Brother Pays For Sister's Implants

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It was the summer before my first year of college. I would be spending it with my 27 year old brother Josh and his girlfriend Alexis in their California home. My brother and I were very close growing up despite our age difference. But we had lived apart ever since my brother went off to college 9 years ago.

Reuniting with my brother wasn’t my only reason for traveling so far from home for the whole summer. Now that I was 18 it was finally time to do what I had always wanted, get breast implants.

During puberty I held my hands together over a Bible every night praying that I would blossom. But that day never came. I graduated from highschool as flat as the day I was born, with no boyfriend, no prom, and still stuck with my virginity.

I knew if I asked my parents outright they would forbid me. Never mind pay the thousands of dollars I didn’t have. It took some persuasion but my brother Josh finally conceded not only to lend me the money for the implants, but let me recuperate and hide out in California. Where I would be able to enjoy the entire summer at the beach with my new boobs, and enter college a beautiful woman without my parents ever knowing. The next time I did see my parents I would do my best to cover my endowments (enhancements) and simply attribute them to a late growth spurt.

Josh picked me up at the airport and drove me home. I’d never met his girlfriend Alexis but she was hostile towards me from the moment of my arrival.

“Hi honey. I want you to meet my little baby sister Gemma. Gemma this is the love of my life Alexis.”

I held out my hand to shake but Alexis refused. “Huff, so are they going fill up your chest with your brains?”

“Now honey, we talked about this. Gemma is my sister and we should support her decision.”

“We did talk about this and I told you not to do this! Is there anything more disgusting than a grow man getting his teenage sister a boob job?” Alexis continued to trail on and on with my brother still trying to play nice. They bickered and bickered inside, leaving me standing outside with my luggage, the loneliest girl in the world. So much for a happy reunion.

Why was Alexis such a hateful woman? Why was she angry at me? She was a brunette just as flat as I was. Could it be that she was jealous?

For the rest of the day Alexis refused to talk to me leaving me afraid to speak with my own brother for fear of sparking a fight. Later that night I whispered to Josh. “What time’s the appointment with the doctor tomorrow?”

“10:00am. It may take several hours so give me a call on my cell phone to come and pick you up when you’re done.”

“What? You’re not coming with me? Big brother I’m frightened. I can’t go in there all alone. It was hard enough just to ask you to help me.”

“No way. I’m not going with you. You’re my sister for heaven’s sake.”

“That’s why I need you there. Pllleeeaaassse?”

“Oh alright.”

The next morning I practically had to drag my brother out of the car and into the doctor’s office. I was encouraged to see the waiting room was filled with flat young women just like me. Their boyfriends sat next to them with smiles ear to ear. They were very excited. Josh was the exact opposite. He was hiding behind a magazine embarrassed to be there.

When the nurse finally called my name she commented, “Your boyfriend can come into the appointment too if he wants.”

“Oh he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my brother.”

That comment turned my brother bright red.

Josh kept looking away nervously as the doctor introduced himself and started to examine my chest. Most of the day was spent choosing the right size. It was a very difficult and big decision. When the doctor showed us slides of past patients I knew I’d made the right decision to come here. In the before photos they were flat as boards. But the doctor had transformed them into beautiful busty butterflies.

Next I tried on a sports bra which could be filled with different sizes of implants. The doctor instructed me to move around and bounce up and down in front of a mirror to see which size I liked best. After several hours I’d make my choice, 34DD.

My brother never did conquer his silence. He was always looking up at the ceiling.

“What’s the matter big brother? Do you not want me to do this?” I asked him as we left.

“No. I mean yes! Yes! I want you to do it if it will make you feel happy.”

“Oh it will. I’m sure. You’ll see. It will really improve my self esteem. You have no idea what it feels like to grow up flat. There’s no male equivalent. Every day in school, in church, at the mall, and especially on TV I look around and see girls with something that was denied me. I feel like half a human being. Mom and other women always told me that it doesn’t matter and only ugly prostitutes get breast implants. But what they’re really saying is that they’re jealous they don’t have them.”

“Wow. I never thought about it that way before. Never mind my nervousness. I just get freaked out at doctors’ offices.” he responded.

