For Dad's Eyes Only

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For Dad’s Eyes Only

Sammi glanced up when there was a short rap on her partly closed bedroom door. She knew it must be her dad; mainly because there wasn’t anyone else in the house, unless someone had snuck in. As she had expected it was her dad, he was standing just outside of her room.
“Sammi, can I speak with you?” He asked in his usual gruff sounding tone.
“Sure Daddy come on in,” Sammi said cheerfully.
“I understand you’re going out tonight,” he said as he stepped into her room.
“Yeah,” she said with a smile, “Tommy and me are going out. See a show.”
Tommy was her current boyfriend; he was fun to be with but she already knew there was nothing serious about it. They had known each other since grade school and then during their last year of high school they had started dating.
“Okay well I just want to remind you that you are expected to be home by midnight,” he said with a slow nod and a slightly raised eye brow.
Oh daddy,” she said with a disgusted huff. She tossed her hands in the air, saying, “I’m eighteen and I still have a curfew!”
“As long as you’re living in this house you’ll obey my rules,” he said calmly, folding his arms across his chest and Sammi knew he was not going to discuss it any further. It was stupid, she was eighteen years old and she still had to be in by midnight. It was such an embarrassment. A totally stupid rule if there ever was one; she was a big girl now why didn’t they treat her like one?
While she may have been of legal age she knew that she really didn’t look as old as she was. Sammi was on the short side, just over five two and tipped the scales at a whooping one hundred pounds even. She had ash brown hair that she wore short, collar length. The rest of her figure really didn’t help dispel the image that she was a lot younger; she was a little on the thin side and while she wasn’t exactly flat-chested she sure didn’t have an impressive rack. Her breasts, nice and perky were barely C-cup. She had a feeling that she was going to be showing her ID a lot just to prove she was of legal age.
Realizing that arguing with him was useless she sighed and nodded her head, saying, “Okay.”
“That’s good,” he said with a soft chuckle apparently sensing her dismay and grateful she had decided to not argue about it. He nodded at her asking, “I hope you’re planning to wear a little more then just that?”
“Why what’s wrong with this?” She asked as she cocked her head to one side and placed her hands on her hips. Sammi was currently only wearing a bra and matching panties. The bra was sheer flesh-toned and she knew that the outline of her nipples was clearly visible through the sheer material as was the thin strip of pubic hair at her snatch.
“Well let’s just say that I think it’s showing a little more then I think you should,” her father said as he slowly ran his eyes up and down her figure.
“So?” Sammi asked with an impish grin as she maintained her pose. She tossed her head back slightly asking, “Don’t you think Tommy would like it?”
“If he doesn’t there is definitely something wrong with the boy,” her dad said with a laugh and shake of his head. He nodded at her saying, “And I don’t think it would be wise to be showing so much while in public.”
“Why not?”
“Because someone would probably complain.”
“Would you?” Sammi asked raising an eyebrow ever so slightly to emphasis her curiosity.
He paused to grip his chin between his thumb and index finger and then slowly said, “Any male out there that wouldn’t like such a show would either have to blind, gay or dead.”
Sammi smiled broadly and stepped over to him and gave him a hug saying, “Thanks daddy that’s sweet.”
Sammi sighed longingly when her father slipped his arms around her and hugged her back. She was also thrilled when she felt his hard cock pressing against her through his pants. She was impressed by how big it felt. She had seen a few cocks, she was no virgin, but they had all been the cocks of guys her age or just a year or two older. She had never seen a mature man’s cock. Not knowing why and doing it very quickly she rubbed herself against him enjoying the hard bulge against her and then stepped back. As she did she quickly glanced down at his crotch, smiling softly at the noticeable bulge there.
“Now I hope I’m safe in assuming you will be wearing a little more then just that?” He said in a somewhat rushed tone.
Deciding to tease her father as much as she could and finding the whole idea wickedly exciting. She made a pirouette asking, “Why. My black bikini is even less then this.”
