Bad Day…Good Day

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“Bad Day…Good Day”

On the day of my father’s funeral, family came back to the house. My dad did not want us to cry and boo-hoo after the funeral, he wanted us to all take a shot of Jack Daniel’s and have a party and in his memory, and we did. It might have been the seven shots of Jack, or it might have been the two daiquiris, or it might have been the 12 years of thinking this woman/my cousin was beautiful, but whatever it was, it was what I needed.

It was going on 5 pm, most everyone had left. Danielle, my cousin was a barrel racer. She was at the rodeo that afternoon and that morning she found out my dad had passed. Her father died of cancer and now so did mine. She wanted to come out. She kept calling, “I’m on my way.” She kept asking, “Is it ok, I have my horses?” It was fine. Around 6 pm, she showed up. She walked across the cattle guard into our yard; we were all sitting out side listening to music. She started bawling, I was pretty lit by now, seven shots of Jack and two daiquiris earlier. I wasn’t moving, but as soon as I seen her, I sobered up. She ran tome, we had been close growing up, even though we lived ten hours apart. She was upset that she couldn’t make the funeral. She hugged everyone. After a few minutes, we had walked out to her truck. She wanted to know more about the passing. We saddled up two horses and went riding 75 acres we have.

We were out of hearing and seeing distance of the house and others. We let the horses rest and we lay on a huge bolder. As we were talking, she scooted closer and closer to me. She layed her head in my chest. I was getting excited, my pussy was getting damp. I brushed her hair with my fingers and held her hand. Our fingers intertwined. At this point, I was on autopilot. I had no clue what I was going to do next. She lifted her head and kissed me. I would have died happy. She sat up and strattled my body and commenced to strip me. As I was down to my bra and two buttons left to unbutton on my five button pants, she stopped and she was so embarrassed. She said “I’m sorry; you just buried your father, now I’m seducing you.” She was getting closer to the horses. I stopped her and told her I was willing and still am. I pulled her back to the rock; I grabbed a blanket from the horse. Tossed it over the rock for a little softness. She sat down, I stood in front of her, still in my bra and half pants undone. I grabbed her face gently and kissed her. I leaned her back and she was laying on the rock. I kept kissing her while undoing her jeans. She moaned a little, she stood up and let her jeans and thong drop to her ankles, I took her boots off and pulled her bottoms off; flung them up to her for a little pillow. She spread her legs; I kissed her inner-thighs. She moaned a little, but kept it low. I stuck my tongue in her beautiful pussy, wrapped my tongue around her clit and slid in and out, twirled my tongue around that luscious clit. She grabbed my head and her fingers softly pulled at my short hair. Her juices flowed from her body; I licked up what I could. She was relaxed, but breathing heavily. I kissed up her body, I stopped at her navel; my tongue slid in and out of her navel. I started kissing back up her body. Her body smelled of rodeo and slight lavender. Danielle arched her back; she felt my pants button slightly grazing across her pussy. I was on my knees grinding her body. I kissed her breasts; they were small 34b, but beautiful. She moaned a little. She grabbed my waist with her legs, wrapped her legs around my waist. I was on my hands and knees above her, kissing her nose, cheeks, and lips to passionately. She and I were in sync with everything. She kept feeling something, but didn’t ask. I stopped and pulled my pants down to show a 7 /2 strap on dildo. She got so excited. I slid into that pussy with ease. She started to pant a few times. She whined, but told me to keep going. I slid in and out and fast er and faster. She clenched to my body. When she came, her body fell limp. I lay next to her caressing her body. When she was able to move, we started getting dressed and I noticed there were three horses now two. We’re the third come from and sitting on a rock 1- yards from us, was my brother. He had a smile on his face. He asked Danielle, “So, did you enjoy?” She agreed quickly, he said to me, “you did a good job. So, when’s it my turn?” Danielle was a little shocked, I wasn’t. That’s why he got me the strap-on. For pleasure…

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  1. matt

    it was really hot and it made me cum like 3 times and made me explore my gf even more

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