Forbidden Fruit

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My sister and I were always close growing up. She was 2 years younger than I and we spent alot of time together. As we got older,
and she started to date, she would always come to me for advice. As usual, we both got older, moved away, got married and had children.
We were both in our thirty’s now, and I hadn’t seen my sister in over a year. The last time I saw her was at a family function.
She had gained some weight, like myself of course, but she was still an attractive woman. I had gotten divorced during the year and my
sex life was almost non-existent.
I had never thought of my sister in a sexual way till that day. Here I was sitting on the couch in my Mom’s house watching my
sister as she walked around speaking to the people at the party and chasing after her young children. Kathy was wearing a short black
skirt that hugged her wide hips. The faint outline of her bikini panty’s visible. Her white silk blouse, the top few buttons undone, could
hardly contain her huge tits. Under the silky fabric of her blouse she wore a lacy white camisole, and her black stockings and heels
complimented her outfit. I felt myself getting hard looking at her and I quickly tried to put those thoughts out of my head. ” Stop you
sick fuck! That’s your sister!” I said to myself.
The party was over and everyone was saying thier goodbyes. Kathy came over to me and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek and pulled
me close for a hug. “It was great seeing you again Tim! I’ve missed you!” Kathy said to me. I held her in my arms, those huge soft pillows
of hers crushed between us, and a chill ran down my spine. Her musky perfume filled my nostrils and her long brown hair brushed
against my cheek. I was lost in the moment when Kathy pushed herself away from me saying, “Well have to go now, bye Tim.”
That was more than six months ago, thoughts of my sister, would pop into my head from time to time, but I quickly pushed them
from my mind. It was a mid-summer morning when I got “the” phone call. “Tim I just stopped by Mom’s and she’s not home. I should
have called first but I just had to get out of the house! Can I come over and talk?” I could tell she was upset, “What’s the matter, sis?”
I asked.” I’ll be there in a minute, I’ll tell you then.”
I only had time to throw on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt when the doorbell rang. Standing at my door was Kathy. It was
obvious she had been crying. Her eyes were bloodshot and her makeup smeared. She was wearing a short, light blue, summer dress
that buttoned down the front, and sandals. She had a golden tan and had her hair up off her shoulders. One thin strap of her dress had
fallen off her shoulder. She looked sexy as hell to me and she caught me staring at her. ” Can I come in?” she said, breaking her spell
over me. ” Of course! I’m sorry. What’s wrong Sis?” I asked as I followed her into my kitchen.
Kathy noticed a half empty bottle of red wine and my small stash of pot on my counter. ” Can I have some?” she asked.
” It’s still morning, and I usually save that for my date! But sure.” I said trying to lighten her mood. I poured her a glass of wine,
rolled up two joints and took a seat across from her at the table. We passed the first joint in silence, Kathy taking long hard drags
each time and she quickly finished her glass of wine. ” I think my husband is cheating on me Tim,” Kathy said as she got up to pour
herself another glass. ” I think he’s fucking our neighbors daughter, she’s always outside wearing something skimpy and talking to him.
I guess I shouldn’t complain, the yard looks great!” she said with a laugh. The pot and wine had changed the mood she had when she
walked in.
Kathy was now facing me, leaning against the counter. The strap of her sexy dress still hanging of her shoulder, her long tan legs
crossed, her eyes a little glazed from the wine and pot. Looking at her looking like that started my cock twitching, The recent thoughts
of how sexy she was came flooding back into my head. ” Give me a shotgun Tim,” Kathy asked, ” I haven’t done that in so long!”
” Sure” I said, lighting the second joint and walking over to where she was standing. I’m sure Kathy noticed my long hard cock making
a tent of my shorts as I stepped in close to her. I blew a long steady stream of smoke into her open mouth as she closed her eyes and
sucked it in. I watched her big tits rise, pulling the thin material of her dress tight. I was straring down the front of my sisters dress,
the familiar scent of her pefume filling my nose .I hadn’t seen Kathy had opened her eyes and was watching me. ” You think I’m
sexy right Tim? I know I’ve gained some weight, but I’m still sexy right?” my sister asked me. ” Your Beautiful Sis,” I told her.
” Your my brother, of course your going to say that, but as a man, do you think I’m sexy?”
I could feel my warm hard cock growing against my belly now. I put my hands on my sisters waist, pulling her to me. Holding her
against my body I leaned in a whispered in her ear. ” Since the party I haven’t stopped thinking of how sexy you are. Seeing you
in this dress today is making me crazy! You are so fucking “HOT!” Not knowing how my sister would react I stepped back a bit and
looked into her eyes, leaving my hands on her waist. Kathy diverted her eyes from mine, looking down at the floor. She couldn’t help
but notice my now rock hard cock pushing against my shorts. ” Oh my god! Tim! I didn’t know!” Kathy said as her hands went to my
chest gently pushing me away from her, but not really trying. ” We have to stop now Tim, this is so wrong! My God! Your my brother!”
I took my hands from my sisters waist, put one on her on her chin and the other on the one thin strap of dress over her shoulder.
Looking into her eyes, I slowly slid that strap down, my fingertip lightly tracing a line along the soft skin of her arm. I pulled her mouth
to mine and gently kissed her lips, ” I know it’s wrong, I love you, and your my sister, but I can’t help the way you make me feel!” Still
not knowing how far we were going to take this forbidden desire, I reached for the top button of her dress. As I started to unbuttoned
it Kathy put her hands on my wrists, but didn’t push me away. Her breathing was heavy now, her tits moving with each breath. ” Tim,
please don’t! We can’t do this! It’s so wrong!” The first button undone, I moved to the next, Kathy watching my hands expose herself
to me. At the third button Kathy’s dress fell to her elbows, exposing her huge tits to me. My sister was wearing a sheer, white, lacy bra
, her swollen nipples clearly visible. ” My God Your Beautiful!” I told her, and moved my hands to the next button. Her dress fell away
a little more, exposing her hips and belly to me. She was wearing matching panty’s but I could only see the waistband. One button left
but I wanted to tease her a bit. I pulled her hand from my wrist and traced a line slowly from her bellybutton up between her tits,
over her neck to her lips. I could see the goosebumps on her skin and a soft moan escaped her mouth. I moved my mouth to her neck,
kissed it softly and whispered in her ear, ” I want to see all of you! You are so Fucking hot right now!” “Oh my god Tim Please! We
can’t!” Kathy answered. I moved my mouth to hers and again kissed her lips softly. I traced the same line down to the last button and
undid it. I pulled Kathy’s arms straight down and the dress fell to her ankles.
I kissed my sister again, this time sliding my tongue along her closed lips. I felt her mouth open slightly and her tongue met mine.
It was at that moment Kathy opened herself to me, allowing me to take her to the dark forbiden place we both knew we were going to
explore. ” Kiss me Tim! I want you to! Please Kiss me!” Our arms went around each other, our mouths melted into one, our tongues
exploring each others warm wetness. The kiss continued as I picked Kathy up and carried her down the hall to my bedroom, her legs
wrapped tightly around my waist. I laid her gently down and moved to the foot of the bed to look at her. My sisters nipples were
straining to break through the thin sheer fabric of her bra, her belly rose and fell from her heavy breathing, and a small damp circle
had formed on her panty’s. My sisters plump pink lips were clearly showing themselves to me. I pulled my tshirt over my head and
pushed my shorts over my hips, finally exposing my body to my sisters eyes. ” Oh my God Tim what are we doing?” Kathy started to say
as I moved to the bed. ” Don’t say anything, just watch. Remember it’s our secret” I told her as I took hold of each of her ankles and
spread her legs a bit. ” Oh Fuck!” my sister said. I moved between my sisters thighs and ran my long hard cock over
the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. Moving up a bit further, I wrapped my fist around my cock and pulled it up and let my balls
slide over the silky covering of her pussy, the damp spot growing larger. I moved the tip of my cock along the fold of her pussy,
each time slightly harder, her lips inviting it in to her forbidden place, her hips lifting off the bed. I looked my sister in the eye and
without saying a word we both knew, she hooked a finger into her panty and pulled it to the side, exposing her self to me. She was giving
herself to me, wanting me to have her, to take her, to fuck her!
I placed just the purple bulb of my cock between her plump pussy lips. A deep moan escaped my sisters throat as I hooked my
arms over her knees and pulled her to me. Slowly my cock disappeared, Kathy’s eyes grew wide, then glazed over and closed. I had her
legs pulled wide, her pussy full hard of cock, my balls resting on her ass. I just held her there waiting for her to respond to my touch.
Kathy’s eyes opened and met mine, ” Fuck me Tim, Please Fuck me!” she whispered. I reached up and pulled her bra down over her
breasts, bent my head to them, and took a nipple in my mouth. Kathy pulled my head to her, feeding me her tit, ” Oh my god! Tim
this is so fucking hot! My pussy’s on fire! Please Fuck me now! I leaned in to kiss her again, our tongues sharing our wetness. Quickly
I grabbed Kathy by the waist and flipped her, Kathy laughed, “Nice move,” now on top of me. My cock never left it’s warm wet home.
” Show me, show me how much you want your brother to fuck you.” Kathy leaned down over me, her huge pillows against my chest, her
face next to my ear and started to ride my cock. ” Can you feel my pussy squeezing you? Can you feel how wet it is? How hot it is?”
Kathy said as she began riding me. ” I can feel your fat cock deep inside me! My pussy has never been so full! Fuck it feels so good!
Kathy’s hands were now on my chest, pulling at my nipples, I reached up and did the same to her. Kathy started to rock now, bouncing
up and down on my cock, riding me hard! “Oh Fuck! I’m cumming! Oh Fuck!” Kathy’s body shook wildly, her pussy milking me, her juices
flooding from her pussy, drenching my cock and pouring down over my balls.
I didn’t let my sister rest. I grabbed her big ass cheecks and started pounding her hard. ” Oh Fuck Tim Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!
Oh my God!” It didn’t take me long, my cock exploded! Pulse after pulse of cum shot from me, I never came as hard or as long. ” Oh
Fuck! I’m so full! Oh Tim I’ve never been fucked like that! My God!”
Kathy just laid still on top of me, her mouth by my ear, I could her her breathing. I kissed her again, gently holding her face in my
hands. ” You are so Fucking Hot Sis! Man, I wish we had done this sooner! Do you think we can do this again?” Kathy smiled at me and
said,” I thought you’d never ask!” as she kissed and licked her way down my belly…..
I knew then that we were going to continue to explore each other’s hidden, forbidden desires………

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