Abandoned Ch. 04

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Jake had called Lucinda at work several times but only got her voice mail. He figured she was probably out in meetings for going out to the colleges. He couldn’t wait to see her again that evening. That night he would reveal to her that he was her son; at least he hoped to have the balls to do so.

Lucinda went from one meeting to another that day and her mind was on Jake. He’d been incredible last night but the fact that he had lied about his age really scared her. She wanted to confront him just to get the truth. He owed her that much.

* * *

It was past seven that night and Jake hadn’t heard a word from his mother. He wondered where she was or if she had regretted what they had done the night before. He decided to go see her and took a few deep breaths, as he wanted nothing more than to tell her the truth about him being her son. He had gotten tired of waiting for her to call so he decided to go to her. He slipped on his gray button up shirt and pair of black slacks and put on his boots. He grabbed his keys and then realized his wallet was missing. Where in the world was his wallet? He searched desperately and then his memory came back to him. He’d left it on Lucinda’s coffee table. His heart raced knowing she might have looked at it and seen his information.

Oh God she knows! She knows I lied to her!

He was about to leave but as he opened the door Lucinda stood outside with a serious face. Jake smiled weakly and knew something was wrong.

“Lucinda, what are you doing here? I was about to go to your house since I hadn’t heard from you all day. Did you not get my messages?”

She nodded. “Yes I did. Jake we need to talk.”

Jake agreed. “We do. Come in please.”

She stepped in and held her breath for a moment. She didn’t want to scream at him or get upset. She needed to stay calm.

“Did you want something to drink?” Jake asked.

Lucinda crossed her arms and stared at him as if she was afraid of him. “Lucinda what’s wrong?”

She uncrossed her arms and held out his wallet. “Here you left this at my house last night.”

Jake nervously grabbed the wallet and set it on the nightstand. “Thank you.”

He looked at her and her eyes had tears. “Why did you lie to me about your age Jake? You told me you were 23 and it shows your only 18 on your driver’s license.”

Jake didn’t know how to respond. He stood silently as Lucinda waited for an answer. It had to be the truth. He didn’t want to lie to her anymore. “Lucinda I’m going to tell you something but please don’t hate me. I never thought we’d go this far. I mean I think I’m falling in love with you and I’m really scared of what you are going to think of me when I tell you what I’m about to tell you.”

Lucinda felt so nervous. What secret could he possibly have? He was young but at least he was of legal age. She hoped this secret wouldn’t be too extreme. Jake was too perfect to have an ugly secret hidden. “Go on Jake.”

Jake felt his lower lip tremble, as he was about to reveal the truth. “Lucinda, I am… I am your son.”

Lucinda’s eyes widened and she felt her breath go short. “W-what? Y-you’re… what?”

Jake moved close to her and put his hand on her shoulders. Lucinda stared up at him and more tears ran down her face. “I am your son. Lucinda I’ve been searching for you for years. I found out some information about you and I had to come look for you. I had to find my mother.”

Lucinda began to cry. Jake felt his eyes begin to water. Jake wanted to hold her and tell her how much he loved her, not only as a mother but a lover. Lucinda pulled away from him and narrowed her eyes at him. “You can’t be my son! We were… intimate the other night! You can’t be my son!”

Jake blinked and felt tears run down his face. “I am your son. I know you left me and I’m adopted. My parents are Sara and Tom Morgan.”

Lucinda’s face turned white as a ghost. Those two names sounded so familiar. It was them! She’d signed the adoption papers and remembered seeing their names. They were the ones to adopt her baby! Oh God! Jake was her son! He was the one she’d thought about every day of her life!

“No! Oh no! Jake! No you can’t be him! No!” She cried.

Jake rushed towards her and tried to put his arms around her but she pushed him away. “Don’t do that! Don’t touch me! I can’t have you touch me!”

Jake felt his heart breaking. “I’m sorry Lucinda. I’m so sorry!”

Lucinda stared at him as if she hated him. “No… oh no!” Lucinda kept mumbling softly.

“Lucinda I love you,” Jake whispered.

Lucinda sobbed quietly. “I have to go Jake.”

Jake grabbed her arm but she pulled away. He knew she was upset and confused about the whole situation. He felt the same way. He also knew he couldn’t do anything to stop her from leaving.

* * *

Lucinda ran outside rushing to her car. A crowd outside stared at her as she walked passed them. This had to be a dream. She’d dreamed so many times of being able to see her son but never did she think she’d be in love with him.

