Blackmail and cream

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Apprehensively Marsha turned her computer on casting a nervous look at the small web cam her son had installed positioned on top of the monitor. Luckily he hadn’t asked any questions after she had purchased the device and asked him to install it. He was quite knowledgeable about computers and had it put in without any trouble. As she waited for the computer to finish starting up she wished she had never bought it. Yes it was helpful in some ways but for her it was a nightmare.
Once the computer was ready she logged onto her instant message page. Following her son’s instructions she then turned on the web cam and then sat back nervously waiting. Soon there was a soft ring and a message appeared on the screen. Her stomach knotted as she saw who it was from.
“So did you get it?” His message silently asked.
Taking a shuddering breath Marsha scooted closer and quickly typed in her answer, “Yes.”
“Good how do I connect?” Marsha quickly typed in the information the person would need so they could view her web camera image. After a few seconds the phone started ringing making her grimace slightly. Grabbing the phone she heard when she had brought it to her ear, “Hello Marsha.”
“He…hello,” she said quietly. She didn’t recognize the voice; she had hoped that she would so she might have an idea of who was blackmailing her.
Really she had a short list of suspects on who was blackmailing her, mainly based on what they were blackmailing her with. About two weeks prior she had received an e-mail message with an attachment. The attachment was a couple of pictures of her. It was quite obvious they were taken at the health club she was a member of. Trouble was they were taken of her while she was in the changing room. The three pictures showed her in varying stages of dress or undress.
From the angle of the pictures she assumed the camera had been mounted in a vent. The pictures were remarkably clear and her face was quite visible and recognizable. One of the images showed her with her top off but still wearing her bra. The second one showed her in just her panties and the third with the one piece swimsuit she worked out in half on, her breasts not yet covered. The simple message that had come with the images had simply said that he would be in touch so they could talk about the pictures.
Another message arrived a few days later with more pictures. They were more of her at the health club. One showed her totally naked and apparently talking with another one of the ladies that belonged to the club. Marsha knew she did not have a hot body; forty one years of age and two kids had taken their toll on her figure but she was still attractive. Her abdomen wasn’t as flat as it had been when she was a teenager and her breasts weren’t as pert as they had been then but they still weren’t hanging to her knees either. Marsha thought she was a little wider in the hips then she’d prefer and her butt needed to be toned up but considering everything she wasn’t a hag. And the photos did quite clearly show how her body was.
“You look nice today,” the person on the other end said. There was a slight pause and then he said, “But I must admit you look a lot better when you don’t have any clothes on.”
Marsha’s stomach knotted tighter as she thought of the pictures. She wasn’t ashamed of her body but she was disgusted that someone had observed her naked and taken photos of her.
“I miss seeing you at the club,” he said casually. She hadn’t been to the health club since receiving the first message. She knew she should say something to someone but she didn’t want those horrible photos being seen by even more people even if it was the police. He chuckled saying, “But I got some nice pictures of you to enjoy. Would you like to see some more of them?”
“No,” Marsha said firmly.
“They’re nice,” he said simply.
“Wha…what do you want?” She asked trying to inject some toughness in her words.
“Like I said I miss seeing you at the club, but now I can see you again,” he said with a chuckle. His last message had instructed her to purchase and install a web cam. He told her if she didn’t he would post the pictures, all of them, on the Internet. He sighed softly and said, “And I really like seeing you. But if you don’t want to…well I guess I can still look at the pictures I have of you. And maybe there’s others out there that would like to see you, naked.”
“All right I get it,” Marsha said dismayed. Unless she could somehow get those pictures from him she was helpless. Hoping he might just want money she asked, “How much do you want for them?”
Unless he wanted an exorbitant amount she might be able to pay his demands. Her husband had left handling the finances strictly in her hands so she might be able to pay this jerk off and keep her husband unaware. While they weren’t exactly filthy rich her husband’s medical practice was brining in a handsome amount.
