Carol's Sisters

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My name is Emily; I am 21 years old 6’0 195lbs and I live in Oregon, Ohio. I know what you’re thinking. I’m a bit on the heavy side and have some fat rolls. Truth be told, I am not at all fat, most of weight is located at the one thing that draws eyes my direction, my massive 38 FF breasts. They are all natural; I obviously got it from my mom’s side because my mom has KK breasts. My best friend, Carol who does not care that I get attention because of my breasts pulls up in her car, I was going to go over to her place to watch her dog while her and her boyfriend, Max go on vacation to Pittsburgh (I don’t know why, but that is just the Browns fan in me).

“Don’t worry about it Carol, I got it all under control, your basset hound will be fine with me, she loves me,” I say as we pull up to her house outside of Williston.

“Okay, call me if anything comes up okay,” she says as we hug and she pulls off to get her boyfriend.

I enter the house and her pureblooded basset hound, Nova greets me. I pet her and she runs over to her food dish and starts eating. I sit on the couch after putting my stuff in Carol’s room because she said I could use her bedroom while she is gone, “as long as I don’t throw a party on it” were her exact words. She don’t have to worry about it, I don’t have a boyfriend, just a lot guys who want to get in my pants because of my breasts. After awhile I get tired and I head off to Carol’s bedroom and I lay down just to relax some. Unknown to me, Carol’s 18 year old twin sisters April and Kelly walk in the front door. I drift off to sleep loving how Carol’s bed feels. I roll over on my side my breasts almost falling out of my red tank top. I awake about 15 minutes later and when I roll over on my back I look at the door and there stand the 5’8 blonde haired twins.

“Emily, what are you doing here and why are you in Carol’s bed?” I think Kelly asked, I can’t tell the two apart.

“Your sister asked me to watch Nova for her, and she said I could use her bed.” I tell them rolling my eyes, “What are you two doing here?

They look at each other like their plan was ruined then they look at me and one of them says “Well don’t tell Carol, but we were coming over here to fuck Max.”

I start laughing a bit as I sit up, “That’s pretty funny, and yet, sort of weird, why did you want to fuck him?”

“Because he is hot, rich and does not deserve Carol.”

I roll my eyes and get up off the bed, “Whatever you two, I’m going to go take a shower stick around if you want, or leave I don’t care.” I say grabbing my towel and heading to Carol’s bathroom just off the bedroom.

I get out of the shower still in the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. I get the weird feeling that the girls are still in the house but I don’t hear them. I step out of the bathroom and I am floored by what I see on Carol’s bed: The twins lying on the bed naked, they have perfect tans and 34 C breasts, they also appear to be cuddled with each other.

“Have a good shower Emily?” one of them asks.

I stand there frozen starting at them. I don’t know what to do, so I start to move towards my bags. When I get to where my bags are sitting I look down and my bags are not there. I look around for them but I don’t see them. As I stand there looking around, the twins get up and pull the towel off me. Before I could cover myself the girls push me on my back onto the bed, my massive breasts swing up and hit me in the face.

“Oh look at these Kelly,” April says as they get on the edge of the bed.

“Oh my these are so big” Kelly says reaching over squeezing my left breast leaning here head down and pulling my big half inch long nipple into her mouth.

I take a sharp breath in, and seeing this reaction April pulls my other nipple into her mouth. Both start sucking on my nipples and I feel them harden as they squeeze my breasts. I start moaning softly. What really turned me on was they pressed their faces hard into my breasts pressing them into my body.

“Oh, god, don’t stop,” I moan as I rest my hands on the back of their heads pressing them into me more, I let go a few minutes later when the girls start groaning wanting air.

The girls pull away from my breasts looking at me then at each other. I can barely see what they are doing because it is hard to see over my breasts when I am on my back. The next thing I know is I feel one of them slam two fingers in my pussy. I go to moan but the other one plants her lips on mine preventing me from moaning out loud. As I am making out with the one twin, I feel the other one move down against my body and slam her soft moist tongue along my pussy. I move the one I am making out with between my breasts and rub my tits on her body. As I am about close to cumming, the one licking my pussy stops and apparently starts lick her sister’s pussy because she starts moaning against my lips.

“Kelly, she is getting close to cumming shall we go ahead and do it?” April asks lying on top of her sister.

“Yes lets do it!” Kelly says and they both get off me, “You touch yourself we will give your ass such a beating you’ll never sit again.”

They leave and head down the hallway to I guess their room for when they come over to visit Carol. I sit up and grip the bed sheets to prevent myself from fucking myself with my fingers. While I wait for the twins to come back I keep thinking about what would Carol think if she came home and saw me like this. I look out the bedroom and I don’t see them, but then I hear one of them yell.

“Kelly get in here now!”

I get up off the bed and walk down the hall to the door and I stand in the doorway and I see them sitting on the bed in there but they are wearing red velvet robes. On the wall above the bed is a black box, and I see a medium sized orange box sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Come here Emily,” the both say patting the space in-between them.

I walk in and climb on the bed and place myself between the girls on the medium sized bed. The girls start to rub my tits roughly, which I love. I start to moan again as the girls lean there heads over and drag their tongues along my neck. Just as I was starting to get worked up again, the girls stop. They look at each other and nod and reach up to the black box above the bed and pull down long black cords. At the ends of each cord is a metal clamp.