As she drove back home tears ran down her face and she could barely manage to see the road as her vision blurred. The traffic was heavy outside and the cars just passed her up honking at her to move faster. Lucinda pulled over to the side of the road and sobbed more.

* * *

Jake felt so awful for having led her on that way. He felt like a jerk, real low down jerk. She was upset and would probably never want to talk to him again.

“What have you done Jake?” He asked himself, “You screwed everything up! You should have just come her and told Lucinda right away that you were her son, but instead you fall in love! Damnit!”

Jake paced the room and looked out the streets of Vegas. He wondered where Lucinda was and if she really hated him. His eyes watered and his heart broke. He’d not only lost his mother, but his one true love. He’d never felt this way about another female before. Lucinda had such an affect of him.

“I’m sorry mom,” Jake said in a soft voice as he stared out the window. He wiped his tears and hoped Lucinda would come back to him otherwise he’d have to go to her and if that’s what it took then he would do it.

* * *

“Lucinda?” Joy said as she opened her door.

Lucinda stood outside crying. “Joy can I stay here for tonight? Please?”

Joy stepped aside to let her friend in. “What’s wrong honey? Are you OK?”

Lucinda continued to sob. “Yes… n-no! I’m not Ok! Joy, I’ve lost Jake! I can’t be with him!”

“Here, have a seat and let me go make you a tea. Lucinda cried and couldn’t get the fact that Jake was her son out of her mind. She’d kissed him, shown him her naked body, had him put his fingers inside of her and she’d cum so hard! He’d been incredible! But he was her son! She felt like a huge pervert and then again she felt so betrayed by him.

A few minutes later Joy came back with a cup of tea. “Here you go. Now tell me what happened?”

Lucinda didn’t want to tell her everything. She couldn’t. “He lied to me about something. He wasn’t honest! I should have known not to trust him, I was going to fast!”

“You didn’t know. You fell for him too quick, but you only listened to your heart.”

Lucinda sipped her tea and looked straight ahead. “Joy, I fell for him.”

“What did he lie to you about?”

Lucinda took a deep breath. “His age,” she said quickly.

“He’s not underage is he?”

“No. He’s 18. He’s only 18!”

Joy laughed. “Is that it? Lucinda you shouldn’t worry about that.”

“I know… but…”

“But nothing. You need to call him tonight and tell him that you forgive him and that you love him. I hate seeing you this way.”

Lucinda nodded. “No I need some time to cool off. I can’t do this tonig

“Fine, then you can stay here for as long as you need to. Hell I could use some company around here anyway.”

Lucinda smiled weakly. “Thank you.”

Jake had called Lucinda at home, at work and had ev
en stopped by her house and she was nowhere to be found. He knew he had messed things up severely. He wished he could take everything back and just do what he had come here to do. But in a way he was glad he couldn’t take things back. He didn’t regret kissing her, touching her, making her cum. Most of all he didn’t regret falling in love with her. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. So sophisticated, sexy, smart and gentle. She was his dream woman.

It was already Friday and Jake would be leaving Sunday morning. He’d promised his parents he’d be back by Monday at the latest. He missed his parents dearly and felt awful for having lied to them.

He wouldn’t give up on Lucinda. He’d keep calling and going by her house but he only had a few days to do that.

* * *

The phone ringing woke Lucinda up the next morning. She could barely open her eyes to see where the phone was. Reaching out to grab the phone she dropped a stack of magazines that were on the coffee table.


“Lucinda, it’s me Joy.”

“Joy?” Lucinda’s eyes widened. “What time is it?”

“It’s past 10 in the morning. Listen, don’t worry, I told the boss you were very sick and that you took the day off. So just go back to sleep and rest OK?”

Lucinda felt relived. “Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome now just rest and think about what you want to do. Think about what you really want to do.”

Lucinda hung up the phone and an image of Jake came to her mind. She could see his soft blue eyes and beautiful smile. She could still feel his kisses lingering on her lips.

“Jake I love you!” She said to herself. She grabbed a small pillow and held it against her chest hugging it tightly. “I can’t love you that way, it’s just wrong! Oh god it’s so wrong!”

Lucinda knew it was too late not to love her son that way. He was her baby boy that she’d given up and never forgot about. She’d dreamed of meeting him one day but never like this. This was something special. As much as she tried to fight it, she knew she loved him as a man as well as a son.

