fun between step-siblings

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Mark: 18 year old stud with spiked brown hair dark blue eyes weighing about 150lbs built standing about 5’8
Whitney: 16 year old with long brown hair dark brown eyes weighing 105lbs standing 5’1 with nice 34b breasts

background info.: Mark’s dad married Whitney’s mom when Mark was 4 and Whitney was 2 they have grown up together but never really gotten along until………..

One saturday night over the summer when their parents are out of town for the weekend Whitney decides to go swimming she comes down the stairs in a black bikini Mark is sitting on the couch watching t.v. “hey Mark im going for a swim” he grunts in response he looks at her while she is heading out and is surprised he hasnt noticed what a cute little ass she has before or the little wiggle in her walk he shakes his head to get rid of those thoughts then comes up with a plan and decides to go for a swim he runs up the stairs and changes he goes out to the pool and stands there watching her tight little body moving quietly through the water for several minutes his mind starts to wander thinking about what she would look like without that bikini on he starts to get hard at the thought and jumps in the water to let her know he is there and to cool himself down “what are you doing out here ” “I have as much right to use the pool as you do” she rolls her eyes and starts swimming again she stops a little later and leans against the side of the pool “hey Whitney wanna race ” “hey Mark wanna lose ” “come on race me ” “oh alright” they go to the end of the pool he says “the first to the other end and back can ask the loser to do what ever they want” “fine hope you dont mind doing my choirs ” “we’ll see ready…..set…..go” Whitney is ahead of him till right before the end when Mark puts on a little burst of speed and beats her “well you won what do i have to do ” “you have to have sex with me ” “thats not funny Mark quit playing around ” “Im not playing Whitney ” “there is no way in hell im sleeping with you ” “you agreed to do what i said if i won well i won so you have to do it” “im not doing that Mark” she gets out of the pool he follows her “fine then how about a kiss ” “alright” she goes up to him and kisses him on the cheek “no a proper kiss Whitney like this” he grabs her and kisses her deeply she melts and starts to kiss him back he gently pushes his tongue into her mouth they kiss for a little while longer then she pulls away and start up the stairs she looks back at him “well dont you want your trophy” he dashes up the stairs after her and follows her to his room when they are both in the room she turns and kisses him his hands go to her firm ass the he runs them up her back and unties her top she feels it fall off she slowly pushes his trunks down she steps back and looks at him staring at his hard 9″ cock he starts to stroke it she kisses him again and he pushes her bottoms down revealing her shaved pussy he picks her up and carries her to his bed he climbs over her and she feels his cock at her entrance she pushes up towards him taking him into her she moans loudly when he pushes the rest of the way into her “oh Mark fuck me harder” he starts going faster and harder with her hips moving up to meet his thrusts “oh baby I love you” “I love you too Mark “she scratches his back as he starts going faster “harder Mark harder”now he is mercilessly pounding her pussy she moans loudly cumming when he feels her pussy contracting around his cock it sends him over the edge and he cums in her pussy after they both come down from their orgasms he pulls out of her and they fall asleep in each others arms talking about how to hide it from their parents.

your comments are appreciated but this is my first story so be nice =)

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