Black Heat, White Lust

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White Lust Black Heat


Christy Hopper

Dian Jackson grow up in a middle class home. She was a beautiful

young girl with rich black silk skin, long flowing brown hair and deep coco

brown eyes. By the time Dian turned thirteen she stood five feet six inches

tall, one hundred five pounds and a pair of thirty six inch tits that made her

step father proud whenever she walked into a room.

Dan Potter a forty-eight year old well build six foot one white man,

with slightly graying red hair. His nine inch dick has always been a

delightful source of conversation among the black females in Patterson.

Indeed Dan was quite proud of the fact that he had fucked nearly half of the

black female population in their small town. At the age of thirty six all that

change when he met Pam Jackson and her daughter five year old Dian.

Dan and Pam had a great marriage for nearly five years. When

Pam died in a car crash on her way home leaving him alone with her nine

year old daughter

For nearly six years Dan Potter lived alone on his families estate, right after Pam’s death Pam’s aunt June persuaded Dan into letting Dian

come live with her; after all he was not her father. Dan agreed and for the

next five years Dan never saw the little girl he had raise since she was three

years old. Then one day Dan got a call from aunt June’s lawyer saying

that June was dead that Dian was alone now with no family and that Dian

wanted to come back and live with him. Dan agreed to have his now

teenaged stepdaughter come life with him.

It had never dawned on him the changes that might had happened

since he last saw her, not until the day when MR. Curts dropped off the now

thirteen year old did Dan realizes that the child he remembered was gone,

and what was coming back to live with him was a young girl on the verge of

becoming a woman.

At the age of fourteen Dan started to secretly watching his step

daughter undress. Dan had discovered while in the addict that he drilled a

hole in the floor of the addict that he would be able to see just about

everything that went on in Dian’s bedroom. Dan would rush home every

afternoon before Dian arrived home from school, he would go into his

secret hide away and wait for his lovely daughter to come home.

Dian had the same routine everyday. Like most girls her ages that

went to the local private school she couldn’t wait to get home and get out of

that dam uniform that she was force to wear. The first thing she would do

when she got home was to shed those boring clothes and take a hot shower.

After her shower she would walking her bedroom unaware that she was

being watched. The sight of his daughter was so breath taking, with her long

hair that flowed down to her shoulders, her long legs that seemed to go on

forever. Her young tight shapely ass, her firm thirty six inch tits and her well

groomed hairy coach was all ways the high light of his day.

Dan would sometimes feel weird about watching his stepdaughter in

this way. After all he had married her mother when Dian was just three years

old and he had become the father figure in her life. But now she was

becoming a beautiful desirable woman, a woman whose body he had begin

to lust for.

One day Dian came home to fine her father’s car in the driveway,

When she walked in the house Dan was no where to be found. Dian search

the house from top to bottom and still no Dan. Finally she gave up and went

to her room to change.

Dan was already in his secret place waiting for his sweet little girl

when he heard the door to her bedroom open. He looked through the hole he

had drilled, Dian begins to shed her school uniform slowly starting with the

white cotton blouse. Starting from the top she would unbutton every button.

Watching as the blouse makes its way to the floor, Dan’s mouth begin to

water at the thought of him sucking her golden brown tits. His excitement

grows as she removed the pearl white bra exposing her firm hard nipples.

By now Dan’s nine inch dick was rock hard as he started to

masturbate at the sight of the fourteen year old. As Dian removed her skirt

and panties Dan went into a sexual frenzy as he discovered that her ones

well groomed hairy pussy had been shaved. It took everything within him

not to cum, he knew that if he did that Dian would discover his secret.

As she was getting ready for her shower Dian heard a noise from

what she thought was down the hall. She didn’t think much of it, “dad

coming in” she thought. Dan had gotten out of his secret hideaway without

being discovered, but he wondered how long would be before someone

found out about his private world? Most of all how long could he hold out

from taking his lovely daughter to bed?

Later that evening at the dinner table Dan could barely hold himself

together sitting across from Dian. After seeing just how much of a beautiful

woman she was becoming, the only thing he could think about was how

hungry he was for the young girl. Out of all the black women he had fucked

over the years he had never wanted any of them the way he wanted her.

Dian went about her evening doing the things that she would

normally do, like doing homework and talking on the phone. She notice that

her dad was a bit moody but she didn’t think much of it when she kissed

him goodnight.

It was a warm early spring night, Dian had been in bed about an hour

when she heard her bedroom door open, she closed her eyes portending to

be asleep. As he softly closed the door she could feel his presents as he

stood over her. With just a thin white sheet covering her Dan could tall that

she wasn’t wearing anything, when he lifted the sheet Dian opened her eyes.

Dan drooped the sheet taking a step back the look of shook and

embarrassment on his face said it all.

Without a word Dian sat up on the side of the bed, wrapping the sheet

around her she reached out pulling him close, she couldn’t help noticing the

bulge in his pants. She looked up at him with those beautiful brown eyes,

unzipping his pants reaching in and pulling out all nine inches of his

manhood. Dan knew he should say something but the thought of her full

black lips wrapped around his big white dick was overwhelming.

His pants fall down around his ankles as she held his huge white dick

in the psalm of her hand. Dian began by slowly swirling her tongue around

the head of his cock, licking up and down both sides as if she were eating an

cold ice cream con on a long hot summer day. Little by little she takes him

slowly into her mouth, at the same time playing with his hairy balls.

It didn’t take long for Dan to cum, the taste of his sweet sticky com

filled the young girl’s mouth. From the look on her face Dan could really

tell that she was enjoying herself and that she was a lot more experience

then he thought.

He pulled her to her feet while the thin white sheet falls to the ground

exposing her complete beauty to
him. The feelings of seeing her in front of

him and not through a small hole in the addict overpowered him. The

uncontrolled craving for her was beyond his control.

Dian laid back on the bed spreading her legs wide open for him. Dan

joints her on the bed he began by stroking her lovely brown tits, taking them

one at a time in his mouth, he swirls his tongue around her hard nipples,

While at the same time his hands roams all over her gorgeous body. Dian

arched her back giving him full and easy access. Moving closer and closer

to her sweet little coach Dan stroked ever inch of her soft silky black skin.

Dan kissed her as his finger found her pussy lips. Putting his finger

inside her he slowly starts to pump her black pussy. Dian’s body began

convulse with what will be the first of many orgasms. Dan spreads her pussy

wide open sucking and licking her sweet little clit. Shoving his tongue

deeper and deeper into her. The taste of her love juices was intoxicating for

the nearly fifty year old.

She knew it was time, Dan slit her to the edge of the bed spreading

her legs as wide as possible, shoving all nine inches into her tight pussy.

Dian screamed out in pain as she took all nine inches. Pumping in and out at

a furious pace he loved the sight of her young tits bouncing up and down

with every single thrust.

Dan pulls his dick out of her red raw pussy, after Dan leaves Dian

laid in the dark when she recalls the last thing her mother said to her

“please Dian tack care of your dad.” Dian smiles, She thinks her mom

would approve of the way she has taking care of him.

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  1. HornznHaloz

    my only feed back is SPELL CHECK…otherwise not a bad story

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  2. blowhard

    Ditto to the first comment from HornznHaloz. Learn to spell and the proper usage of words. Reading a decent story that has so many errors really takes away from the enjoyment of the story.

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  4. C(^_^)D

    i agree with the others, besides that, get some cameras in there

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  5. woody731

    loved your story please continue

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  6. soultrain1

    i loved ur story. my dick is hard now ty.

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