The little black bikini, which her mother absolutely hated her wearing and made sure she informed her of it every time she wore it. Her parents, mainly her mother, had said she could not wear that to the pool. She could wear it around the house, when she was sun bathing out back nut nowhere else and not if they had visitors.
“Well yes it doesn’t cover as much skin as that does,” he said with a slow nod, “But it also doesn’t show off as much as you are showing now.”
“I guess you don’t like me doing that?” She asked as she tipped one hip higher and rested her arm on it.
“I know your mother would not like it at all,” he said with a laugh.
“But what about you?”
“Well…I don’t think I would like you going out in public like that,” he said slowly. She was thrilled to see that he wasn’t exactly averting his eyes and in fact it looked like he was closely eyeing her, which added to her excitement. He nodded at her saying, “If I was Tommy and you were dressed like that…”
“What?” She asked cocking her head to side.
“I would definitely need a cold shower,” he said with a grin.
“That doesn’t sound like fun,” she replied with an impish smile. She batted her eyes adding, “Besides what kind of a date would that be if he just wanted to take a cold shower?”
“Well if you showed up dressed like that and I was Tommy there wouldn’t be much of a date. Cold shower or not.”
“What’d’ya mean daddy?”
“Young lady,” he said with a slow shake of his heads. He forced a quick laugh and then said, “If any girl showed up dressed like you are right now. Well there’s about just one thing that’s going to happen.”
“And what’s that?” Sammi asked playfully. She was totally enjoying this game they were playing; getting her dad flustered and also aroused. But apparently he wasn’t too fluster to end the questioning and not wanting to end his view of her.
Her father stepped closer and gestured at her sheer panties saying, “Unless they’re sticking money in those then they’re wanting to get them off of you.”
“Uh I’d like to have someone sticking money in my clothes,” she said with a giggle.
“Not while you’re living in this house young lady,” he said in a stern tone, “And not while I’m still alive either.”
“But I’d be earning money,” she said maintaining her impish grin. She folded her arms across her front adding, “That way you wouldn’t have to give me an allowance any more.”
“I don’t think so young lady,” he said with a definite shake of his head. He again gestured at her panties saying, “No one and I mean no one better be sticking anything in there.”
“Not even a hand?” She asked coyly, turning her head slightly.
“Has anyone?” He asked and by his tone Sammi sensed he already knew the answer.
“A couple of guys,” she said with a quick nod.
“I see,” he said slowly nodding his head. There was a brief silence and then he said, “Well better not let your mom know. She would probably have your grounded for the rest of your life.”
“Probably,” Sammi said with a quick giggle.
“And I’d suggest you not let your mother see you dressed like that,” he said with a quick nod at her. He shook his head with a grim look saying, “She’d probably have a total conniption fit if she knew you were wearing that.”
“I could take if off,” Sammi suggested quietly.
“Well if you did you wouldn’t be showing anything more than you are right now,” he said as he slowly ran his eyes up and down her figure.
“So are you saying that I really don’t need to wear anything?” Sammi asked raising an eyebrow slightly as she placed her fists on her hips.
“I didn’t say that,” he said with a quick laugh as he waved his finger. He gestured at her saying, “I definitely want you to be wearing a lot more than just that. I’m just saying what you currently have on is showing just about everything you have to offer a boy.”
Sammi was surprised and yet also becoming excited by the way the conversation was going. Her father didn’t seem uneasy or embarrassed by their talk and even seemed to be enjoying it. She was finding it wickedly exciting having her dad standing there checking out her body and complimenting her about her it. And from the brief feel she had gotten of his crotch when she hugged him it seemed he liked what he was seeing. She wasn’t too sure and really didn’t care if her parents were still intimate or not; she rather suspected they were not having sex or at least not very often. Well if that was the case, that her dad wasn’t getting any from her mom then maybe that’s why he was letting this conversation continue; he was enjoying the show since he wasn’t getting any from mom. She wondered if he was going to get some from her tonight as a result of their talk.
