you like.”

Jake did continue to look but found nothing. At least he had seen Lucinda’s parents. A few minutes later, Lucinda came by setting down two cups filled with coffee.

“I brought the sugar cubes and milk and crème since I didn’t know which one you preferred. “

“Milk is fine,” Jake said still staring at the picture.

Lucinda poured the coffee and they sat sipping and talking about their day. Jake wanted to ask more questions but he knew he had to take things slow. Just then, Lucinda’s phone rang.

“Excuse me for a minute. Let me get that.” She said getting up to answer her phone.

Jake drank his coffee peacefully but then almost choked when he heard Lucinda practically screaming into the phone.

“Look I already told you to stay out of my life mother. I don’t need you to be telling me what’s right and what’s wrong. I am an adult now!

There was a brief silence and then Lucinda spoke again. “No I will not! Please just let me live my life for once!”

Jake just listened. He knew Lucinda was very upset but he had to find out why. Had her mother always hated her because she had gotten pregnant at an early age?

“Ok well I’m busy right now so we are going to have to talk about his tomorrow. Goodnight mother!”

She slammed the phone down and began to sob. Jake stood up and went to her side. He put his arms around her trying to comfort her. “Are you OK? I mean what’s wrong?”

She cried and couldn’t speak at first. Jake just stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. He waited for her to calm down. Her tears were wetti
ng his t-shirt.

“I-I’m sorry Jake. I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

“It’s ok. I just hope you’re ok.”

She sobbed more and held him tighter. His embrace was so comforting. “I am.” She took a few deep breaths before she looked up at him.
His eyes danced as they looked into hers.

“I just got upset with my mother. She’s always trying to run my life. Even after so many years. She thinks I’ll make mistakes all of my life. That’ll I’ll never do something right.”

Jake stroked her hair and face. “She’s wrong. You are doing just fine from the looks of it. I mean you work, you got your own home and you are very independent.”

She smiled up at him. “Thank you. That means a lot to me. You are making me feel better.”

They both laughed softly. It felt good to have someone supporting her and letting her know she is who she is. She was tired of all the macho men that could care less about her problems. Jake was so different. He was kind, understanding and open minded. The kind of man you could share secrets with and trust.

She wanted to kiss him again. But this time she wanted a deep long wet kiss. She wasn’t sure if he wanted the same thing. Jake held her in his arms and he loved the feel of a woman in his embrace. Her eyes looked up at him yearning for affection.

“I want to kiss you,” Lucinda said softly.

Jake wanted to just push her away gently and tell her that it was wrong. That he might be her son, but instead he leaned down and planted a softy kiss on her lips. Lucinda felt her body on fire as the young man kissed her. Their lips parted simultaneously and their tongues slid into each other’s mouths. It was the hot and passionate kiss Lucinda had been fantasizing about ever since she met Jake. It was so sexy and she felt as if she never wanted to stop kissing him.

Jake felt his toes curl up as this beautiful woman kissed him. Her lips were soft and so warm. Her tongue massaged his very gently. He felt his hands gripping her tiny waist wanting to be with her so badly. Lucinda broke the kiss as she tried to catch her breath.

“Wow! Jake, that was so hot! I’m so hot for you!”

Jake felt his cock growing inside of his jeans. “Lucinda you are such an amazing woman!”

She stepped back and Jake’s eyes widened as she fumbled with her robe and let it fall open and onto the ground. She stood naked before Jake. Jake had never seen a more enchanting sight his entire life. Her breasts were a small b-cup size it seemed with large dark pink nipples that were already erect. His eyes traveled down to her flat tummy and small waist, then down to her pussy. She had no hair and looked completely baby smooth. Her legs were tanned and so smooth. One would have thought she was in her late 20’s not her thirties.

“Lucinda….oh my God!” Jake could barely speak.

She opened her arms to him. “Come to me Jake. Please.”

Jake did go to her. Full of love and passion. He’d known this woman only two days and yet he felt as if he knew her his entire life. He wrapped his arms around her and she pressed her naked body against him. Her skin was so supple and she smelled so delicious. She loosed herself from his embrace and looked into his eyes. Their blues eyes were glued to each other as if they were trying to remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

Lucinda reached up and kissed Jake. Jake couldn’t resist her kisses. He parted his mouth and their tongues slid against each others. Jake wanted to stop he really did, but it was too late. Lucinda was absolutely irresistible and he wondered what man would be able to stop. Their kiss was hot and very wet. Lucinda moaned softly as she kissed him. Jake began to walk her over by the way. He pressed her up against the wall as they kissed harder.

Lucinda picked up one leg and wrapped it around Jake’s waist. Jake ran his hands down her body and stopped at her breasts. Her nipples hardened between his fingers and he gently pinched them making her moan more. He loved touching her breasts. He wanted to suck on them and make her feel even better. He moved his head down and put one of her nipples in between his lips. His tongue then flicked the nipple very fast and he could feel Lucinda’s body almost shaking.

“Oooh yes! Kiss my breasts! Suck on my nipples!” Lucinda begged.