“Oh Marsha I don’t want money for these pictures, you couldn’t afford them,” he said with a crude laugh. He chuckled softly and then said, “No I just want to enjoy looking at your pretty body. And if you’re a good lady maybe I’ll let you have ‘em. But if you don’t do what I say, well the next time you might see them is on the Internet.”
Marsha closed her eyes and shook her head, she was trapped and there was no way she could get out of it but by giving in to his demands. She prayed that he would be content with just looking at her and not want to meet her.
“So do we have a deal Marsha?” He asked after a pregnant pause.
“Yes,” she spat out.
“Good,” he said in a mockingly nice tone. She opened her eyes and cast an angry glare at the monitor. He casually asked her, “Does your phone have a speaker on it?”
“Yes,” Marsha said slowly. Her son had convinced them to get a phone with speaker capability to have in by the computer.
“Good, turn it on,” he told her.
Marsha scooted forward slightly and looked at the phone hoping she remembered how to activate the speaker function. Then again she wouldn’t be too upset if she accidentally disconnected him but she knew he would just call right back since he had her number. She carefully tapped the button marked spker and heard the noise of the phone coming from the speaker. Slowly she laid the hand unit down and sat back.
“Stand up I want to see what you’re wearing,” he told her.
A little shakily Marsha stood up for his inspection. She was wearing just casual clothes; a pull over top with a modest scoop neck line and some blue jeans. Not knowing why and without being told to she slowly turned around, hearing his approving grunt as she did.
“So are you all alone?” He asked when she had turned back towards the camera.
“No,” she said quickly shaking her head. She nodded at the door that lead from the room saying, “My…my son Porter is home.”
“How old is he?”
“Eighteen,” she said quickly casting a nervous glance at the door again wondering why he was interested in her youngest son.
“Go get him,” he said curtly.
“What? Why?” Marsha gasped.
“Because I said to,” he relied slowly.
“But…but why?” Marsha asked shaking her head in confusion.
“Just go get him,” he said tiredly. With a sigh he added, “Unless you’d like me to go ahead and post these wonderful pictures I have?”
“No,” Marsha said with a firm shake of her head.
“Good, now go get him.”
Trembling slightly Marsha rose and walked over to the door of the computer room that also served as a guest room. Porter was in his room which was just down the hall a short ways. Marsha paused at the door and cast a worried look back at the computer wondering why her blackmailer wanted to meet Porter. Swallowing heavily she walked down the hall to her young son’s room. She rapped softly on the door as she stepped into the doorway; Porter was lying on his bed reading a magazine.
“Uh Porter…can you come here for a moment,” she asked in a tight voice. She cleared her throat and said with a nod towards the computer room, “I…I need your help.”
“Sure Mom,” he said eagerly as he scrambled off his bed. As he walked over towards her he asked, “Having trouble with the computer?”
“Not really,” she said with a quick shake of her head.
“Then what’s the problem?” He asked as he followed her out into the hall.
Deciding she would have to explain her problem to him eventually she had best do it now. Maybe it wouldn’t be as upsetting if she told him instead of the man that was blackmailing her. She turned to face him when they had reached the door to the computer room, she held a hand up to stop his question and quickly said, “Honey listen I’m in sort of a problem. Someone, somehow was able to get some…uh embarrassing pictures of me while I was at the health club. He’s threatening to post them on the Internet. He’s on the phone right now and he said he wanted to meet you. So please try and stay calm.”
“Sure,” he said in a cool tone. He nodded towards the room, asking, “Why does he want to talk to me?”
“I don’t know,” Marsha said shaking her head.
With a grim nod he motioned towards the room and Marsha, giving him a hopefully brave nod in return entered.
“So are you Porter?” He asked after he had pulled up a chair and sat down next to Marsha.
“Yeah,” he said with a curt nod. He gruffly asked, “And who are you?”
“Oh just call me Mac,” he said lightly.
“So what’d’ya want?”
“So has your mom told you about why I’m talking with her?” Mac asked casually.
“She said you have some pictures of her.”