When we got home Alexis was in her usual foul mood. “So, were they having a two for one sale?” she snapped at me.

The week after the surgery I spent the entire time in bed, resting as if I had the flu. I was staying in the guest room and Josh waited on me hand and foot. Bringing me meals, and reading to me from some of his favorite books. We were both glad to avoid Alexis.

After the doctor took off the bandages and I got home I was wowed by my new body. I looked at myself naked in the mirror for hours and hours in different poses, even jumping up and down. It would have to take some getting used to. I was now carrying around two melons on my chest. I had to always sleep on my side for fear of being suffocated in my sleep.

I’d also failed to prepare myself. NONE of my clothes fit me anymore when I went to try them on. The buttons on my blouses would simply pop off. And my summer dresses were so tight that I couldn’t move properly. I couldn’t go out in public like this.

Josh was nice enough to lend me a very large T shirt to wear with my shorts. When I went to tie my shoes I burst out laughing. I couldn’t even see my feet. My brother had to tie them for me. I would have to get flip flops as well.

Shopping for new clothes for my new body was wonderful. I was a real head turner at the mall. One poor guy at even walked into a wall. It felt wonderful being admired.

Going to the beach was sure to be even more fun. I’d bought several bikinis and was hoping at least one of them would be strong enough to keep me from bouncing out. That night at dinner I asked Josh if he would take me.

“Well sure sis, I’d love to…”

“I’m sure you would.” snapped Alexis. “Why don’t you take her to the circus where she can fit in better with all the other freaks.”

My brother got up from the table. “Alexis? Can we talk about this upstairs?”

She followed eager for a fight. Even upstairs I could hear them shouting. “Alexis? What’s the matter? You’ve been nothing but nasty to my sister ever since she arrived.”

“Oh! And what am I supposed to do? Spend every waking moment with her drooling over her like you’ve been doing?”

“Sweetheart, that’s not true.”

“Oh it isn’t? Every night when we eat dinner you sit across from your sister and pitch a tent I didn’t know you were capable of. Look at you. Even as we stand here and speak you’re putting the Washington Monument to shame! I still can’t believe you spent all our money on your sister’s new boobs and not on me!”

“That’s not true. These pants are just tight that’s all. And it’s my money. You don’t even work. Besides if you wanted breast implants I’ve offered many times to get them for you and you’ve refused.”

“That’s because I don’t want to be a slut like your sister.”
“What? How is she a slut? Gemma’s still a virgin. Which is more than I can say for you when we met.” he responded.

They bickered on and on with no end in sight.

That evening I came downstairs late at night to get a glass of milk from the kitchen. I found my brother lying on the couch with a blanket covering him. I realized Alexis had kicked him out of the bedroom to sleep alone. I felt horrible about being the cause of so much conflict.

As I entered the family room further I realized my brother wasn’t sleeping. His right hand was actively pumping up and down around his crotch. Although the blanket was covering him it was very obvious he was masturbating.

I should have simply gone back to bed but I was fascinated by what I saw. I continued to stare, watching him finish, hoping he wouldn’t catch me hiding in the shadows.

My brother’s movements quickened to a climax and I heard him give out a satisfied groan. He turned over into a quick sleep. As I watched him slumber I noticed the biggest smile I’d ever seen on his face in his entire life.

I snuck back upstairs thrilled with what I had seen. I’d never seen my brother masturbate or anyone for that matter, but I knew all males did. Still I felt sorry for him. Alexis was his girlfriend and lover. Why wasn’t she satisfying his male needs? Instead she was being cruel by denying him that which he held most dear.

It didn’t dawn on me until later that night, but weren’t men supposed to gratify themselves in front of a magazine or computer screen? My brother hadn’t used either. Whom was he fantasizing about? Alexis or me?

The curiosity simply would not leave my mind. Was it true what Alexis had accused him of? Was I really so gorgeous that I was turning on my own brother? I plotted for a way to know.

I bided my time for a day when Alexis would be gone and my brother would be home from work. I put on my sexiest bikini. It was a white thong with a top that tied around my back and neck. It just barely held me in. “You know big brother. The beach is rather crowded. I’m just going to sun bathe in the back yard. Care to join me?”

