Angry daughter

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Angela learned from an early age that it is a lot easier to get your dad on your side that your mom. Moms are stricter and don’t fall for the little voice and sad eyes. When she was a little girl, Angela was always able to get that extra toy or sweet treat from her daddy by asking in her special little girlie voice. When she was in trouble with her mom she only needed to shed a few tears in front of her daddy, and he would made sure her mom backed off her.
This continued into her teenage years and ensured that she got her own brand new car way before she was supposed to. But it also lead to her and her mom fighting more and more, and her dad sticking up for her more and more. Also, her mom and dad seemed to fight a lot more as Angela grew older, mostly because of her. Angela never thought that she was partly to blame, she managed to blame her mom for all of the fights and conflict.
Her mom’s fear that Angela would turn into a spoiled girl unable to look after herself, seemed to come true, as Angela stayed on in their house after she finished high school, unwilling to get a job and completely happy to live of her parents.
The fights between Angela and her mom were getting worse and worse now and Angela tried to think of a way to hurt her mom badly. That was when she thought of the worst thing she could do to her mom.
Dad was in fact a victim in this story. Angela started slowly, subtly. Making sure her top is unbuttoned at the top when she leans over to hand him something, or that she has her short skirt on when she drives with him in the car, just the two of them. She waited until she saw a certain look in his eyes before she pushed it more. Walking past him she made sure her hand stroke against his crotch, the next time it was her tight little ass brushing against his crotch, as she looked over her shoulder, smiling sweetly in his eyes and saying, sorry daddy. But he was man enough to recognize that smile, it wasn’t an innocent little girl smile any more, it was an flirtatious, inviting smile. That was the day when he realized his suspicion wasn’t unfounded, and to his big surprise he felt excited by it.
From then onwards it was getting easier and easier for Angela to seduce her dad, running naked from the bathroom to her room when she knew he would catch a glimpse of her, watching raunchy movies on TV when he was in the house. It felt like a personal triumph when for the first time she saw his cock grow because she paraded in her bikini in front of him. It felt even better because her mom was in the house, in her study. Dad was in the kitchen making tea and Angela passed him on the way to the pool, bending over to fetch ice from the fridge. As she looked back at him, she saw on his face that he noticed her almost naked ass, and then she saw his cock growing in his pants. She gave him a big smile and swayed her hips as she walked out.
Dad had to run off to the bathroom before he could take mom her tea, and as he jerked himself off, for the first time he closed his eyes and imagined Angela standing in front of him in her red bikini, rubbing her pussy.
Angela now knew that it was only a matter of time. She only had to wait until her mom was out . The opportunity came sooner than what she expected. Two days later, it was time for mom’s monthly book club meeting. Angela and dad were now alone at home and they both knew what they wanted. Angela waited until she heard her mom’s car pull off, then shouted down the hallway: Daddy, I am quickly taking a shower. She didn’t close the bathroom door, and it wasn’t long before she saw her dad standing in the door. He could see Angela in the shower, naked, water streaming over her. She smiled at him and opened the shower door. His erection was so big now it hurt. As Angela stretch her arms out to him he was hardly able to get out of his clothes before she pulled him into the shower.
Angela looked down at his hard cock and whispered: oh daddy I have been waiting for this for so long. Dad couldn’t believe what was happening, he knew it was wrong but he wanted her so badly , nothing else mattered, he wanted to touch her all over, suck her nipples, finger her pussy then kiss and lick that same pussy before he fuck her hard and long. His mind went blank as she started kissing him, her hands already fondling his cock, playing with his balls.
He went onto his knees in front of her and started licking her pussy, his tongue entering her deeply. The first time he made her cum was still in the shower, on his face.
After that they moved to his bedroom, where he made her lie down on her back with him on top of her, in a 69 position. She sucked her daddy’s cock while she played with his ass. He buried his face in her sweet little pussy, forgetting everything else but how much he wanted to fuck his daughter.
Finally he turned around and started to enter her pulsing pussy with his throbbing cock. Even Angela was surprised at how good it felt, much better than what she expected. Daddy knew how to fuck! She grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. Oh come on Daddy, fuck me hard, don’t stop daddy please!
They fucked for about an hour – in different ways, she sucked him, she rode his face, he entered her from behind. He managed to come twice, once in her pussy and once on her face. She came five times. As she came for the fifth time, he was eating her pussy again and she grabbed his head and pulled him deeper into her pussy. She felt the explosion deep in her pussy rippling through her whole body. As she cried out Oh fuck Daddy!, she opened her eyes and looked into her mother’s face. Angela didn’t know how long her mom has been standing there watching them. For a split second she waited for her mom to scream at them, but as her eyes focussed, she saw something that blew her mind completely. Her mom was leaning against the wall, her eyes half closed, her hand slipped into the crotch of her pants, fingering her own pussy. Angela still had her dad’s head between her legs as she saw her mom cuming from rubbing her own pussy.

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    Hi I was when my daddy first fucked and got me pregnant, I had a daughter Your story was hot and got me wishing my daddy was still alive so he could fuck me some more

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