Getting Handy

This is an account of an occurence I had a summer or two ago with my very hot, sexy, and free-minded older sister, Denise. Let me begin by saying that she and I have always gotten along well, and, things of a sexual nature were never considered “off-limits”, however, we each knew our basic boundaries and exercised common sense whenever getting into any type of flirty playing around or physical teasing. Anyway, here goes:

Being self-employed, I have the flexibility to schedule any on the road appointments whenever I desire to, so long as they fit into the other person’s week. Denise, on the other hand, is employed in the educational field, and, has summer’s off. Thus, on the occasion I need to travel to her area for work purposes, I allow time to stop in and see her, maybe have lunch, then get to my appointment. Timing sometimes had it that, upon my arrival at my sister’s house, she was either sitting on her back porch, or, as in this day’s luck, laying on her pool deck, tanning her marvelous body. She saw me coming up the back walk, and invited me up to the deck.

“Hey, bud..C’mon up. Don’t mind me, just catching some rays for a while” she said as I scaled the small staircase to the deck, fully observing her glistening body. “I can see that, D..Look good up there” I commented, taking my seat next to, and slightly behind her, so as to examine every inch of her very-exposed body. ‘Thanks. I haven’t worn this bathing suit (a stringy, black bikini that formed her shape extremely well) in a while. Whadya think, really..Tell me the truth, bud” she stated, inquiring for my opinion or maybe fishing for compliments. “Is my ass hanging out?”

“Honestly? D?” I replied, followed by “You look great…Ok, I’ll say it..You’ve got the body for it and are sexy as hell right now..Love how the top kinda shapes your boobs..Don’t want to know what’s going thru my head” I admitted, making her laugh and flip up her shades. “Thanks again. And, uh, I can guess what’s going through your head right now. Think I haven’t seen your eyes going up and down me the last 5 minutes? It’s ok, though. Guess when you (meaning, herself) wear something like this, any guy is going to ogle. May as well be you, right?” she joked, pointing at me with her long, burgundy-polished fingernails. “I kinda like it”. We chatted for a few minutes, nothing important, really. Mostly catching up, how ya been’s, and where’s your appointment type stuff, all the while knowing my eyes were glued to her body. As I said, we were no strangers to sexual innuendo, some touching, and open talk about the subject, so neither of us minded knowing she was on display and I was the observer. Even her hair was turning me on.

“I’m getting hot..Let’s go sit inside until you go, ok?” Denise offered, “Grab a drink or something and cool off”. To me, the highlight of her request focused upon the “grab..or something”, and I decided to do a little handling of Denise, have some fun with her once inside. She stood up from the lounge chair, and, with the sun as her background, struck an unintended, hands-on-hips pose, draping her long nails across her exposed, concave, sexy tummy. “That’s it” I said to myself. “Tummy tickle the second she’s open for it..Give her a little surprise today..Little result of showing that perfect bod in front of me” I thought, planning to drive her crazy with tickling before departing for my appointment. I also knew time was of the essence, so, if this was going to be carried out, it needed to be fairly soon.

We get inside her kitchen, and she heads for the cabinet above the sink to retrieve drinking glassess. Soon as she reached up, I knew it was time to strike. Walking up behind her, I said “You know, D…what you asked about this bikini”, leaving it at that for a split second until she started to respond “What about it?”, I wrapped my hands around her waist, and began to tickle her sides and navel, tugging her body closer into mine. “It’s perfect for THIS!” Surprised, but, laughing out loud, Denise told me ‘Ahhh! Stop! You know I’m ticklish! C’mon..Ahh!!” she exclaimed, feeling my hands just traverse all over her upper torso and body front, delving into her navel, under-breasts, tummy skin, and slightly above her bikini crotch area. The more she tried to wiggle out, the more she worked off her top and was subjected to my hands intermittently tickling and grabbing her boobs! Once I noticed the little straps flipping down her shoulder, I teased her with “bare ta-ta tickle, D!”, and immediately went for her breasts (she had often referred to them as her ta-tas). I had them flopping around bare within two good tickles. “Nonononono! Not the boobs! They’re ticklish too!!” she exclaimed, feeling my hands and moving fingers all across her sun-soaked body.

Now handling her in the corner, up against the cold countertop, Denise had no way out of this, other than my own mercy. My fingers teased and tickled her tummy, ribs, and boobs, including several deep navel plunges. Laughing like mad, screaming laughing, she started bargaining with me, trying to catch her breath. “Wait..wait..” she’d let out, along with a breathy heave, “How can I get you to stop?”, even as I continued having at and tickling her upper body and thighs (tried working her bottoms loose, but, didn’t succeed). “Tell you what, D…” I said, holding up the tickling but still keeping her in between myself and the counter. “If I can do this, just a little, every time I stop here, as long as we’re alone, I’ll hold up now..You just look SO good in this sexy little bikini..Which, by the way, I’ll need to see you in again” I offered, feeling particularly ballsy towards the end of this conquest. Even now, as I remember this, I don’t know how I mustered the guts to actually do it to her, much less, inform her I wanted more.

She turned around to face me, bikini top still down, continuing to laugh a little, and gave me her answer. “OK. I see we now have something else to mess around with together. I’m cool with it, as long as you don’t surprise me like that again. And, yes, I’ll wear this for you. Deal, bud?” she agreed, giving me a breif hug before fixing her top and joking “Better put these away. Say bye for now, bud”, and I did, giving her cleavage a little finger touch. I headed to my appointment maybe 10 minutes after that, but, I will admit, my mind was all kind of elsewhere during the meeting. Kept thinking to myself ‘yeah, yeah…I just want to go back and tickle Denise’s bod again..Can’t we finish this up?”.

I’ve tickled her a few times since, and will even trade some emails with her alluding to it. She’s not innocent, either, and often will write or tell me things like “Went through my summer clothes..You know, the ones that I tan in”, or, just a few weeks ago during a visit, walked behind me and, for balance, placed her hands on my waist, giving me a quick, long-nailed tickle. Whispered to me “My turn, bud”. This is really fun with her!

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