Bring It On Keely Part 5

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“Umm Ms. Daria. One thing I wanted to do with my sister was to massage and kiss bare feet. But we didn’t know it that was rushing ahead to another lesson. Is that natural and normal too.”

Ms. Daria made her classic chuckle. “It wasn’t one of my planned lessons but yes it is natural and normal. The same why some boys prefer blondes or brunettes. Some people do have what’s called a foot fetish and enjoy caressing and kissing their lover’s feet. I’ll be happy to instruct.”

“I wouldn’t say I have a fetish for feet. Just my sister’s. I can’t help but be turned on by them.” answered my brother.

I blushed. I’d never lusted over my brother’s or Guy Pearce’s feet before. Who knows could be fun. There would only be one way to find out.

Since I was tried my best to be barefoot at all times for my brother I had removed by sandals as soon a we entered Ms. Daria’s.

“OK Keely. Lie back on the couch and let your brother pleasure you.” she instructed.

I felt my brothers hands lovingly caress the sole of my right foot just as he would with my face. He left not a single skin cell unexplored. Then his fingers became strong and with a powerful lust filled force he put pressure on the most strained muscles requiring me to moan loudly with pleasure. “Oh yes. Oh I’m heaven. Oh right there.”

My brother artistically worked all ten of his fingers and his palm on my right foot then my left as to give each one of my soles the full attention it demanded.

Next he held up my right ankle and began kissing me as tenderly as he would kiss my mouth and tongue. I giggled with glee as my brother’s tongue slipped in and out between his down soft lips. How long this went on we’ll never know but I never wanted it to stop. He was performing and I was receiving. The reverse of what we’d done before. All I had to do was lie back and relax in his comforting embrace. Just like the virgin boy or first time together I was ready to let ecstasy guide me into sleep.

Tragically it came time to part and I gave my brother and Ms. Daria my full review. “I’ve never been so relaxed in my entire life. Don’t hold back. When every you want to feel free. My feet are at your full disposal.”

“It is very relaxing isn’t it. Some couples find foot kissing an ideal form of foreplay or afterglow play. Since there’s no climax, no real end it can be extremely relaxing between sessions of penetration.” said Ms. Daria.

“As you two are progressing so successfully with wiping away the sexual fustration I’ll pick you up after school this Tuesday.”

My brother and I looked at each other with such excitement that the next lesson with only 3 days away!

For the next two days when my brother would call me to his room I would perform felatio on him rather than the penis massages of before. Except for one night when he requested a penis massage because he said he was forgetting what it felt like.

We also tried felatio the other way, with my brother pulling out and ejaculating on my face. It was wonderful. I wiped the sperm onto my hands and licked it off.

“You look so beautiful. Like an innocent little kitten cleaning it’s face. I wish I could take a picture and hang it in the Louvre. It would replace the Mona Lisa.”

As fun and new as it was, my brother and I both agreed we like felatio the other way better, ejaculating in my warm loving mouth.

Just as we would kiss and make out as much as possible so would our coupling include foot kissing. I make me long again when I could spend a whole night alone with my brother in the same bed where his foot caresses would guild me into sleep and I would awake in the soft sensual comfort of his arms.

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