Friendly Cousins

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We were all going to our grandparents house for easter as we did every year. I was 16 at the time and mega horny. All I could think about was fucking and I spent most of my day wanking. I was downstairs one afternoon when all the adults had gone to the pub to drink. I was reading a porno magazine in the spare bedroom and wanking myself at the same time. I was so hot I hadn’t realised that my younger cousin Chris had come in and was watching me wank. I looked up in shock and tried to cover myself up when I saw he had a huge boner sticking out of his shorts. Chris was 14 and well developed for his age. He wasn’t as muscly as me but was tanned with blonde hair and about 6 feet tall. Me, well my names Mark, I’m 6 foot 2, tanned with blonde hair, bulky from playing rugby but still very fit I have a 6.5 inch cock, cut. Still in shock and without saying anything, Mark climbed on to the bed with me and started pulling my cock gently. He said he was so horny and that he had always thought I was hot. I had always secretly liked boys and told him the same. I told him to get undressed and he did. Holy Shit! He had an 8 inch cock and he was only 14. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I laid him on his back and slowly began to suck at the head of his cock while playing with his balls. He was going insane. I told him to be quite as we didnt want to get caught. He quicly came in my mouth. I didnt spill a drop. We lay on the bed for a minute or two regaining our breath. I still had a raging hard on. I asked Chris to play with my bum hole. He started fingering me with 1 finger then two. His cock was returning to full size, I took a few sucks on it and asked him to fuck me. We lay a pillow under my back and raised my legs in the air. Chris quickly shoved his cock in me without thinking, it hurt at firt but then felt so good. He started ramming me for all he was worth. I almost instantly shot cum all over my own stomach as he kept fucking me. I was in ecstacy. He dipped his finger in my cum and sucked on his finger as he then shot a massive load in to my arse. Ohh it felt so good.

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