“Naked pictures of her,” Max said with a chuckle, making Marsha shudder and bow her head slightly.
“Okay,” Porter said curtly.
“They’re real nice pictures of her,” Mac said lightly apparently enjoying the moment. Almost flippantly he asked, “Would you like to see them?”
“Not really.”
“Why, don’t you think your mom is good looking?”
“I don’t know,” Porter said with a quick shrug.
“Come on admit it,” Mac teased. Marsha shifted uneasily keeping her head bowed as he continued, “Your mom has a nice body.”
“I guess so,” Parker admitted quickly.
“Oh she does believe me,” Mac assured him. He chuckled and then asked, “Would you like to see what a great body she has?”
Before Porter could answer images of Marsha began to appear on the screen. Marsha’s stomach knotted as she saw the first ones pop up; she was dressed in the first couple and then it showed her undressing. Marsha was horrified as the images continued showing her taking off her clothes and then donning her dark colored swim suit. Other’s appeared showing her apparently after working out since she was again clad in her bathing suit. This time it showed her removing her bathing suit, standing completely naked and then grabbing a towel and heading for the shower.
“Pretty nice wouldn’t you say?” Mac asked as the images continued to appear.
“I guess so,” Porter said with a weak shrug.
“Boy I wish I had a mom as hot as yours,” Mac told him. Marsha shifted gritting her teeth as she listened to his disgusting words. Her stomach was knotted tightly with anger and shame. She could only imagine what her son might be thinking. Mac laughed and then asked, “Come on admit it your mom’s hot.”
“He’s already answered you,” Marsha snapped angrily.
“Do you like looking at these pictures of her?” Mac teased.
“They’re okay,” Porter said with a shrug of his shoulders.
“I bet you’d rather look at more than pictures of her?”
Marsha was surprised when he didn’t instantly deny Mac’s disgusting question. She looked over at him in surprise as he cleared his throat and muttered something unintelligible. She grimaced when she saw that the image on the screen was her facing the camera totally naked.
“Nice wouldn’t you say?” Mac asked.
“Yeah,” Porter agreed uneasily. Marsha again glanced at her son, dismayed to see that his eyes were locked on her image on the screen. She had been appalled at the idea of countless strangers being able to ogle her but she was even more dismayed with the idea of her own son viewing her body.
“Your mom looks pretty nice today,” Mac said casually.
“Yeah, I guess so,” Porter said glancing over at her.
“So is she wearing a bra?”
“I don’t know,” Porter said with a quick shrug of his shoulders.
“Well find out,” he told him.
Marsha shook her head and brought her hands to her chest, she wanted to protest but she was unable to make her mouth form any words. She wanted to just curl up in a corner and hide from this nightmare. Porter turned and looked at her with an uncertain expression.
“Come on Marsha let him have a peek,” Mac chided her. In a slightly firmer tone he told her, “Do it or else I go ahead and post these pictures.”
Wanting to puke Marsha sat there her wide eyed stare locked on the web cam silently hoping he would stop this torture. She could almost feel his growing impatience and knew he would do as he had threatened. Shaking she lowered her hands and straightened, staring blankly ahead.
“That’s a good girl Marsha,” Mac said in a mocking approving tone. He then said, “Go ahead Porter take a peek and see if she’s wearing a bra.”
“Okay,” he said as he shifted closer to her.
Marsha was blinking repeatedly to clear her tear filled eyes as she stiffly sat there. She inhaled sharply through her nose and tensed when Porter reached over and carefully hooked his index finger in the neckline of her blouse. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists as he carefully pulled her blouse away from her chest. She closed her eyes when she saw from the corner of her vision that he was leaning over and lifting himself a little ways out of his chair. It was only a few seconds but to Marsha it seemed an eternity before he sat back.
“So is she wearing a bra?” Mac asked.
“Yeah,” Porter said with a nod.
“What kind is it?” Mac asked eagerly.
“Just a bra,” Porter said simply as if describing his mother’s underwear as common. He shrugged saying, “A simple white bra.”