“SURE!!!” my brother answered a little too eagerly. “Ah hum. I mean, yeah. Sure. Whatever.” he corrected himself.

We lay on two tanning chairs out back. I tried lifting my legs I high as I could, wiggling my toes and constantly repositioning myself, never settling in the chair. Since Josh was wearing sunglasses it was impossible to notice if he was staring at me. Maybe that’s why he’d worn them. To conceal his hungry eyes.

This was no good. I had to get him to come closer. I started rubbing suntan lotion into my legs and on my massive cleavage. “Big brother? Oh big brother? Won’t you help me put this lotion on my back?”

Josh moved over to my chair and I rolled over into the doggy style position with my thong rump held high into the air. At first he spread the lotion on his hands and shyly wiped it on my back. “No, no that’s no good. You’ve got to massage it in thoroughly or else I’ll burn.”

My encouragement seemed to have worked. Now he was fully massaging me and savoring every feel he could cop. “Oh, oh, that’s it big brother. You’re hands are so strong. Especially the right one.” I moaned seductively.

“Now the rest of my back, please please big brother.” Still in the doggy style position I spread my legs wide so he could thoroughly caress my thonged butt and inner thighs. It felt wonderful. He worked up enough courage to take hold of both of my butt cheeks and massage them in a circular motion. First clockwise, then counter clockwise. I moaned and groaned in ecstasy the entire time.

After some time I rolled onto my back so he could more easily reach my calves and inner thighs which he adored. He slowly moved his hands up and down my stomach stopping short of my breasts every time.

“Can you massage my feet?” I asked seductively. My brother took great pleasure in feasting his hand on them as well. He worked himself in between my toes and over the balls of my feet.

At this point I had worked up enough courage to unwrap my breasts leaving them bare for him to admire the mountains of flesh and plastic before him. “I need you to massage the lotion into all of me.” He picked up the almost empty bottle of lotion and approached my breasts.

Then he froze in overwhelming fear. “I’m sorry. This was wrong. I’m so sorry.” he said and ran inside the house. I thought I caught a stream of tears running out of his sunglasses.

I didn’t peruse him. Instead I waited for the right time. Predictably Josh and Alexis had another screaming match that same night which left my poor brother sleeping alone on the couch. I was dressed for bed wearing only my white T shirt and panties. I kneeled by the couch staring into my brother’s bright blue eyes.

“Gemma. I’m sorry. What happened today was wrong. And it will never happen again.”

“Why is it wrong?” I asked playfully.

“Please Gemma. You’re too smart for that. You and I are brother and sister. It’s just not right. What happened today was…. Well it’s hard to explain. The male body just has certain feelings and certain needs. Sometimes its base instincts are triggered without thought. And when I stop and think I know it’s wrong no matter what my body says.” Tears were dropping off of his face and he was starting to sob as he said this.

“The reason you think it’s wrong is you think it’s bad to touch me, and that you’re hurting me. But I like being touched by you. You can touch me wherever and whenever you want. I want you to know that my body belongs to you and you alone completely. There’s nothing. Absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for you or to you.”

With that I took him by his hand and brought it to my right breast. “Go on. Touch me.” I had to force his fingers to caress by breast, still covered by the white T shirt. My brother massaged it all around playing with my hard nipple and lifting it from beneath to watch it bounce.

Meanwhile I maneuvered my hand underneath the blanket and into his boxers. I reached his hard organ and played with it and massaged it the best I could as an inexperienced virgin. We drowned in each other’s blue eyes and giggled like we were children again. My brother moaned. “Use your mouth it’s easier. Just don’t let your teeth touch it. And swallow. Please swallow. Alexis never swallows.” he instructed.

How difficult could it be? Even for a virgin? It would be just like sucking a popsicle. I moved my whole head underneath the blanket and wrapped my lips around him and sucked my brother dry.

I savored the delicious flavor of his nectar. When my head popped up from the blanket my brother looked like he was having a heart attack. His chest was convulsing and his whole body was writhing and gasping for breaths. “Oh oh oh. That’s, that’s the best blowjob I’ve ever received in my entire life.”