“While your package looks very nice and I’m sure any normal red blooded male would enjoy it,” he said with a confirming nod, “I would prefer that you kept a little bit of mystery about what’s under your clothes.”
“So should I wear a parka?” Sammi asked with a playfully frown.
“Not in this weather,” he said with a laugh. He cocked his head to one side as he gazed at her saying, “Just a little more coverage would be better.”
Turning and moving over to her dresser she leaned forward and pulled the top drawer out. She looked back over her shoulder after she had and was pleased to see that her dad was looking at her small, partly covered ass. Pulling out another one of her sheer bras she turned towards him and asked as she held it up, “What about this one? Would this be better?”
He frowned for a moment as he studied the sheer garment and then finally said, “I really can’t say. It looks just as revealing as what you have on right now.”
“Well I could put it on and let you see,” Sammi said with a casual wave of her hand.
“If that’s what you want,” he answered with a shrug of his shoulders. He folded his arms across his front watching her.
Sammi smiled, sensing his silent approval and desire for her to do it. She briefly wondered if was just a dare; to see just how far she would be willing to go. But that was stupid, she told herself, why he would want to tempt her? No, she sensed he wanted her to do it.
Sammi laid the lacy garment on the top of her dresser and then arched her back as she reached up behind herself. She fumbled briefly with the small clasp on her bra. She drew the ends of her bra around and allowed the straps to slip off her shoulders and uncovered the upper half of her pert breasts. She was smiling softly as she watched her father; he was watching her, his eyes resting on her mounds. She was surprised at just how aroused she was becoming. While she had been naked before with a couple of males this was altogether different. It was both wrong and yet so incredibly exciting.
Hoping she appeared casual she drew the sheer garment off, uncovering her tits. She lightly tossed it over towards her bed very alert to her father’s stare on her bare titties. She realized that he was enjoying the show; obviously if he had objected to this he would have stopped it by now. Also she knew that it hadn’t been some kind of dare to see just how far she would go before she chickened out.
Avoiding looking at him, Sammi slipped her arms through the straps of the bra she had selected. She quickly slid the straps up onto her shoulders and then taking hold of the ends around behind herself. She fastened the small clasp and then looking over at her father she held her arms out asking, “Is this any better?”
Sammi was thrilled when she saw her dad’s eyes drop to her breasts and remained there. She was so excited at the way he openly looked at her mounds. It was obvious he wasn’t discretely looking away or was trying to look at them with a side-long glance but was closely examining them. He frowned slightly as he looked at her chest, his lips in a thoughtful mild pucker.
“Well to be honest it looks like you’re still showing just as much as the other one was,” he said with a slow shake of his head.
Sammi frowned playfully and let out a faked impatient sigh. Maintaining her playful pout she again reached behind herself to undo the small clasp. As she pulled her bra off she said, “Well I have some others you can see and decide.”
“I hope your date isn’t going to be seeing as much as I’ve been seeing,” he said in a jovial manner. Sammi tossed the bra over towards where her first one was laying and turned back to the dresser drawer. As she did her father said, “And let’s not forget those panties you’re wearing. You’re leaving nothing to the imagination with those.”
“Okay,” Sammi answered with a giggle. He had just said without saying so that he wanted her to strip naked and while he watched. She hoped she didn’t appear as eager as she felt; she hoped they could continue this little show for as long as possible. She tried to remember just how long her mom had said she was going to be away; she most definitely would not have approved of this little demonstration.
Grabbing a pair of baby blue panties she let them dangle off her index finger and draped back over her shoulder as she looked at her father, asking, “What about these? Would these be okay?”
“I don’t know,” he said with a shrug, “I don’t know how you look in them.”
Turning towards him Sammi laid the panties over the front edge of the drawer. She then jammed her thumbs inside the waistband of the sheer panties she was wearing. She paused for a heartbeat and then shoved them down past her hips. Carefully she balanced on one foot and raised the other so she could slip the panties off and then did the same on the opposite leg. She straightened and deliberately hesitated as she straightened the panties that she had just removed and then tossed them over towards her bed. She then grabbed the new pair of panties and held them up slightly as if to inspect them. Actually she was allowing her dad the chance to view her now totally uncovered pussy; she swore she could feel his hot stare on her snatch.