“Let me see it,” Mac said quickly.
Marsha shivered as she looked at the camera. Porter had again turned slightly towards her with an uncertain look on his face. Marsha knew that refusing was futile but she couldn’t just give in to his disgusting demands. But what else could she do, the alternative was just as bad.
Exhaling she scooted forward on her seat and took hold of the lower part of her blouse. She cast a look at her son wanting to apologize for this and yet she knew that she hadn’t done anything wrong. She took a shuddering breath, closed her eyes and drew her blouse up. Quickly she shook her head to settle her slightly tousled brown hair after she had pulled the garment off. She then laid it on her lap after she had pulled her arms out of it and sat back.
“Looks nice,” Mac said quietly.
“Yeah,” Porter quickly agreed as he sat there looking at her. He apparently realized she was looking at him; he blinked, cleared his throat and sat back.
Marsha sat there during the ensuing pause she could almost feel their eyes on her. Now she enjoyed having men looking at her but not this way. Not being forced to show herself off and in front of her son on top of that.
“You know I like her better when she isn’t wearing a bra,” Mac said simply.
“Please don’t,” Marsha softly begged.
“Oh come on Marsha, it isn’t like we haven’t already seen everything you’ve got,” he teased.
“You might as well do it Mom,” Porter said quietly. He shrugged weakly when she looked at him saying, “If you don’t you know what he said he would do.”
Nodding dumbly Marsha sniffed. She paused to rub her nose and then leaned forward as she reached up sharply behind herself. She fumbled with the clasp on her bra for a few seconds and then finally released it. She sat back after she had and slipped the straps off her shoulders, letting it drop down her arms. From the edge of her vision she saw her son turning towards her eyeing her bare breasts. She swallowed hard to force the bile down her throat as she slipped her bra off her arms and laid it in her lap on top of her blouse.
“So what do you think?” Mac asked. Marsha shuddered as her son shifted to get a better view, nodding slightly after he had. Mac grunted and asked, “Pretty nice looking wouldn’t you say?”
“Yeah,” Porter said with a slow nod as he continued to eye her bare breasts.
Marsha wasn’t sure if he was being honest or just being considerate. She knew that this wasn’t the first time he had seen a woman’s breasts, she had been aware of the collection of men’s magazines he had stashed in his room for some time. She was sure that most of the women in those magazines had better looking or at least bigger breasts then hers. She wondered if this was the first time he had seen a woman’s breasts for real and not in a picture.
“Your Mom has a real nice pair,” Mac commented and to her surprise Porter nodded and muttered something. There was another prolonged silence making Marsha squirm slightly as they eyed her. It was bad enough that this stranger was forcing her to reveal herself to him but also making her bare herself in front of her son. What was even more distasteful was that her son was apparently liking it. Mac again grunted and then said, “Boy I’d love to grab a feel of her boobs.”
“Yeah,” Porter said in a rush and a quick nod of his head. Dismayed Marsha looked over at him finding his eyes locked on her bare chest.
“Well go ahead dude,” Mac said with a chuckle, “Grab a feel.”
Marsha shook her head and slid a little ways away, instinctively crossing her arms over her bare chest. She glanced forlornly between Porter and the web cam as she sat there. Porter sighed quietly giving her a questioning look. She wasn’t sure which was the more disgusting letting Mac post those pictures of her so the whole world could see or allowing her young son to grope her while he watched.
“Please don’t,” she quietly asked the camera.
“Why not?” Mac asked with a laugh. He grunted and then said, “Go ahead and grab a feel of her boob dude.”
Porter nodded quickly and then reached over sliding his hand under her arm and onto her boob. Marsha sobbed softly and closed her eyes, shuddering as his hand cupped her breast. Her shoulders sagged when he pulled his hand from her boob.
“No dude give her boobs a feel,” Mac said curtly. With a slightly perturbed tone he said, “Move your arms and let him feel those great boobs of yours.”