Jake took turns sucking on both her nipples and squeezing her beautiful breasts. Lucinda felt as if she would climax right then and there. His mouth felt so wonderful teasing her breasts. Jake ran his hands down her back and onto her buttocks. He grabbed them feeling how firm they were. He pulled her closer to him and could almost feel the heat between her legs go through his jeans.

“You have such a beautiful body Lucinda!” Jake rasped.

She kissed him harder and felt Jake’s hand travel down between her legs. She moved back a little to give him access to touch her. His hand felt shaky as it finally reached it destination. He could feel her so wet and hot. He rubbed her pussy and watched her tilt her head back and moan louder. He loved looking at her getting pleasure from his touch. He could feel her pussy lips so slick and he gently spread them with his fingers allowing her swollen clit to peak out. He got a hold of her clit and massaged it between his fingers. Lucinda wailed sounds of pleasure. Her nipples were so erect. Jake leaned down to kiss her neck and trailed kissed down to her breasts again. He sucked on one nipple and let his finger find Lucinda’s opening.

He searched without looking until finally he felt her pussy hole. He slowly dipped one finger in and could see Lucinda biting on her lower lip as if she was trying to contain herself from cumming. Her breathing was heavy and Jake could feel her juices coating his finger each time he slide it in and out.

“Yess! Keep doing that Jake! Oh God baby don’t stop!” Lucinda cried out.

Jake could feel his erection throbbing and wanting to be inside of her. He could do it. Tonight could be the night he lost his virginity but he knew there was a limit. He couldn’t have sex with Lucinda, not yet at least. Not until the truth came out.

“Stick another finger in me please!” Lucinda implored.

Jake slide yet another finger inside of his woman. She felt so hot and ready to cum. She moved her hips as if she was trying to fuck his fingers on her own. Jake moved to her other breast and sucked on her nipple. At that moment, he felt her tremble and he took her nipple out of his mouth. He had to watch her face, her expressions. Her eyes were shut tightly and her mouth opened as if she was trying to scream but she couldn’t. Jake pumped his fingers faster inside and then felt her pussy clench his fingers.

“Mmmmghghhhh I’m c-cumming! Oooh Jake I’m cumming!” Lucinda thrust her hips and her entire body shook as she got her pleasure.

Jake watched her cum and felt as if he would almost cum in his pants. He wanted her to take care of his hard on but knew the time was not right.

Lucinda finally opened her eyes and looked at Jake. “That was so incredible! I came so hard!”

“You felt so good cumming on my fingers,” Jake added.

She smiled and reached up to kiss him again. It was another long wet kiss that Jake didn’t want to stop. He knew that she wanted to have sex but he couldn’t, not yet.

“I want you to spend the night with me Jake,” Lucinda said in a softy voice.

Jake slowly put her leg down that she had wrapped around her waist and cupped her face. “I can’t. Not tonight.”

She looked disappointed but seemed to understand. “I know we just met. I’m sorry please don’t think I do this all the time.”

“I would never think that. I know the attraction between us is very strong. I do want you. I want to make love to you but I can’t. I need to sort some things out.”

She grabbed her robe and put it on. “That’s fine Jake. I’m willing to wait for you.”

Jake felt so nervous. He was finally able to be intimate with a woman. A woman he was slowly falling in love with more each day. “I have to go Lucinda, but I will call you tomorrow night. Is that OK?”

She nodded and they kissed once again.
Jake walked outside to his truck and waved to Lucinda. He turned on his engine and began to drive off back to his hotel that night. He still had
an erection. He could still smell Lucinda and feel her beautiful body. He reached up and smelled the two fingers that had been inside of Lucinda and he got even more excited. Her smell, such a wonderful feminine smell was left on his fingers. He had never been more excited in his entire life. He had to get to the hotel soon to take care of his hard on.

* * *

Lucinda lay on her couch and stared up at the ceiling. She let her robe fall open again and touched her breasts imagining it was Jake touching her. She had cum so hard that night. It’d been such an intense and wonderful orgasm. His touch was so wonderful. She smiled and ran her hand down her tummy but then something caught her attention.

She turned to look and it was Jake’s wallet. She knew it would be wrong to look into it but she had to. She raised her body up and sat on the couch holding the wallet in her hands. She slowly opened it up and saw two credit cards and some cash. She wanted to see if he had any pictures of his family. She looked and saw his driver’s license. Her eyes widened.

“Date of birth April 16, 1986?” Lucinda asked herself in confusion.

She gasped. “He lied to me! He’s not 23! He’s only 18! Oh my god!”

She got up and paced the room. Why would Jake lie to her? He seemed so perfect! She wanted to call him and tell him but she decided she would wait. She would wait until he called her the next day and she would ask him in person why he lied to her. There had to be a reason behind all of this.

Then chills went up her spine as she looked at the year. It’d been the same year she’d give up her baby boy. The worst year of her life! She sobbed and wondered why she had such bad luck with men and life in general. If only she had kept her baby boy then maybe at least she would have had him; the true love of her life.

* * *

Jake had finished jerking off that night and finally was able to go to sleep. He felt something was missing but couldn’t figure out what it was. He fell asleep that night and wished the day would go by fast so he could get to see Lucinda again.

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