I blushed at the complement since over his 27 years my brother must have received oral sex from many girls. “Really? You’re not just saying that to be nice because I’m your sister?”

“Oh no I truly truly mean it.”

“What do you think made the difference.”

“This, this, may sound odd.” he said still gasping for air. “But I think it was your breast implants.”

“Really? But what would that have to do with the quality of my sucking talents?”

“Well see, big breasts really really turn me on especially yours. The way you’re so slender but so big up top. It turns me on so much that I get harder than I ever have before, ever. Thus a bigger climax.”

I didn’t sleep at all that night. The next day Josh took off from work, as I knew he would, so he and I could spend the day together. My brother brought me to a beautiful park filled with walking trails. We held hands as we talked about these new feelings that terrified us both.

“I’m scared too Josh. Who wouldn’t be, falling in love with their own brother? But I don’t want these feelings to end. You’re the perfect boyfriend for me. You could never hate me or lie to me. I’m your sister. Your natural instincts are to love me and protect me.”

“I don’t want these feelings to end either Gemma. While I must admit my instinctive attraction to you was merely physical, I’ve realized you’re much much more. To want you to share your new body with me and give me the sexual affections that a man’s body needs. You would never use your beautiful new body to hurt me and taunt me with frustrations. Even though we haven’t made love yet. I feel closer to you than any girl I’ve ever been with.”

“What can we do to make it work?”

“I’ll just have to go back home and break up with Alexis. We’ll tell mom and dad that this summer you found a local college here in California you like better. We’ll still keep your clothes in the guest bedroom, and everyone will simply think you’re living with me while you go to school.” he answered.

It all seemed so simple. There was no turning back and we knew just what we had to do. I spent the rest of the day outdoors until my brother called me on my cell phone to let me know that the smoke had cleared and Alexis was gone for good. He didn’t go into detail but when I got back to the house he had a black eye. No doubt Alexis was not happy about having to leave. But she didn’t work, cook, clean, or do anything. The only thing she did was trade sex for room and board, and apparently she wasn’t very good at it.

That night my brother and I undressed in the master bedroom. It would be fascinating sleeping every night naked in the same bed with the man I loved.

I’d never seen a naked man before and I adored my brother’s handsome body. I drank it all in without any shame as it seemed to flatter him. We lay on top of the silk comforter and entwined in each other’s arms caressing and exploring our nude bodies.

I lovingly stroked my brother’s manhood with both my hands, savoring the feel of his hot flesh. At the same time he maneuvered two of his fingers in between my legs and I writhed and moaned as he tickled me in a place I’d never been touched in all my life.

Of course my brother was fascinated by my breasts. He giggled like at a child on Christmas as he massaged and kissed them. He confessed to me that he’d always wanted a girlfriend with breast implants, it had always been a fantasy of his since he was a little boy, but he’d never been with one.

We made love in a variety of new positions Josh had never tried before. He loved any position that caused my massive jugs to bounce back and forth as he thrust in and out of me.

“I’m gonna cum.” my brother announced. He stood over me and ejaculated all over me breasts. I reached down to dish up the delicious thick white semen with my hands. Not a single drop was wasted.

My brother’s climax was hardly the end of our coupling. Josh eagerly returned to penetrating me in a whole new series of positions taking care never to thrust me into unconsciousness. He ejaculated four more times that same night. How many times I came that night I’ll never know.

Josh had amazed not only me but himself. He attributed his new found vigor to my breast implants. They gave him the stamina of a stallion. He assured me he’d never been so hard or gone so long as he had that night.

We spent literally the entire next day in bed just snuggling and cuddling together stunned by the realization that we would be enjoying the rest of our lives like this.

After I graduated from college we changed our names, got married and moved to a new town where no one knew we were brother and sister. We adopted and raised four wonderful children together.

Understandably our parents were devastated by our relationship and we went many years without speaking to them. But eventually they came to accept what was.

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    Lovely story and a bit simular to mine in that I have nine sisters and I was the only flat one Our brother was with five sister on each side of him He protected all of us through school and especially me because almost everyone called me a boy because of my flat chest

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