Shivering uncontrollably Marsha slowly lowered her arms. Almost immediately Porter reached over and again cupped his hand to her bare mound giving it a tentative squeeze. He held her boob firmly and his eyes were locked to it too.
“Ah come on dude squeeze ‘em they won’t break,” Mac chided.
Porter grunted and gently increased his grip on her boob. Slowly steadily he squeezed her mound; Marsha squirmed slightly and groaned quietly as his fingers pressed into the smooth pale flesh of her boob. As he squeezed her boob he also was pushing his palm against the underside of her mound, shoving it up on her chest. He glanced up at her face after he had pushed her boob up on her chest and held it there. Marsha shuddered as he let her boob settle back to its normal position on her chest but still firmly gripped it.
“Like playing with her boobs?” Mac asked with a knowing grunt.
“Yeah,” Porter said quickly as he pressed his fingers into her boob again. As he held her mound he moved it side to side. Marsha clearly heard Mac grunt as Porter jiggled her mound; she also saw the amused look on her son’s face as he mauled her tit.
“You like that Marsha?” Mac asked after a few seconds. He chuckled adding, “Like having your boobs played with?”
“No,” Marsha gasped, shaking her head.
“Oh I think you do,” Mac responded. Marsha gritted her teeth refusing to answer. While she did like having her breasts fondled but not this way. Not being forced to let her son fondle her this way and while some stranger watched. Almost as if he knew she was lying he told her, “I think you like having your boobs played with. And believe me I wouldn’t mind playing with them.”
Marsha inhaled deeply when Porter moved his fingers to her nipple and gave it a quick pinch. He glanced at her a soft smile appearing on his lips as he began to firmly rub her ruby colored nipple. She tensed as he once more pinched her stiffening nipple, this time with a little more force. Closing her eyes she cursed her body for responding; her nipples were beginning to stiffen from his actions.
“Yeah you like that,” Mac said quietly, apparently noticing how her nipples were becoming erect.
Almost teasingly Porter continued to pinch her nipple and he also began to slowly roll it back and forth between his thumb and index finger. Despite her revulsion at what she was being forced to allow she couldn’t stop the low moan that came from deep in her throat. She took a shuddering breath when he became to slowly pull on her turgid nipple continuing to roll it as he did. Soon he had pulled her nipple out and the weight of her breast tugged on it as he held it.
Marsha gasped loudly and sagged when he released her nipple and her boob heavily settled back against her chest. Porter slid his hand across her chest and cupped it firmly to her other boob. He gave it a quick squeeze and a hard jiggle.
“Yeah play with that boob,” Mac encouraged as he began to maul her boob.
Roughly he shoved it about her chest, pressing his fingers hard against the pale smooth skin of her breast. She groaned when he pressed his fingertips to her erect nipple and began to rub it. There was little tenderness to his caress; he pushed his fingers hard into her mound rubbing her nipple against her chest. He rubbed her nipple for a few seconds and then drug his fingers back to her other boob, quickly pinching her nipple when he did.
Marsha tensed when he gripped her boob and shifted so he could lean over to her. Instinctively she arched her back as he bent over also lifting her boob as he did. She shuddered mightily when his lips locked onto her stiff nipple. Longingly he began to suck on her nipple making Marsha throw her head back and groan.
“Yeah suck that nipple,” Mac urged.
Porter teased her nipple with the tip of his tongue as he sucked on it. Porter released his tight grip on her boob and moved his hand back to her other boob. While he hungrily nuzzled on her nipple he blindly groped her other boob; squeezing and pushing it about and occasionally pinching her erect nipple. Marsha eagerly turned towards him when he released her nipple and made his way across to her other one and clamped his lips to that one. Eagerly he sucked on her nipple, occasionally breaking his lip lock on her stiff nipple to give it a long hard lick.
