Grow Ch5

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The July 4 celebration went off without a hitch. I woke up the next morning between Michael and Jason. Mom came and woke everyone up. The parents had fixed us breakfast. We girls were sore. I mean five guys for anyone is begging to be walking around funny. Eventually every guy ended up fucking ever girl. Mom and Dad pulled out the extra robes. Mrs. and Mr. Johnson were just putting the eggs on a platter. We had eggs, biscuits, bacon, sausages, rice, and grits. Thank God for delicious coffee.

It was July fifth and I would be leaving to stay with Clint for two weeks. Mom and Dad were going on a cruise for seven days and staying on some island for another week before coming home. All of my other brothers were going back to their respectable jobs and Jeff and his friends were going on a road trip. I had asked could I stay with Julie. They just said I was staying with Clint which meant I’d also be staying with our cousin Kevin who is his roommate. Thank goodness they have an extra room for guest.

Kevin wasn’t that bad, he just likes me too to much. He also tried to force me to have sex with him when I was thirteen, and my mom and dad is strict about having sex with anyone before they turn sixteen. Touching is allowed and a little oral, but no penetration. He was trying to force himself on me when Michael caught him and pulled him off me. Michael almost beat the crap out of him when he saw Kevin trying to put his cock in me at that young of an age.

Other than that now he’s cool. Really nice guy. He was cute in a nerd way. He looked like the guy off Fight Club; not Brad Pitt. He wore black glasses is the only exception and he was a video game tester. He had buffed up I had heard, most of my daddy side wanted to buff up like my brothers, but all my brothers played sports and so did I.

We would be leaving in less than three hours. I was already packed and Clint had already brought my ticket. We were taking a plane this time. I still didn’t get why I couldn’t stay at the house dang I am not a kid anymore.

We heard a knock at the door. My Dad go answers it, thank goodness everyone has on a robe and it just looks like we had a slumber party. In the door walk my mom and grandpa. I’m glad I have on shorts and a tank top under my robe and we had all taken a bath earlier. I hug grandpa. Ellen gets a half hug.

“I didn’t think you’d make it over, so I came to see you,” Ellen said looking nervous, “I just really wanted to see you.”

My mom gave Ellen a hug and she and dad lead us to daddy’s den.

“Kat you and Earl did a great job at raising her,” she looks at me, “She is so beautiful.”

“Thank you Ellen, I can give you a picture or two if you want, we don’t have many left,” Ellen nodded her head yes, Mom left to find a picture or two.

“Gena will you come stay with me for a week during the summer, I have a lot of space in the house, and your sister has not stopped asking about you since yesterday, she’s been very excited since yesterday, saying she wants you to have a sleep over with her,” Ellen laughed, “Yesterday Even asked about you, but he didn’t come this years and he’s with his fiancĂ©’ family.”

“I don’t know, I’m leaving to stay with Clint today and I don’t know when I’ll get back,” Mom came through the door with two pictures one from prom and one graduation picture. They both got to talking about the pics like many adults do. About my date, Jason, who was sitting at the table eating breakfast? Ellen commented about how handsome he is and how we are a cute couple. She and mom just chat away and I went back to the kitchen after excusing myself.

I went right back to chatting with friends and family and eating my combo of eggs rice and biscuits; which were delicious. Mom was a great cook for a white lady lol. Everyone was laughing about when Jeff friend Greg got hit in the jaw with the kickball two years ago. The expressions he made were so hilarious. We were all about bowed over in laughter when Mom and Ellen came out.

Ellen again invited me to come to New York to stay with her for a week. She told me she would send for me from my brother if I would come and I would get a first-Class plane ticket. Then Ellen left and mom said to give her a chance and I said I’d think about it. Mom knew I lied to Ellen but that’s okay.

A few hours’ later mom and dad were on there way to dropping us off at the airport. Julie wanted to come but they were traveling also. Everyone was leaving this summer and I had to see Kevin. It would be a good vacation and hopefully Clint had new toys to try on me or I’d go get them myself. Last time he took a rope he had tied me up with home to his apart me and I know it didn’t get in the woman private part so he could use it on me.

Clint and I were only on the plane for maybe two hours. He only lived two states away. It was a great plane ride and we were in the business class. The food was bland and it was my first plane ride. I did ended up going to sleep Clint’s shoulder. When I woke up the lady besides us said we were a cute couple.

” Naw this big head is my brother,” I laughed, “Look at our for head and smile,” we did a corny smile, ” