Again, With My Cousin, Cindy part 2

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As my tongue licked her erotic hairless pussy, She screamed, and began shooting her hot, wet, liquid candy. My tongue, mouth, and my entire face was covered with her gushing wet love.

Again, and again, she was overtaken by intense orgasmic waves of pleasure, as she kept shooting her beautiful, wet love. I just kept licking, and licking and licking her cum soaked cunt, trying to lap up as much of her tasty wet candy as I could. My own body was on fire, and my pulsating rod was screaming to release all of it’s hot wet love. Suddenly with her legs, she pushed and flipped me over onto my back, and quickly began to slide her wet sensuous lips up and down my throbbing shaft.

My eyes were closed, my mouth was wide open, and my tongue was hanging completely out, as I totally surrendered to the intense sexual pleasure that she was giving me. Faster and faster her beautiful mouth went up and down my screaming manhood. Her flamming red hair danced against my stomach and along my rock hard, swollen shaft, as her head bobbed up and down, adding to the almost unbearable pleasure that she was giving me. At the same time, she began to gently massage my swollen balls.

Suddenly, lightning bolts of intense orgasmic pleasure shot through my shaking body, and converged along my rigid pulsating shaft, causing a beautiful, powerful explosion of both highly paralysing pleasure, and a flood of hot, wet, white cum! I screamed uncontrollably, as wave after wave of ogasmic estacy shot through my throbbing rod. The room was spinning, as the pleasure continued to race through my body.

Gush after gush of wet white love kept shooting from my jerking dick. Cindy just kept sucking and sucking and I kept cumming and cumming! The more she sucked, the more I shot! I just could’nt stop exploding. It seemed like it went on, and on, and on! It was total uninhibited orgasmic pleasure.

Slowly, it began to fade. I layed there, gasping for breath, and trembling all over. Cindy then leaned over me and asked, “Are you okay? Oh god, I hope I did’nt hurt you!” I instantly grabbed her, pulling her to me, and held her very tight. I began licking up my white love which was all over her face. There was plenty more on her neck and breasts. I kept licking her all over, like a cat licking it’s kittens, until there was none left.

I then looked into her beautiful, sensuous loving eyes and said, ” I love you.” She then, holding me tight, said very softly. “You have just made me feel really special. No guy has ever licked their cum off of me the way you just did. They always think it’s dirty or nasty. But you have made me feel so special and so loved. Oh Johnny, I love you so much. You are the most beautiful man that I have ever known. God, I wish we were’nt cousins. I repied, “I love you too, Cindy. And you are special, Very, very special, and you always will be. Cousin or no cousin, I totally love you.” We then held each other tight, and kissed.

I then reached up and grabbed a small pillow from the couch. I gently lifted her up and placed it under her butt. I then began to run my tongue all over her tummy. I then slowly ran it up to her beautiful breasts, where I began to suck her sensuous erect, swollen nipples. I licked them, and sucked them. I just could’nt stop myself. They were so erotic and sexy. She arched her back up, thrusting her erotic nipples toward me. The way they were swollen away from the rest of her breasts, just tore me completely out of the frame. I just continued to suck them, and suck them, and suck them. It seemed like that I could’nt suck them enough.

She was screaming in estacy! She then began to cry, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” I then quickly, but very slowly, began to slide my hard trobbing lovestick into her wet, pulsating womanhood. She exploded! Then I started slowly pumping her. In and out, and in and out. Her butt was just high enough on the little pillow that was now taking my full 8 inches. She hollered “Yes! Yes!” And she continued moaning very loudly.

I proped myself up above her with my arms. I looked down and I could see my hard rigid dick going to and fro in her beautiful hairless pussy. It looked so beautifully nasty and erotic. It was also feeling so very good and dreamy. God, her pussy looked so sexy being fucked. The way she was breathing hard, the way she was moaning, the way her swollen nipples looked, and the way her sensuous hairless cunt looked with my dick going in and out of it, and the way her legs were raised and bent tight, looked so totally nice and nasty, and it was like being in a beautiful orgasmic sex dream.

We both started picking up speed. I could hear the sensuous wet sound that her pussy was making as my dick was rapidly moving in and out of it. Faster, and faster I pumped, and at the same time her hips pumped in sequence with mine. I began to suck her nipples. She was moaning loudly! “UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! I love you, Johnny! I love you! I love you! I love you! UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! I I I I’m cumming, I I I I cummmmmmming! I I I UHHH! UHHH! Cumming! I cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” I cried, ” Im cumming…ming. UHHH! UHHH! mminggg, toooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!”