As he sucked and licked her nipple he slid his hand down her side to her hip. He paused to gently rub her side and then moved his hand across her pelvis. Marsha gasped as he jammed his hand between her partly spread legs. She grabbed his wrist as he forced his hand further between her legs but wasn’t able to move his hand. She wanted to shove his hand from her crotch but she lacked the strength to. She knew it was wrong and disgusting but she just couldn’t muster the strength. She could only press her legs together restricting his hand’s mobility; still he rubbed her upper crotch firmly through her jeans.
Finally he settled back, keeping his hand firmly wedged between her legs. To her dismay Marsha was breathing heavily and she wondered if he could tell how damp her pussy was.
“Damn wish I could show you how hard you’re making me,” Mac said quickly. He grunted and then asked, “Are you hard too?”
“Oh yeah,” Porter said with a quick nod.
“Wanna see how hard he is?” Mac asked. Marsha shook her heads no even though she knew it was useless. She was right because he immediately said, “Go ahead dude show her how hard you are.”
The only consolation was his order required that Porter remove his hand from between her legs. Excitedly he pulled his hand from her crotch and began to fumble with his pants. Marsha looked away as he hurriedly unsnapped his jeans. She stared blindly ahead as he raised his ass up off the seat so he could shove his pants down off his hips.
“Take a look Marsha,” Mac told her, clenching her fists she slowly turned her face and looked down at his stiff cock. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was her own son she was eyeing she would have been mildly impressed by his cock. The last time she had seen his dick had been when he was a little boy he had certainly developed nicely a voice commented in her brain. It was a good length and thickness; he had definitely taken after his father in that regard. After a brief pause Mac asked, “Like that Marsha.”
Not wanting to really respond she simply shrugged her shoulders noncommittally as she settled back in her chair. Porter sat there quietly not making any effort to cover himself. Mac then told her, “Play with it Marsha. Play with that big hard cock.”
Gritting her teeth and keeping her eyes trained straight ahead she reached over and took hold of his hard cock. She gripped his shaft firmly and without any direction to she began to slide her hand along its length. She heard Porter’s shaky groan as she moved her hand up and down his shaft.
“Like that?”
Refusing to answer and encourage his filthy demands Marsha continued to stare straight ahead. But Porter gasped, “Oh yeah.”
While she stroked his cock Porter reached over and once again began to play with her boob. After a few seconds Mac asked, “Wanna have her get you off?”
“Oh yeah,” Porter answered quickly.
“You wanna stick it in her?”
“Oh yeah,” Porter nearly gasped.
“Where you want to stick it in her?” He asked with a crude chuckle.
“No please don’t,” Marsha tearfully begged as she continued to stroke his cock.
“You want to stick it in her pussy or in her mouth or maybe shove it up her ass?” Mac asked ignoring her plea.
“I don’t know,” Porter said slowly and looking over at her.
“So what’s it going to be Marsha?” He asked casually.
“Please don’t,” she tearfully begged.
“You like to suck cock?”
“I have,” Marsha confessed with a quick nod. From the corner of her vision she saw her son look at her. If the situation wasn’t so disgusting she would have liked to ask him if he thought that she was so totally straight laced; that she didn’t have sexual interests and desires too. While oral sex wasn’t exactly her favorite act she had sucked a few cocks, mainly her husband’s and only his since they had gotten married. Generally it was just a prelude to them having sex, to help get him ready. She had never actually gotten him off by sucking on his cock; she had gotten him close a few times however.
“Well get on your knees, I want to watch you sucking your boy’s cock,” Mac said eagerly.
Obediently Marsha moved the clothing lying in her lap aside and slid off the seat. She decided against trying to beg her way out of it knowing it wouldn’t have worked. Also what he was ordering her to do was the least disgusting of her three options. Nervously she glanced at her son as he stood up and then over at the camera as she ran her hand through her brown hair. She was a little dismayed when her eyes moved to Porter’s stiff cock that was a short distance in front of her. She told herself to just imagine that it wasn’t her son she was about to suck off but an imaginary lover; maybe that would make it a little less disgusting.
Marsha shuddered and averted her eyes when Porter began to reposition the camera, aiming it at her face. After he had Mac said, “Yeah that’s good.”
