cousins in love.

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this story took place 3 weeks ago when my cousin and i went out for a spin in my mustang. we started talking about how we were both still virgens and we really wanted to loose it. now me being the perverted male that i am i am i told her that she is very beautiful round tits and nice soft skin. at that point i started to rub her leg. she didn’t move away so i took that as a sing to kiss her. we broke the kiss and went back to my place with sex on our minds. we thought about going to my rom but i remembered that my parents and i share a wall. and thats when i saw the pool house. we were kissing the whole way to the pool house. i swung the doors open and through her to the couch.

we started to make out again when i started to rub up her leg to her panties. i was sroking out side her panties. her moaning was getting louder and louder. i took her top off and there they were. her tits. not so big not so small. just the perfect size for me to get a fist full.

at this point i was rock hard. my penis was pushing against her leg. and her moving herleg didn’t help either. i started to suck her nipples in turn. her moaning was even louder. i thought my parents would hear her but i didn’t care as long as i got some of that tight pussy.

she whispered in my ear “please please eat me please” and i did as i ordered. i hoovered over her pussy just so she could feel my breath on her pussy. she then pushed my head down to her pussy and yelled for me to eat her.

her body shook around my face. and her jucie ran in my mouth. the best tasting thing that i’ve ever tasted. as she was breathing heavy i riped her panties off and i tore my pants and underware off. i pushed the head of my cock through the opening. she then screamed in pain. i told her that i would take it easy for the time being. after a her hyem popped it soon turned to pleassure. she then had another orgasm and another and another. her last orgasm i lost it and shot my seed deep into her pussy.

this is my first time so please dont judge to harshly.

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  1. bigwoody

    used to do my cousin before she moved away, two years older but I had a great education. When I was nine we first started experminting. My longest relationship ever.

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