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This is a true story.

It was the middle of summer and my parents had gone camping in the trailer for five days. They had left my younger brother John, my younger sister Cami and myself home to keep an eye on the house and do some yard work while they were away. My brother was still in grade school, but sis and I were going to high school. Mom and dad had left on Thursday. It was now Saturday and I had invited my friend Wayne from high school over to watch some television and have a few drinks. My sister asked if she and her friend Annette could join us since my friend Wayne was coming over. They seemed to have a crush on Wayne because of the motorcycle he owned. He was cleaning it once at our house and they ended up doing it for him. I said sure since Annette was kind of hot looking and we had always gotten along well.

Wayne and I had given John five bucks to go over to his friends for the night. Being younger, he gladly accepted the money. There wasn’t much on the TV this night so the four of us ended up playing chess. Sort of a mini chess tournament you might say.The girls had refused to play what Wayne and I suggested which of course was strip poker. After a few drinks, we all started getting pretty sloshed. The chess matches were quickly disintegrating into laughing matches the more we played. Being two horny, teen aged guys, Wayne and I started talking privately about doing something “naughty” with the girls. Sis and her friend Annette were getting really pissed by now since we all were taking turns making the drinks. Nobody knew what the others were drinking and sometimes we challenged each other just to keep the other drinking more. It was obvious to me that none of us were used to drinking very much. I told Wayne that he could make out with Cami and I was to get Annette. He told me he had his eyes set on Annette since he would feel “weird” making out with my sister. Like I said, Annette was very hot. I told him I thought it was more weird for me to do anything with Cami. After Annette started feeling pretty dizzy, she wanted to leave. Wayne jumped at the chance to walk her home. Annette lived around the corner and a few blocks down. They said their goodbyes, but before they did, Cami told Wayne she wanted a good night kiss. He gave it to her. She gave him a big wet one as well as squeezing his ass and grinding against him. Annette gave me a big hug and a wet one also, but nothing serious. I had taken the opportunity to hold her close and feel her ass though. I had never done that. I badly wanted to take her home, but Wayne insisted. They left and Cami went straight to bed. Thinking I was more or less in charge of the house, I tried to clean up some of the mess. I did a half assed job and started thinking about sis in bed. She did have big tits and was at “that” horny age. I could tell she was horny because of the way she said goodbye to Wayne as he left. Sometimes she gushed all over him when he’d come over after school. Other days she would ask me when he was stopping by again. Anyway, I thought I might as well go to bed and jerk off. But I had to pass Cami’s room on the way to mine. She had left her door ajar. Actually I was surprised she made it to bed altogether. Then I thought, maybe a peak or two of her in bed would’t hurt. I slowly pushed the door open and there she was. Our house was hot most of the summer since it was an old two story home built many years ago. A blanket was covering most of her from her knees up to, and including her chest. But it was only a light blanket. The light of the moon was seeping in through the window that she forgot to pull the blind on. I could hear her breathing and thought she must be sleeping. Still wanting to see her naked, I went over and figured she had so much to drink that maybe I could pull the blanket down a little without her waking. I did. She didn’t move at all. I pulled it a little even more, nothing. Soon I had her naked and couldn’t believe my eyes. Her tits were oh so wonderful looking and and there in its full glory was her pussy staring me in the face. She was lying a little on her side, but I could still see her pubic hair glistening. I quickly went into the bathroom and showered pulling the door behind me, but couldn’t stop thinking abut her. I was getting very, very horny. After the shower, my hard-on pointed me back to her room. I went. I laid down beside her carefully and slowly. She moved a little, but not too much. Then she pulled the blanket back up to her chin. So now the blanket covered her shoulders and her breasts, but nothing else. Her hips and ass were still uncovered. I could still see her hairy cunt by the moonlight. I slowly placed my hand onto her stomach. Again she didn’t move. I slid it beneath the blanket up to find her breast. My cock was really getting stretched by now. I was shaking at what I was doing, but couldn’t stop even if I wanted to, and I didn’t. I was trying my best to keep from shaking, but the harder I tried, the more I trembled with the anticipation of what I could do. I decided it best to just lie there and try to jerk off with one hand on her nipple, the other on my member. She soon pushed my hand away from her tit. But she was still asleep. I placed it there again. This time with her nipple at the end of my fingertips. That lasted only a few seconds and again she pushed it away, but she still appeared to be sleeping. I thought one last try and then I’d leave and just be satisfied to jerk off in my room. I centred her nipple between my two fingertips and very gently rolled it a bit. I could feel her stomach tighten. Cami’s breathing was starting to deepen too. Aha I thought, this is what I wanted. I continued to roll her nipple lightly, occasionally brushing it against the tip of my index finger. I stuck my finger into my mouth to wet it. I then returned it to its former position. Cami was breathing heavy and my hand was gripping my cock tighter and tighter. I started to jerk off, except that only lasted until she let out a big sigh and spread her legs a little. My hand was still on her breast, but now I was getting a different idea. My hand moved from her tit down to her inner thigh. My right hand left my cock and now was sliding between the bed and her upper leg. I could feel her stomach heaving up and down with every breath now. I pushed my right hand further under her hoping to get my fingers free between her legs close to her crack. I wanted to find her cunt lips with them. My left hand had already found her soft and tightly curled pubic hair. I brushed it lightly at first, but then couldn’t help but start exploring further for the treasure it concealed. My fingertips searched and then finally were successful. I had found her swollen mound. But what if Cami woke up I kept thinking? What if she threatened to tell Mom and Dad? It was here that I knew I was at the point of no return. I had no thoughts of turning back now. None. Booze had clouded my thinking and I didn’t care that this was a sister. Sure I had visions of Cami before. I had seen her in swimsuits showing most of her body. Once I had even caught her reflection in a mirror doing up her bathing suit top in another room through a doorway. But that was a few years ago. She had gone from having a set of small, perky tits to a set of nuts any girl would be proud of. Cami had ample breasts for sure. Whenever she wore her bikini, her nipples were begging to be fondled. No longer was Cami my skinny kid sister who my friends and I would make fun of. She had grown into a well formed, young woman.