“I miss you Jake. I need the strength to tell you how much I love you!” Lucinda closed her eyes and could still feel his hands all over her body, touching her, caressing her. She knew at that moment that she needed to do the right thing.

Jake hadn’t heard a word from Lucinda all day. He was worried and scared to death of where she had gone off to. He’d begun to pack a few of his things for the meantime. He didn’t want to leave without seeing Lucinda one more time and to tell her that he loved her no matter what.

Jake was busy packing a few things when there was a soft knock on his door. His heart was pounding with the hopes that it would be Lucinda. He rushed over to the door and he gasped.


She looked at him and said nothing. Instead, she just rushed to him and threw her arms around him. Jake held her back and their bodies pressed against each other so close.

“Jake! Oh Jake!” She cried.

“I love you. I love you with all of my heart,” Jake said holding her.

She pulled away from him to look at him. “I love you too! Oh Jake I’m crazy about you!”

He cupped her face and leaned down to kiss her. Their mouths parted and their tongues caressed on another so gently. Jake reached over to close the door and then grabbed Lucinda’s hand in his.

Lucinda touched his face and smiled with tears running down her face. “You’re my son. You are my baby boy! I never forgot about you Jake. Everyday of my life, you were on my mind.”

“I’m glad I found you mom,” Jake said softly.

Mom. That word alone meant so much. Lucinda’s heart fluttered just hearing it. “You said mom! Oh Jake let me hear that again please,” she begged quietly.

Jake looked deeply into her eyes. “I love you mom.”

She sighed happily and put her arms around him again. “I’ll never abandon you again, I promise.”

Jake kissed her forehead. “This was fate Lucinda. I think we were meant to be this way.”

She nodded and reached up to kiss his lips. “Yes we were.” Then her eyes searched the room and saw his suitcases. “Are you going… home?” She almost hesitated to say.

“Yes. I leave Sunday morning. I mean I guess I should go back home right?”

“I don’t want you to leave! I want you here with me! I’ve lost you once and I don’t want to lose you again!”

They began to share another long wet kiss filled with love. Jake put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Lucinda’s body was on fire! She needed to have him inside of her or she would burst! They shared long hard kisses. Jake trailed kisses on her jaw line and down to her neck. Lucinda moaned feeling her son’s kisses. He knew how to turn her on better than any other man.

“I need you Jake. I need you to be with me,” Lucinda whispered.

Jake stroked her hair and lifted her body up from the ground. Lucinda yelped and laughed as she was taken by surprise. Jake carried her over to the bed and laid her down gently. She looked up at him with curious eyes. Jake grabbed one foot and slipped off her sandal then proceeded to do the same with the other. His hands slowly crept up her legs and began to pick up her dress slowly revealing more of her smooth legs. Lucinda felt her face beet red as her son began to seduce her.

“You have such a beautiful body. I can’t stop looking at you.”

Lucinda took a deep breath once Jake managed to get her dress up above her waist. He looked down and saw her white lacey panties and smiled. She blushed even more. “Mmmm your so sexy you know that?” He said grabbing both sides and slowly pulling her panties down.

Lucinda raised her hips off the bed to give him easier access to remove her panties. Jake gulped as he saw her delicious slick and smooth pussy again. He couldn’t wait to feel what it would be like to be inside of her. Jake then grabbed Lucinda’s hands again and raised her up. They shared another long wet kiss and Lucinda felt Jake unzipping the back of her dress. Her dress came undone and Lucinda pulled up her arms to let her lover take off her dress.

Jake had the woman of his dream all naked on a bed just for him. He’d dreamed of this day and to be able to share it with someone special and here she was. His mother, his lover, the woman that had stolen his heart.

“You take my breath away Lucinda,” Jake said as his eyes roamed Lucinda’s body.

Lucinda closed her eyes for a moment and then looked back at him. “I hope this isn’t a dream and if it is, let me never wake up.”

Jake touched her face and then stood up ready to strip down naked. Lucinda lay on her back and watched him strip. He removed his t-shirt first letting her see his hard chest and stomach. Then he stepped out of his shoes and socks and quickly began to undo his jeans. Lucinda was fascinated with his youthful body. He was so sexy and all hers. He belonged to her and she to him.

Jake hesitated for a moment at first before he pulled down his boxers. He’d never been naked in front of a woman before. Lucinda’s eyes widened, as her son’s cock was now visible. It was at least seven inches. She felt extreme wetness between her legs. Jake took a deep breath before he joined her on the bed.

