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Craig came home from work pissed off and frustrated.His boss had given him a good chewing out about his lacklaster sales quota for that month. All he wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. He turned on the shower and undressed he looked at himself in the mirror and smiled when he saw the hickey on his lower ab. He touched it and remembered Shelly, ahhh Shelly a sex kitten if ever there was one, blonde hair, big blue eyes, pouty lips, high cheekbones, a fit toned sleek curvy body that was not only beautiful in its sensual shape but was very flexible too, she was the only woman he ever met that could pull her legs way back on both sides of her ears and stay in that position. He remebered how he went down on her perfect little wet pussy, her sex aroma made him hard as hell. And when he fucked her in that position his dick had never been at such a depth and angle in any woman. As he was rembering he unconsciously was stroking his now super stiff dick, he looked and saw his pre-goo just starting to leave his cock slit.

He walked into the shower, big hard dick and started lathering himself up. He was startled when he felt two small warm soft hands feeling his chest, he felt breasts, full fat breasts on his back squished. He quickly turned and saw Shelly nude and looking tasty and horny. She smiled, “Hi honey..I thought you needed your back scrubbed and I have just the scrubbers to do that.” and she sensually squeezed her large breasts together and pulled them up to her mouth and stuck her tongue out and licked the tops of them.

Craig smiled and stroked his cock. She looked down at his cock and knelt she stopped squeezing her breasts together and instead got near his hard on and then squeezed her bosoms around his cock, they were so warm and full and firm he looked dowqn to see his cock head disappearing and reappearing up between her cleavage. Even thought the shower spray waswarm, her breasts were hot as they rubbed his dick up and down between them. She started kissing is head when it pushed up between them. As she did this he felt a new sensation, it felt like a furry pussy on his ass, a pussy with soft full lips and silky hairs massaging his bare ass. He felt behind him and held a handful of round feminine ass. “Hey who’s this?” he asked as he squeezed that ass cheek in his big palm. Shelly giggled and stopped touching him and playfully said, “Yeahhhhh..who is that?” A beautiful face appeared by the side of his body looking up at him a face just like Shelly’s the exact copy of hers.

“Oh it’s just me, Terry. I’m Shelly’s twin. We are inseperable and we love doing everything together!” as she said that she and Shelly pressed their nude wet bodies against Craig’s making him a horny flesh sandwich and he was the meat in between.

“Damn! Am I dreaming? Did I did and go to Heaven?” he asked as the two women gave him a full body humping with their bodies.

“No this is reality and hmm I think you could say you are just having a taste of Heaven on Earth.” Shelly said as she rubbed against him.

Craig just felt behind him with one hand feeling Terry’s sexy ass and then with his other hand he felt Shelly’s equally hard tight round ass. The two women purred like content kittens as he felt them and they writhed on him.

“Uh oh, I forgot a few things.” Shelly said, “I’ll be back in a second.” she pulled away from Craig and Terry immediately got to the front of him. She stood up close to him, she was tiny in stature just like Shelly so she turned her beautiful face up to look at him, he looked down, saw those liquid big blue eyes and those lips and he wanted to kiss her, give her his tongue to play with and suck on, he bent down and did just that. He was amazed she kissed exactly like Shelly, same rubbing around of her full lips around his lips while their tongues wiggled against each other. They kissed her long hair was wet and splayed on his body and hers.

“Hey you two, don’t have all the fun without me!” Shelly jokingly said as she pouted like a little girl. “I want to be included.” she took the things she had which were in a plastic bag, set them on the floor tiles and she got up in back of her sister putting her face on her shoulder. Craig immediately started Frenching her then moved into Terry’s mouth to French her, then back to Shelly’s they kissed like this while both women played with his cock and balls.

“Ohhhh Craig can we ask you a favor?” Shelly asked as she pulled away from her sister and him. “She pulled her sister back away from him too. Now they stood hip by hip in front of him. “Craig will you shave our pussies?”

Craig smiled and his dick leapt, he always wanted to shave a woman’s pussy until it was as nude and innocent looking as could be.

“Here’s the razor honey.” Shelly said as she retrieved it from the bag and handed it to him. “Mmmmm we need a good foaming up don’t you think?” she slyly smiled and shook the can got some in her hand and rubbed it on her sister’s pussy hairs, her sister held her hand out and she put the cream in there and Terry rubbed that on Shelly’s pussy hairs. Craig looked to see the hidden pussies covered on white foam.

Shelly grabbed the lower of two shower bars
behind her and pushed her pussy out to Craig, he started shaving her, watching those brownish blonde hairs and cream reveal new virgin skin underneath, as he did that he felt Terry rubbing and holding his cock, it had just been sticking up hard getting no attention so she needed to feel it. Before he knew it Terry was sucking his dick, he completely shaved Shelly and was rubbing her little bare pussy while Terry sucked him.

Shelly said, “Wait Terry don’t make him cum yet you need to be shaved.” So she relathered her sister’s pussy hairs and Craig expertly shaved her. The two twins stood side by side to let him admire their hairless pussies. “Turn around and bend over.” he said. They did as they were told, their shiny very white, round sexy bare asses wereaimed at him and underneath their identical bare pussies teased him with their erotic beauty and horniness for him. He smiled at that sight.

“Oay who gets my dick first?” heasked as he held his dick and rubbed it directly across the two sets of ass cheeks. “Who wants to be fucked first?” heasked as he wiggled his cock head on one bare pussy then the other.

“Both. You can fuck us both at the same time.” Shelly said and she moved over to her bag and pulled out a dildo. She got back by her sister and bent over. Craig immediately pushed that dildo into Terry and then pushed his dick into Shelly, in and out he fucked those two women, he wanted to cum but he didn’t because he wanted this hot experience to go on forever.

“I need to taste pussy. I want some sweet tangy pussy juice on my tongue.” Craig said as he fucked the two of them.

Shelly got up and went back to the lower shower bar she held it then she lifted her legs up and opened them and hooked her feet under the higher bar, she was spread open for him, delighting his eyes and cock.
“Terry bend over underneath me, so Craig can fuck your pussy while he licks my pussy.” Terry did and craig almost came seeing those two women positioned like that for him, they were somehow at the perfect heights for licking and fucking he only had to bend his knees slightly to get his dick in Terry and his mouth was even with Shelly’s pussy. He tongued Shelly’s wet tight beautiful newly hairless pussy while his dick fucked Terry’s hungry snatch. He flicked Shelly’s hard little clit until she orgasmed on his face and then he just pumpd the hell out of Terry’s pussy she moaned as his dick poked, prodded and pummeled her sore, bare, red puss. He yelled out, “Mother fucker!” and he grabbed Terry’s hips and pulled her tightly back against him, he never shot out so much cum in his life, her way over-fucked pussy just puckered feeling his big veiny dick shoot out his cum them rest deep inside her tight pussy. They all waited a few seconds composi
ng themselves and remembering all that just took place. Craig slowly remov
ed his cock from Terry’s tired but satisfied pussy and he gave a few more licks long sloippy tongue licks with a couple of pointy tongue prods on Shelly’s horny pussy. And he smiled and said, “Ahhhh twins is there anything better than that?” And suddenly he heard a voice, “Yes triplets are better!” he looked to see another exact replica of Shelly standing in the opening of the bathroom door. His eyes got big, his cock got happy and he smiled and said, “Ohhh yeah! Come on in!”

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