Forbidden Love

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Forbidden Love

My family was going on vacation. It was like a family reunion type vacation. The whole-complete family was going; approximately 450 people. We scheduled the whole cruise-line for this, three years in advance, 2 weeks, paid-up front. It was going to be fun. In between those three years, we lost 10 members. We used this time to remember the good times.

The second night, all the family was down in the ballroom dancing and the kids were in the kid’s area. I wanted to get away for a while. I strolled up to the deck. Holding on to the railing, I leaned over to look at the pretty water that we are going through, it was beautiful. In the background, I hear someone running tome and he reached me and said “It can’t be that bad?” I didn’t know what he was talking about. He said “Don’t jump.” I laughed and told him, “No, I was just looking. Isn’t it beautiful?” We both smiled. I leaned on the railing again looking down. We started talking, he started first. “You remember all them old stories dad use to tell when we were kids?” “Mine were probably different than yours since your seven years older than me. So, which ones?” “I always liked the fishing stories.” “Oh ya, I liked the one where he caught that 3′ baby shark?” “Ya, I’m gonna miss those stories.” “Ya, but I got the next best thing.” “Huh?” “Video tapes and voice recordings of them. About three months before he died, we got a new camcorder and we talking him into sitting down and thinking of many stories to tell. He’d sit in the kitchen for hours telling stories to the camera. E set them all up and edited the spitting scenes. It’s great now.” “Do you have them?” “Not with me.”

My half brother and I strolled down to the game room to play some pool. As we’re playing, we’d smack each other’s butts when we’d walk by hem. We did that often, we were close and a like in many ways. We had fun messing with each other, plus ticking some off at it. My parents were fine with it. They knew it was harmless fun… What they didn’t know didn’t hurt them. We were sure of everyone staying in the ballroom. He asked “You wanna play strip-pool?” “Sure, each pocketed ball the other loses an article of clothing.” “Each ball, so it I drop 4 you lose 4.” “Right. Let’s Play.” He broke and sunk three. I took off my shoes and one sock. I went dropped one ball. He took of his shirt. He goes and I go back and forth. The last ball, I sunk it, he took of his boxer briefs. We are in the game room naked as naked can be. His 10″ thick dick stands at attention. We smile and laugh it off, I start to rack the balls again, I bent over, and he walks up behind me, licks his finger, and slides it up my crotch. I jerked back, I wasn’t expecting that. I turned around and he’s just smiling. I grabbed his dick and fisted it a few times, more of his pre-cum comes flowing out. I lick it up. I leaned on the table and he licks my pussy, sucks on my clit, grabs it in his lips, and shakes his head back and forth. He releases and curves his tongue around my clit and slides back and forth. He rams his finger in me and fingers me while sucking on my clit. I explode all over his face. He stands up pulls my limp body a little more off the table. He shoves his dick in me, I yelp out a whine. I was already fucked, now it’s his turn to cum. He rams his dick in and out of me. Quite a few times, I was whining, it was hurting to much of an orgasm; I finally get out “Please stop.” Then I started to cry. It hurt so bad, he told me he was sorry. When I calmed down, I told him ok. He slowly pushed his think, hard dick up in me. I could calm down he sucked on my hard nipples. I relaxed and pushed as he was pulling out. Within seconds, he was cumming. When all his fuck juices were all out, he relaxed and slid out of me.

After we put all our clothes back on, we racked up the balls. Our Uncle John walks in, asking what we up to? We laughed and said reminiscing while playing. He says “So, strip pool is reminiscing?” My brother asks “How much did you see?” Uncle John said “Every thing.” When he walked out the door, I thought we were busted. He opened the door and said “It’s a secret for now…”

The End

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