My fingertips came upon some moisture now and I knew what was coming next. My middle finger stoked her lips delicately, half expecting some kind of response, but not knowing what kind. Then it came. She spread her legs open wider yet. Her love juices were flowing heavily and my middle finger had no trouble entering her most of the way. I had thrust it deep inside her quite by accident really. Her canal was very moist and warm. I quickly pulled it back out fearing the worst. My fear was unfounded. She whimpered some as though she was trying to tell me what I needed to hear. I continued to push it back into its glorious hole. I still had no definite indication about whether she was awake. Could a girl really sleep through this? After all she was pretty drunk. I remember reading about finger fucking a girl, but never had the opportunity before. Usually girls hadn’t let me touch them there, not with my hands anyway. I had gone down on a girl only once before. But most of my sexual experiences had been some foreplay, and then just fucking a girl and that was it. I had read that two fingers is better than one and three is best. My second digit made its way inside her. I pulled her left leg away from her right a little more with my right hand causing her lips to part even more. There was no resistance. In fact, just the opposite. Her body was quite willing to do my bidding it seemed. I had two fingers deep within my sister and she was still sleeping, or was she ? I was trembling something awful. If she wasn’t sleeping ( or passed out), she was doing a good job of making me think she was. My fingers were thrusting up and down her slot. Slowly and with rhythm I kept it up. Her breathing was getting much heavier now and so was mine. She started writhing a bit and was moving her head from side to side sometimes. Not too quickly, but slowly. Damn this felt so good. The sound of my fingers sliding in and out of my sisters cunt was amazing. I lay my head on her chest and flicked her tit with my tongue. It was then that I learned for certain she was awake. Her hand had been touching my cock now and again, but it was happening too often to be accidental. Then without warning Cami started arching her back and heaving. She placed her hand on mine, pressing my fingers down hard and deep. Her eyes opened and I could see her glossy eyes. her mouth was now wide open gasping for air. All of a sudden she moaned “harder, faster, FASTER”. My fingers were deep inside her now. As deep as they could go. If ever there was a time when I wanted longer, thicker fingers, this was it. I had no idea this would be such a warm, no, HOT place I kept thinking. My fingers were like a jack hammer now going faster and faster, trying to keep up to her demands. I was just starting move the tip of my third finger into place when her body started twisting and thrashing uncontrollably. Both her hands were now forcing mine deeper into her. She was moaning more loudly now and I knew the neighbors probably could hear us. I had forgotten the windows were open because of the hot weather we had been having. I didn’t pause for a moment and continued on. I had never seen a woman have such an orgasm as Cami was having before. Her pussy lips clasped my fingers and them squeezed for all the were worth. My mouth had switched to sucking on her tit. I was sucking and flicking her nipple as hard as I could. And it was wonderful. She let out a loud scream while gasping for air. She finished her climax, fell back and laid there beside me with both of us enjoying the moment. I wasn’t sure what was coming next. I licked my fingers clean of her sweet juices. She tasted so very, very sweet. I absolutely loved the taste of woman. I had to savor this moment, since it may be my last with her. Cami then rolled over, gave me a hug, kissed me on my cheek and whispered in my ear.

But I’ll save that for later.

Till next time.


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