Daddy's Girl All The Way PART 2

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McKenzie looked at Daddy, never realizing how handsome he was, til this very moment.. he kissed her softly as the thunder roared outside… lightning flashed lighting up the whole room, but she didn’t care… Mckenzie .. her Daddy whispered, his hands roaming over her.. you neeed to do something for Daddy… Daddys cock is sooo hard baby.. it feels like it will burst if i dont get relief sooon… “how can you get relief Daddy?!” Mckenzie asked.. “you neeed to suck on it, just like you would a popsicle baby,, he moaned.. wiill you do that for Daddy? he moaned… anything for you Daddy, mckenzie answered… sliding down underneath the covers.. her Daddy lays back onto the pillows, arching and spreading his legs for his baby girl… mckenzie crawls between his legs.. takng Daddys big cock in her little hands.. “thats it her Daddy moans, play wth it baby, stroke it for Daddy”.. her lil hands slowly sliiiide up and down on it… and THEN.. theres a knock on the bedroom door…Mckenzie looks up in surprise, Daddy smiles, and says.. “come in Doug”.. the door opens and Mckenzie see’s her Uncle Doug walk into the room… hi ya squirt.. he smiles.. neeed help with that..? he walks over kneeling down beside her on the bed.. taking her hands in his.. continues stroking Daddys cock for just a minute, then.. he gently pushes her head down onto it.. now suck.. he says.. as she feeels him tugging at her panties…. Daddy lifts his hips.. makng his cock go deeeep into her lil mouth, she gags a lil.. easy baby… easy… her Daddy whispers.. as she feeels uncle Dougs tongue at her assss hole… then she hears another knock.. “come in Debbie” her Daddy says… the door opens and Aunt Debbie walks in.. in a black leather jump suit,. heeels.. and a big long… “is that a whip” in her hands??!! Mckenize begins to struggle.. tryin to get up.. but uncle Doug is too quick, he grabs her.. and handcuffs her hands….. then places a blindfold over her eyes.. everything goes dark& quiet……..

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