Ethan and Tommy

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I was confused and more than a little afraid as I opened the door to my home one afternoon. I heard sounds, faint at first, moaning sighing coming from the bedroom. I had been at work for many hours working on particullary heavy caseload at the law firm I am a junior partner at. I was bone tired and just wanted to go to bed. I dropped my briefcase, keys off on the side table by the door and headed for the sounds. My heart was thumping in my chest, my palms sweaty. As I inched my way up the stairs. No one should be here, I thought to myself. My husband, Ethan who is a cardiologist, also worked long hard hours at the hospital. Maybe it was his brother, Tommy, who was staying with us for awhile. The moaning grew louder as I reached the door, slowly I pushed it open… and froze in my tracks. My husband, Ethan, eyes closed, mouth slightly agape was pounding into the very willing ass of his brother. His. Own. Brother. One of Ethan’s hands was wrapped around his brother’s cock while the other gripped the headboard. Both men were moaning, sighing as they moved at a frenzied pace. I stood rooted to the spot unable to move not even make a sound as I watched them fuck. “Jesus, bro… give it to me!” Tommy sobbed. “O God Tommy.. I love you so much..” Ethan replied his voice so beautifully husky. It always got that way when he was extremely emotional. I must have made a sound because Ethan’s head whipped around in shock and surprise and he leapt from the bed. Wait.. please..” he started to say reaching towrds me, imploring me to hear him out. My heart was hurting so badly I felt as if I was dying. I turned and ran down the stairs, tears streaming down my face almost blinding me. I jerked open the front door and ran out into the night. I walked for hours it seemed, aimlessly. I was numb. My brain playing over and over the scene that had taken place between Ethan and his brother. Tired and still in a fog, I made my way back to the house. It was dark, except for a light in the kitchen. ( Cont.)

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