Christmas Break

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A young college man named Josh, was home for Christmas Break. Josh and his sister Jamie have always been really close. She was really growing up. She is now a freshman in high school. She is also starting to fill out. She has a nice firm ass with nice tits, about 36D. Josh is home and really starts to notice his sister. This really turns him on, but he doesn’t know why? He has never felt this way about her before. Well that night their mother went to work and they were left at home alone. Well Josh thought what the hell and went and picked up a 12 pack of beers. He came back and noticed his sister sitting on the couch. She was wearing some baggy sweats, with a tight tank top. You could see her bright red bra through the tank top. Well they decided to watch a movie so Jamie got up to put a movie in, and she bent over to grab it, and her matching red thong was visible. This really turned Josh on. He tried to hide his huge errection in his pants. Josh got and idea, what if he got her drunk. So he offered her a beer, then another,and another. Finally she was pretty wasted and Josh asked her if she had ever thought about him in a sexual manor, she said no. Well he said that she was very beautiful. She started smiling and he asked her to take off her shirt, she was hesitant, but Josh reached over and helper her out. She looked so good Josh couldn’t take anymore, so he ripped off her sweat pants. She was now only in her thong and matching bra. Josh told her to get on her knees, she was really scared. He unzipped his pants, ouot popped a 10 inch errection and told her to suck it, she was scared she had never done it before. But he slammed her head down and she sucked it like a champ, she swallowed all his cum up. Then Josh threw her on the floorand sucked on her firm tits and then he made his way down to her untouched box. He licked and sucked on her swullen clit. She strated cumming and he slammed his cock in her virgin pussy. She was screaming for him to stop, but he didn’t. He just slammed that pussy as hard as he could, then he rolled her over and stuck it in her ass. She was screaming but he didn’t care he came in her ass. After he was done, he ripped her clothes and took a shower with her. He washed all her parts. She started getting aroused and decided she would take control this time. She pushed her brother out of the shower, and said she had an idea!! She wanted to dress him in her clothes. She wanted him in a thong with a matching bra. Then she wanted to put make up on him. He said hell no, she said what do you think mom will say about earlier. So with no choice he agreed. She picked out an outfit for him, and he put it on. Then they had some more fun. But this is another story!!!!!! Merry Christmas

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