Porter then stepped over in front of Marsha, his stiff cock swinging back and forth as he did. Marsha glanced up at him as he stood there with his hands on his hips and his cock twitching stiffly right in front of her face. She lowered her eyes to his dick, preparing herself.
Carefully Marsha reached up and took hold of his hard dick; she slid her hand along his length a couple of times. She shifted about slightly as she leaned forward again running her other hand through her brown hair. Porter groaned loudly when she firmly kissed the head of his cock. Quickly she swirled her tongue around the round cap at the end of his shaft.
Marsha continued to kiss and lick the end of his cock wanting to delay actually sticking his dick in her mouth. Teasingly she kissed and licked her way along his hard shaft clear down to his hairy balls and then back to the end of it. Still griping his shaft near the base she opened her mouth and let his dick slip between her lips making him groan again. She tightly wrapped her lips around the base of the head of his dick, teasing the tip with her tongue.
“Um looks good,” Mac said in a husky voice.
“Oh yeah,” Porter groaned.
Closing her eyes she sucked hard on the end of his shaft and sliding her hand along the lower part of his shaft. Maybe she could get him off quickly and hopefully end this nightmare. Abruptly Porter reached out and put his hands on the back of her head. Marsha tensed as he began to pull her head forward and drive more of his cock into her mouth.
“Yeah shove your cock down her throat,” Mac encouraged. Porter’s response was a guttural groan as he tried to force her head further. Marsha placed her hands on his hips and pressed back after he had forced about half of his shaft into her mouth. She heard Mac laugh coarsely and say, “Dude don’t cum in her mouth. I want to see you shoot your wad all over her pretty face.”
Marsha lessened her resistance allowing more of his shaft to slide between her lips. Her cheeks were indented sharply from her hard sucking. Oddly in a corner of her mind she couldn’t stop wondering if this was his first blow job. She stiffened after she had swallowed about two thirds of his shaft and then began to slowly pull her head back, rubbing the bottom of his shaft firmly with her tongue. She let most of his shaft slide out of her mouth, until just the bulbous head remained in her mouth. Marsha paused to firmly rub her tongue around the head of his cock. After she had she once again began to swallow his hard cock.
“Oh yes,” Porter grunted as he shoved his hips forward driving more of his length into her mouth.
Marsha was soon fucking her face on his cock in a steady pace, groaning a few times on her own. She could tell from Porter’s increasing breathing and harder thrust he was nearing a climax. She hoped that Mac would be satisfied and end this nightmare.
Suddenly Porter pushed her head back and his cock sprang from her mouth. Excitedly he grabbed his twitching cock, holding her head steady with his other hand. Marsha closed her mouth and eyes as he began to wildly jack himself off, his cock pointing at her as he did. She heard him groan loudly and then the first large glob of his spunk splattered on her cheek making her jerk.

A second and instantly a third large glob of Porter’s thick milky white cum landed on Marsha’s face, one landing on her eye lid and the other on her nose. Mac laughed as the screen showed Marsha’s face being wetly pelted with the thick fluid and said, “Man you really plastered her face.”
“I didn’t think I was ever going to stop cumming,” Porter said with a quick laugh as he watched the images from Mac’s computer. The two were quiet as they watched as Porter began to rub his cock head over his mother’s face and smear his spunk about.
“Dude this was a great plan,” Mac said shaking his head. He looked over at his friend saying, “I really didn’t think this was going to work.”
“Well if your brother didn’t own that health club,” he said with a shrug.
“So what do you want to do to her next?” Mac asked as the screen went blank.
“Well definitely want to fuck her,” Porter said as he stretched out on his friend’s sofa. He grinned wolfishly saying, “And I’d like to fuck her ass too.”
“You’re sick dude,” Mac said with a laugh. He waved a hand at him adding, “And that’s what I like about you.”
“Be nice and maybe I’ll let you play with my mom one of these days.”
“I like it dude.”

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