Leaning forward slightly and raising one foot Sammi slipped the panties on and then put her foot back down. She raised her other foot and worked her panties on and then as she straightened again pulled the garment up her legs. She carefully ran her fingertips along the waistband of the panties and then looked over at her father.
“Well?” She asked as she tipped one hip up and held her arms out.
“That’s a lot better,” he said with a definite nod.
Turning around so her back was facing him she asked as she looked back over her shoulder, “Don’t think mom would object?”
He dropped his eyes to her small, round ass and let it linger there for a long moment and then said, “Well if she doesn’t see it she can’t say anything.”
The panties she was wearing were as close to a thong as her mom would let her wear; a good two thirds of her ass cheeks were uncovered. Sammi giggled quickly and remained standing with her back towards her dad for a little longer allowing him to look at her butt. She thought it was funny, but she really wouldn’t have been all that surprised if her mom did inspect the lingerie she was wearing. She was so strict about the clothing she could wear.
“Now what about the upper part?” He asked with a nod as she turned back around.
“What if I wore a heavy top?” Sammi asked pretending to think. She raised her eyebrows as she said, “Maybe mom wouldn’t notice.”
“Oh I’m sure she would,” he said slowly giving her a definite nod. He smiled slightly as he added, “And I would like there to be something more. Just in case.”
“Just in case what?” She asked with a soft giggle.
“Well I want Tommy or any guy for that matter to not have such easy access.”
“Want ‘em to work for it?” She asked with a feigned serious expression.
“I’d like him to have earned it,” he said with a firm nod.
Sammi turned to the drawer again and pulled out another bra and held it up for his view. She turned and held it in front of herself by the straps and asked, “How about this one?”
The garment she was holding was another sheer flesh toned bra but not as sheer as the other ones she had presented. Her dad simply shrugged noncommittally and Sammi hastily slipped it on. She fastened it and then, placing her hands on her hips asked, “Well?”
Sammi knew that, while it wasn’t as sheer as the other ones, the outline of her nipples were still slightly visible through the material. Her dad looked at her breasts for a moment and then with a playful frown shrugged his shoulders.
“Oh come on daddy,” she said in a playfully upset voice as she tossed her hands in the air. She walked over to him and asked, “Just what would be okay?”
Looking down at her as she stood in front of him he slowly said, “Well young lady I would prefer that you have more clothes on then you do right now. And what you have on underneath those clothes at least keep some of your secrets, secret.”
As he spoke he brought his hand up and lightly touched the end of his index finger to the smooth skin of her upper chest. Sammi looked down at his finger as he continued to speak, “While I’m not going to be as strict as your mother I still want you to dress nicely.”
Sammi barely heard what he was saying; she was more entranced by the touch of his finger and its slow movement over her chest. Slowly he moved his finger along her pale smooth skin as he said, “I don’t mind if you want to dress…well appealingly but I don’t want you being too appealing. Leave some mystery. Even if he’s seeing this much of you.”
Sammi was breathing a little heavier as her dad slid his finger over along the gentle swell of her upper breast. He touched the strap of her bra and turning his finger he hooked it underneath the strap. She held her breath as he slowly worked the strap over.
“Even if he’s seeing this much of you it would be a good idea to keep the mystery. No sense showing everything. But if he’s gotten you this far undressed I guess the mystery is pretty while over and it’s mainly time for the main event.”
The strap on her bra slipped off her shoulder and to her growing delight he began to move his finger down along the strap. His light touch to the smooth skin of her upper breast felt wonderful; she almost felt light-headed and weak-kneed.
The suddenly ringing of the phone made them both flinch and groaned disappointedly. Her dad frowned as he pulled his hand away and turned to leave. Frustrated Sammi stood there watching him leave. She wanted to suggest he just let it ring; she really wanted to beg him to continue what he was just starting. She had no idea if he would come back and continue their little inspection after the call or not. She most definitely wanted him to return and continue and hopefully finish what he had started. A smile tipped the ends of her lisp as she decided to present another ensemble for him to consider.
