Brother Judges Sisters BJ Contest

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My three BFFs and I were having a slumber party when somehow we got into a sexual competition. First it was who had the biggest boobs, which eventually led to whom was the most orally talented.

It was a heated debate. Hayden insisted that since she’d been with the most amount of guys her experience made her the best. But I insisted that my monogamous oral relationship with my boyfriend made me the most talented since I needed to constantly improve to keep him happy.

“It’s easy to give BJ after BJ to horny guys easy to please. But in order to keep your man cumming back for more you need real talent.” I insisted.

“Hummm.” said Hayden. “We need a neutral cock. Someone none of us has ever been with who can give us his honest opinion.”

“Yeah, and the rest should watch so we can learn new techniques.” piped in Flora.

“But where are we going to find one?” I asked.

Hayden’s wicked mind started working. She took out a pink sleep blindfold. “We’ll need to blindfold him to keep him neutral. Otherwise his decision could be influenced.”

“Great idea.” said Elisha. “I hear they do this a fraternities all the time. They ask the guy what he thinks. Of course he admits it was great, and then they remove his blindfold to see it’s another man!”

We all giggled.

“The nearest neutral cock is also the closest one.” and with that Hayden was out the bedroom door.

Where could she be going dressed only in a pink babydoll and no panties? We all followed her to my brother’s room!

She literally kicked in the flimsy door with her bare foot. Predictably my brother was one handing it in front of his computer. “What the hell!?” He pulled up his boxer shorts. “I’m trying to do my homework!”

“Come on big boy. This is more fun.” Hayden grabbed him by the hand and blindfolded him leading him down the hall with all four of us giggling wildly.

The idea of being locked in a bedroom with pretty teenage girls in nighties seemed to please my brother as he was also laughing while being led blindly to my room.

“Alright, what’s this all about?” he laughed.

“We need your big thick cock for a BJ contest.” answered Hayden.

“What?” he asked.

But he was cut off by Hayden quickly pulling down his boxers and affixing her mouth firmly to my brother’s organ. Of course he put up no resistance.

Elisha started clapping. “Good size. Shame on you Stephanie for not telling us your brother was so well endowed.” she joked.

Truthfully I’d never seen my brother naked since we were little kids. I should have looked away but I was fascinated by the sight of my brother being suckled.

Hayden’s young mouth took his organ in fully as her cheeks revealed an amazing rhythmic sucking motion. It wasn’t long before my brother groaned and his naked hips lunged forward and I saw Hayden’s throat swallow.

Hayden licked her lips not letting a single drop of my brother’s delicious male nectar go to waste.

“OMG! Look at the smile on his face!” giggled Flora. Sure enough I’d never seen my brother so happy. He looked so silly there blind folded with his boxers still down and his organ still reaching for the sky dripping sperm on my pink carpet.

“OK.” said Hayden. “We’re going to watch a movie. Let us know when you’re ready for round two.”

My brother eagerly pulled up his boxers and left with a big grin on his face.

“All right Hayden! Good blowing girl!” we all complemented.

“I wonder how soon he’ll be back? An hour, two?” asked Hayden.

“Yeah, how often does your brother cum?” joked Flora.

We started the DVD. Just as Bill Paxton was saying, “Game over man! Game over!” we heard a knock at the door.

“Whoooooooooooo is it?” we joked.

“Um it’s me Stephanie’s brother… umm I came back to…”

We all broke out laughing that he actually answered. Again Hayden blindfolded him and sat him down on the bed pulling down his boxers.

Flora got down on her knees and started sucking like a pro. However her motions were so quick I could tell by my brother’s face that he wasn’t really feeling it. And the quick motions tired Flora so that Hayden had to take hold of her head and guide her up and down the organ. It seemed to go on for some time but eventually my brother moaned and I saw his semen escape Flora’s mouth and roll down the sides of her cheeks.

My brother seemed very pleased as I suppose there’s no such thing as a sad ending.

The scene was repeated a third time as Elisha eagerly sucked away a few hours later. The difference to her technique was using her arms and taking hold of his waist.

Afterward my brother removed his blindfold and looked down catching a glimpse of me kneeling with my friends. I wondered how he felt about getting a BJ with his own sister watching.

This time my brother seemed a bit saddened.

Hayden saw it too and said, “Hey, don’t look so sad there’s still one more lucky girl to go.”

My brother seemed shocked at whom the fourth girl might be. He glanced at me and then looked away quickly.

“Why our other friend Cindy of course. She’s in the bathroom right now, so hurry back when you’re ready.” said Hayden, sinfully.

After he left we all looked to Hayden. Why had she made up a fifth friend?

“Here’s your chance Stephanie to put your mouth where your mouth is. You say you’re the best? Well now’s your chance to prove it.”

“What? I can’t go down on my own brother.”

“That’s why I’ve kept him blind folded. He won’t know it’s you. I know I’m bad but I won’t tell him. It’s the only way to know for sure who’s the best. And I don’t want to win by cheating.”

On any other day the idea of sucking off my own brother would seem crazy. But we were all having so much fun and I didn’t want it to end. I also wanted to win and now was my chance. I would give my brother the best BJ of his whole life!

When my brother returned I pulled down his boxers and came face to face with his fully erect organ. Without hesitation I wrapped my hungry mouth around it and began sucking at a slow but steady pace. My wet tongue lapped the base firmly. I didn’t take him in all the way as it could make me gag. I wanted to focus all of my attention on the most important part.

This time I couldn’t hear my brother groan but I did feel a sudden stiffening as he released. I held his delicious sperm in my mouth for a few seconds savoring the taste before swallowing.

I wiped my mouth and Hayden removed his blindfold.

“OK. We want your honest opinion. Which one was the best? Be honest.”

“Well they were all great.” he said grinning. “But that last one. Wow, she was the best.”

The four of us doubled over writhing on the floor laughing uncontrollably. I’m sure this pleased my brother as none of us were wearing panties.

“What? What’s so funny? Where’s Cindy?” he asked.

We were all laughing too hard to answer.

We couldn’t have asked for a more objective judge. It was confirmed. I was the BJ queen bee!

We all learned some new techniques that night which we were eager to try out on our boyfriends.

The next day my brother asked, “Hey, that girl Cindy. I never got a chance to meet her. Does she go to our school?”

“No. She was Elisha’s cousin visiting from out of town.” I lied.

“Oh.” he said sadly and walked away with his head hung low.

My brother asked about Cindy several other times even years later in college and was always sad to hear that she wasn’t in town and no one knew the next time she’d be back.

I never told my brother the truth and surprisingly neither did anyone at school.

Even years later every time I see him at a family reunion I always laugh to myself with the secret knowledge that the best blowjob he ever got was from his own sister.

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