Gladys and me

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My mother in law is 62 and I am 41. I was at her house doing some gardening work for her as at her age she was struggling to cut down a load of hedging. It was a hot sunny day and by the time I was finished I was sweaty and aching. She said i could take a shower while she prepared some food so I went upstairs to the shower room.
I stripped down and got into the shower. Suddenly I had a raging hard on and was struck by the fact that I was in the house with a 62 year old who was still looking quite good though her big tits were undoubtedly sagging a lot. I finished the shower and was drying myself in front of the mirror and could not resist stroking my cock.
My thoughts went to my mother in law and what I would like to do to her and I was now stroking faster as my mind ran away with me.
Suddenly I saw her in the mirror. She was stood there in her summer dress and obviously braless as her tits were hanging down and her nipples were huge through the thin cotton dress. I tried to cover myself up, but she just laughed and walked out of the room. My heart was pounding, what the hell should I do.
A few minutes past and I realised I did’nt have a towel, I shouted to her for a towel and she said there was one in her room so I checked the landing was clear and walked into her room.
I gasped as I walked in, for there on the bed and completely naked was Gladys. She was stroking herself with a long thick dildo and she just smled at me.
“Gladys” I said shocked, “what the hell are you doing”
“fucking myself and cut the Gladys, from now on it’s mummy” she said.
“but Gladys I can’t”
“call me mummy or I’ll tell everyone you tried it on with me” she grinned at me. “Now come on the bed and suck mummies big titties”
I was soon on the bed and immediately started to lick and suck her enormous nipples, “oh mummy they are lovely”.
She lay me on my back and slid down the bed where she proceeded to lick up and down my shaft before sucking the tip right into her mouth, my cock dissapeared down her throat and I have a good 8 inches. It was heaven as she sucked hard and stroked my balls, her hand was sliding under me and she stroked my anus with her fingertip, this was all to much and I exploded down her throat. She swallowed every last drop without even taking it out of her throat.
She got up and straddled my face and sat down, she was rubbing her pussy all over my face and I shoved my tongue up her hairy old hole, she tasted amazing and I could not lick fast enough to satisfy myself. After 10 minutes and a few orgasms she got off my face and lay beside me.
“has mummy got a tasty pussy”
“yes mummy it is beautiful”
“good boy, I will reward you today with the best time of your life, but your obviously overwhelmed and spent so just lay your head in mummies titties and have a sleep”
I did as I was told and dreamed of what was to come.

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  1. Bullshit

    I’ll bet Gladys’ pussy stunk to high heaven and your cock is probably more like 3 or 4 inches long you son of a bitch. Also while you were fucking gladys, I was fucking your wife with my 11 3/4 inch cock!

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