At that moment we both exploded together! My hot wet sperm shot deep into Cindy’s raging cunt! She started screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yeeeessssss! Shoot you dick, dick dicccckk!” It felt so fucking, fucking good! God it felt good!! Our hips kept grinding against each other like two wild animals out of control, as we flooded each other in an intense orgasmic sea of pleasure and cum!

I could feel her shooting her hot wet candy as I kept gushing a flood of hot wet sperm! We both kept cumming, again, and again! Our bodies shook in intense orgasmic estacy! Our cum just kept flowing and flowing, as wave after wave of cum shooting pleasure wracked our bodies!

As it slowly began to ease off,we layed there shaking and trembling, and holding each other tight. We must have layed in each other’s arms for a good ten minutes, trying to recover from our beautiful, incredible orgasms. We made love and came like this four more times that night. It was so totally beautiful. Finally, at around 3:00 in the morning, we were both completely exhausted! We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We awoke at about 10:00 that morning, I started kissing her, and she said, “God, I want to do this again, but I’ve got to go to work, and if I don’t leave now, I never will. You are very addicting!” She kissed me and said that she would see me soon, and she told me that she loved me, and thanked me for a beautiful evening, and that it was more than she had ever hoped for. I told her that I was the one who was thankfull. We held each other and kissed, and then she left. I expect I’ll be seeing Cindy a lot from here on out, and the best part is that Christy is totally find with it. I would really like for her to join in too.

Right after that, Christy called and said that she would be home later that afternoon. She got here at about 6:oo. I was very excited.
When she got here, we kissed and we sat down on the couch, and she told me about her trip, and how her photo shoot went and all that. It was really very interesting.

Then she looked at me, and kind of smiled, and said, “You look like hell. You look like you’ve been hit by a truck.” Now I have to admit, I did feel kind of weak. “It looks like Cindy really fucked you good, and then some. Well loverboy, you’re not the only one who got some lovin’. Heather and I got it on!” Surprised at what she said, I replied, “I did’nt know Heather was bi!” Christy responded, “Oh, she’s very bi, and I don’t blame you for loving her, she’s really hot. But she’s also very real. I really like her alot. Thank you so much for arranging for me to stay with her while I was out there.”

( for those of you reading this and have no idea of who Heather is, go to the main page of this web site, once there go to the catergories. Click on “SEX AT SCHOOL” Once there, go to the story entitled, MY 2 DAYS IN SEX ED CLASS, part 2. I wrote it under my other pen name, LIGHTFOOT. I think you’ll enjoy learning about Heather.)

Christy then said, “Oh by the way, she’ll be in town next month.” I perked up and said, “Really, when?” She opened her date book and told me the date and then she totally blew me away, she said, “I’ve made 2 reservations at a hotel in Atlanta for the 2 nights that she’ll be here.” I asked, “Why two? I don’t understand.” She then said very softly, “Well, I just thought that since you and Heather have always had something special, that the first night ought to be for both of you alone. I’ll join you both the next night.”

I looked at her, and I began to choak up as I said. “That is so sweet of you. You are such a special lady. God, I love you.” She then said, Well, you have done the same thing for me, several times, so now it’s you’re turn, Sweetie.” We both kissed and held each other.

She then said, “Well, I guess I’ll go take a shower and get the travel off me, and then get dressed, and then you and I will go out and have a nice quiet romantic dinner. After which, we’ll come back, and we’ll start a fire in the fireplace, and then I will change into something nice and naughty, and we’ll sit here on the couch, and you can tell me all about what you and Cindy did to each other last night. I want to hear… Every.. Nasty.. Juicy.. Detail. And after that, I want you to do me… under the Christmas tree. Now, do you think you can handle that,” she asked in a coy way.

I gave her a devilish grin and said, “You are such a whore.” She then moved up close, staring at me with her sensuous eyes, smiling, she very seductfully said, “Yeah,,, but you love this whore, don’t you?” I leaned toward her, slowly running my fingers through her long fluffy blonde hair and said, “Yes I do… Very very much.” We kissed.

She then got up, and as I watched her go toward the bedroom, I thought. I was truely a very, very lucky guy to be loved by this beautiful fantastic lady. And I was totally humbled by it. Then my mind started to fantasize on what the evening would bring with this beautiful goddess of love, My soulmate, my best friend. But then that’s another story for another time. Thanks for reading, Lovewolf

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    I’ve read all your stories. I’ve noticed one common thing about all—-your multible orgasms. is it true? do you really have them? I’m blonde 21 and in your area. when I fuck I like to cum a lot…a real lot. guys can’t hang but maybe you can. email me at and we’ll talk. love Tori xxxxxxx

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