Daddy's Girl All The Way

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It was a cold,stormy night. Mckenzie, who had just turned 18 that day, was trembling under the covers.. she was terrified of storms, ever since the tornado last year.. Anyway, as she lay there trembling, her bedroom door opens slowly, and her Daddy peeeks his head in.. “Daddy, may i sleeep with you, pleaaaase, I’m so scared!”.. “I thought you would be, come on sweetheart” Mckenzie jumps out of bed, running into her Daddys strong protective arms.. Ohh shit sweetheart, you are trembling.. lets get you to bed” In her Daddys room she climbs into his big King size bed, her lil baby doll night gown slipping up, showing her pink panties.. she doesn’t notice BUT Daddy does.. He quickly takes off his robe, showing her that he was naked underneath,, she gasp “Daddy”! “Ohh don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll be under the covers and you won’t be able to see… besides Daddy isn’t comfortable sleeping in pjamas they;re too tight and he can hardly breathe..” Oh alright Daddy, long as i can’t see.. ” Her Daddy slides into bed, just as another LOUD clap of thunder pounds,.. she squeals.. DADDY!..He gently, but quickly pulls her closer to him, “shhhhh its ok sweetheart he whispers..Daddy is here.. His hand accidently brushes against her breast.. as he hugs her against his bear chest…. she doesn’t realize that his hand has slipped under her night gown,. and is rubbing her stomach.., her Daddy smiles, his lil girl is all grown up,, he’s been waiting for this night for ohhhh so long… she snuggles closer.. almost whimpering she’s so scared,.. {of the storm}.. he kisses her lightly on the forehhead. Mckenzie he whispers, Daddy would love to make you feel better.. he has something that will take your mind of this storm.. do you want it? HHmm,. mmm yes Daddy she whispers… anything to get my mind away from storm!! Her Daddy softly kissses her lips… Mmmmmm your taste sooo good sweetheart, he says,. as his hand slips into her panties… Daaaaddy? its ok sweetheart, just relax.. Your Daddy is gonna take good care of you!


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  1. MasterHank

    It has potential but don’t repeat everything or times By the second reading, my cock was going limp Need to spice it up and speed it up Detail is good but keep the story flowing

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