“You’re so wonderful Jake. So amazing!” Lucinda whispered.

Jake got on the bed and was on his knees looking at her pussy. He felt so nervous. He was sure Lucinda was used to experienced men who knew what to do in bed with a woman.

“Jake? Are you ok sweetheart?” Lucinda asked concerned.

Jake nodded. “No. I’ve never been… you know with a woman.”

Lucinda smiled. “You’re a virgin?”

“Y-yes,” Jake stuttered.

Lucinda pulled him towards her and gave him a wet kiss. “Don’t worry I’ll teach you.”

Jake felt his cock throbbing ready to be inside of a
woman. “I want you to teach me. Teach me this Lucinda. Teach me how to please you.”

Lucinda raised herself up and grabbed his cock. Jake moaned instantly at the touch of her hand. She spread h
er legs open and began to aim Jake’s cock to her opening. She stabbed her opening and looked at him. “Slide it in baby. Get your cock in me.”

Jake groaned being so turned on. He began to slide his cock inside of his woman. The feeling of her warm pussy wrapping around his aching cock was the most wonderful feeling he’d ever experienced. “Ooh yes! This f-feels good!” Jake murmured.

“Mmm it does! Slide it in really deep baby. Get it in deep!”

Jake kept sliding his cock inside of Lucinda until finally his balls were touching her pussy. He shut his eyes tightly for a moment hoping not to cum so fast. She felt so warm, wet and tight! He was almost afraid if he made one single move that he’d explode inside of her. He opened his eyes and saw she was looking up at him.

“Ok now begin to thrust your hips slowly and let yourself slide in and out of me. Go slowly.”

Jake did what he was told. The feeling was almost indescribable. He could feel his cock gliding in and out. He was finally losing his virginity to the woman he loved. This felt so right no matter what anyone would ever say.

“Ahh yes! Oooh like that! Now go a little faster for me. Jake you feel so good!”

Jake began to move faster now. His breath grew heavy and he began to break a sweat. Lucinda wrapped her legs around him feeling him move his cock in and out of her so fast. He was doing damn good for being a virgin. She couldn’t wait to feel him cum inside of her. Their eyes locked and they kissed while they both moaned together.

Jake was feeling his balls swell up slowly and he knew he was so close to cumming. He wondered if he should cum inside of her or if he should pull out. “Lucinda, I’m so close! I want to cum!” Jake rasped pushing his cock harder inside of her.

“Cum inside of me baby! Cum for me, my baby boy!”

Jake’s cock twitched hard and a long and hard spurt of cum shot out of his cock. He felt his body shaking from the extreme pleasure. “Arrhhhhhhhhh mmmmghghhh!” Jake moaned as he planted his seed inside of Lucinda.

Lucinda could feel it. Her son’s warm cum drowning her pussy. Jake’s eyes were shut tightly as he came and his mouth was parted while he tried to catch his breath. Lucinda had never seen a sexier sight. She felt her body go numb and her nipples hardened. Jake had finished thrusting his hips but she put her feet by his buttocks and began to push him and out of her again.

“A little more baby! I’m cumming!” Lucinda cried out.

Jake slid in and out again and watched her orgasm. Her pussy grasped his cock as if it was trying to milk every drop of cum from him.

“Oooh Jake! Oh my god!” Lucinda wailed.

Jake waited until she was relaxed again before he slid out of her. He fell next to her and tried to catch his breath. Lucinda turned to her side and put her head on his chest. She sighed and smiled.

“That was so wonderful. So beautiful.”

Jake stroked her hair and cupped her face to make her look up at him. “That meant a lot to me Lucinda. You mean a lot to me.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

A rush of reality came back to Lucinda. “What are we going to do Jake? I don’t want you to go back home.”

“I know. I don’t want to go home either but I have to. My parents… well they are waiting for me to return.”

“I wish you could get a transfer to UNLV and attend school here. You could live with me.”

Jake raised a brow. “If I live with you do you think I’d actually get any studying done?”

She laughed. “Of course you would! I just want you to be with me. I’m so in love with you.”

Jake held her and they both stayed silent and a few moments later he felt Lucinda go to sleep. He thought about what he would do about all of this. He did need to return home. He couldn’t leave his parents just like that. He’d have to tell them the truth. He didn’t want to think about it at that moment. He just wanted to enjoy his time with Lucinda. Soon enough, he too fell in a deep sleep with his woman in his arms.

to be continued…

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