“It is time for some real good fun now,” April says kissing my cheek.

Kelly grins as they attach each clamp to both my nipples and I feel a sharp pain on them then connect them together with another core, which they connect another wire that leads to another clamp, they attach that third clamp

“Owww, that hurts,” I go to pull them off but they pull my hands away.

“No, no touching them.” Kelly says reaching into the orange box pulling out two pairs of handcuffs.

April takes a pair and cuffs my hand to the one bedpost and Kelly cuffs my other hand to the other post. I wince in pain from the clamps, I watch as Kelly reaches up and turns a knob on the black box, the next thing I know I feel an electric pulse shoot through my breasts and down my body. My body stiffens up and starts to shake from by jolted.

“Oh her body reacts so nicely.” April says as Kelly and her stand up.

I look on, as I cannot say anything because I am so stiff as I am being shocked. The twins stand at the end of the bed and remove their robes and they are wearing each a 15 inch long 7-inch wide purple strap-on dildos. I can feel my pussy clinch as I squirt cum in a small stream. The girls giggle and April reaches over and turns the box off. I sigh in relief from being shocked.

“I believe she is ready” Kelly says running her hand along my legs.

April shakes her head, “No we have to make sure she is clean.”

Kelly nods and goes into their closet and comes out with a purple bag and a long hose, “Be right back.”
She leaves the room and April leans her head down and starts to suck on my nipples. She then snakes her hand down my body and starts playing with my clit. Oh these girls are so torturing me sexually that is for sure. April then starts kissing me. I kiss her back and I look at the doorway and see Kelly walk back in with the hose and the purple bag which was filled with something, looked like water, this bag was filled with a good 5 gallons of water. April stops kissing me and goes over and takes the large bag from Kelly.

“Is the tube ready Kelly?”

“Yep I got it all ready for you.”

Kelly sits on my breasts giving me a nice sight of her tight round ass. I then feel her lift my legs up with my hips exposing my ass to April. I feel April start to rub my asscheeks slowly, and then I feel a poke on my asshole and something being inserted in there. I start to fight it.

“No Emily you need to relax or it is going to hurt as it goes in.” Kelly says pushing her ass in my face, “Be a good girl and lick my asshole.”

I drive my tongue into her asshole as she grinds it against my face. I then feel the tube being pushed more and more inside of me. I then feel a slightly burning sensation which causes me to groan against Kelly’s ass. The burning pain is hot water being pumped into my bowels. I groan some more when I feel my body start to expand to make room for the water. To ease the pain I guess I lick Kelly’s ass hard, fast and deep causing her to moan in pleasure. A few minutes later I start to cramp up; I feel the tube pull out of me and something else being inserted in my ass. Kelly gets off of me her ass dripping wet with my saliva. I look down and I am shocked, my stomach and bowels have expanded to where I can see them from over my breasts.

“Oh she filled up good” April says smiling wrapping her arm around Kelly.

“Yes she does, how long do we leave her like this?” Kelly asks curiously.

“Oh for about 5 minutes and then we empty her and have fun.”

I groan from the cramps as the time starts to tick slowly. The girls though start to give my breasts some attention though so that helped a bit. The five minutes passed and the girls leave the room and come back with a bucket. Once again my legs and hips are lifted and the plug that was in my ass is pulled and the girls press on my stomach forcing the water out of my bowels which was a relief. Once most of the water is out of me the girls set the bucket away from the bed.

“Okay she is clean now time for the real fun.” Kelly says getting on the bed licking her lips.

“Yes, I know it is, I call her ass,” April says licking her lips also.
Before they do anything Kelly goes into the box and pulls out a red gag ball and straps it to my head and places the ball in my mouth. They both lift me up and April slides under me slamming the giant dildo she was wearing into my ass. I groan and scream against the gag ball but no use. Kelly then gets between my legs and starts fucking my pussy with her strap on.

“Oh god she is so loose now,” Kelly moans slamming into me as hard as she can, pulling on the cords that are attached to my nipples and clit.

“Oh yea her ass is so fucking good,” April growls biting along my body.

The two girls keep pounding into my body for another 15 minutes before I cum again rocketing more cum out of me all over Kelly. The girls pull out of me and grab these long black straps. I thought they were going to hit me with them, but it turns out they were using them to hold my body down to the bed, my legs, and torso. I look at them wondering what they were going to do to me now.

“Time to make sure any guy or girl who gets you naked sees who you belong to.” Kelly says and her and her sister go into the closet again.

They come out with a metal box each and sit down on stools they set next to the bed on either side of me. They open the boxes and there are tattoo guns. My eyes widen and I start shaking my head at them but they ignore me. They tattoo my breasts with “Kelly above my left nipple and “April” above my right one. They finish up and take the gag ball off me.

“Ouch, that hurts, I don’t want these tattoos,” I groan complaining.

“Oh don’t worry you’ll be fine, now you stay here and Kelly and I are going to go have rough wild sex on Carol’s bed.” April says as her and Kelly leave.

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