A few minutes later Sammi carefully stepped from her bedroom into the hallway. She knew that her dad had finished talking on the phone a short time ago. She had eagerly waited for him to return, listening and tracking his movements by his footsteps. To her disappointment he had passed by her bedroom door and instead went to the master bedroom. She saw that the door was partly closed and she assumed she knew what he was doing. Padding quickly down the hall to the door she paused for a moment to take a deep breath.
“Hey daddy would this be okay to wear?” She asked as she pushed opened the door and walked in.
Sammi was thrilled to see that she was right about what she thought her dad was doing. He was lying on the bed with his pants open and his stiff cock in his hand. To her growing excitement he didn’t act upset or embarrassed, telling her to knock or to leave. He lay there, still gripping his cock as she walked in towards the bed.
“Where in the world did you get that?” He asked in a rather surprised tone; not an angry interest.
“Oh Aunt Tina got it for me when she took me out shopping at my last birthday,” Sammi said as she reached the side of the bed. She gestured at her outfit asking, “Do you like it?”
Sammi had never shown her mother the things that her aunt had helped her get. Her mom and aunt just didn’t have the same tastes when it came to clothing, among a lot of other things. Sammi was wearing a sheer black bra with matching bikini cut panties, black stockings and a garter belt. The dark circles of her nipples were visible through the material of her bra. Sammi made a slow circle to reveal that the panties were thong cut and her small ass cheeks were completely uncovered. Her aunt had also helped her pick up the matching black heels she had on.
“Very, very nice,” he said as he ran his eyes up and down her figure. He shook his head and with a weak smile told her, “But you better never and I mean never let your mother see you in that.”
“Oh I know that,” she answered with an understanding laugh. She then moved over and sat down on the edge of the bed, she allowed her eyes to move to his stiff cock asking, “But you like it though.”
“Very, very much,” he replied in a husky whisper.
“I could tell,” she responded in a soft voice.
Keeping her eyes trained on his cock Sammi reached over and brushed his hand from it. Her dad made no objection when she did, moving his hand away so she could take hold of it. She looked up at him as she gripped his shaft and began to slide her hand along its length. She smiled when he groaned longingly as she moved her hand along it.
Sammi suddenly released his cock and quickly reached behind herself. She fumbled briefly with the small clasp on the back of her bra before releasing it. She then quickly pulled her bra off and as she did she said, “Since you’ve already seen everything. I guess there’s no reason to keep it all covered.”
“I agree,” he said as he reached up and placed his hand on her bare breast.
Sammi sighed longingly as she took hold of his shaft and began to slide her hand along it again. He rubbed her nipple as she moved her hand up and down his stiff cock. After a few seconds he moved his hand from her breast and slid it down along her stomach. Sammi shifted as best she could when he moved his hand down her abdomen and to her crotch. He was able to worm his fingers inside the leg band of her panties and slide them into her wet pussy. While she eagerly pumped his stiff cock he worked his fingers in and out of her pussy.
She groaned deep in her throat as she excitedly moved her hand along his shaft; well if mommy wasn’t going to take care of him she would be quite happy too. She hoped that they could have some more examinations; she would be quite happy to show off for him if he wanted her to. And she had a hunch that he would be very willing to.
Later that evening when Tommy honked his horn to let her know he was there Sammi called as she headed for the front door, “I’m going!”
“Don’t forget what I said,” her dad said from the living room where he was seated apparently watching TV. Sammi paused and stepped over to the entrance to the living room, she saw that her mother wasn’t in the room.
“Hey daddy is this okay?” Sammi asked as she raised her blouse to her neck and revealed that she was wearing a simple, plain white bra.
“That’s a lot better,” he said with a smile and slow nod.
“At least for Tommy,” she said with a sly smile as she lowered her top.

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