Best 18th bday present from dad part 2

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Part 1 continuation….

I was thinking of all the memories to come tonight… So busy I didn’t hear my dad calling me. “HONEY!! DINNER IN 5!!!” I ran out into the hall. “OK DAD!!!” I quickly threw a blanket over my box and rushed down the stairs. “I’m here, he- here..” I was out of breath. “Good ’cause this table here needs setting,” I grabbed two forks, two plates and two glasses and skidded into the dining room. I carefully placed everything according to dad, as he was very picky. “We have any root beer in the fridge?” Dad was crazy about root beer. Better than beer I guess. “Nope, fresh out,” “Aw, damn. I guess water’ll have to do.” I finished setting the table. “Hot stuff comin through. And I aint talkin bout the food,” Dad scooted past me ‘accidently’ brushing against my breasts. “Ok Caiti. Bon appetite.” Dad stuffed his face. Humph, he thought he was so funny sometimes. “Dad I was wondering, do you ever watch porn online?” “What? What ever makes you think that?” “Cos I seen your history on the web,” “Oh, well, uhh- I uh… Its a dude thing, ya know…” “Like brushing up against my breasts?” “Well sweetheart I’m sorry I ddn’t mean to if I did, they’re just so round, and perfect… what size you wear now?” “A 36DD. And why does that concern you?? Or should I ask your friend?” I look at his erect dick through his jeans. “Alright, I’m done here. I’m gonna head to bed,” “But dad-” He got up from the table. “G’night Caiti,” And he walked silently upstairs….

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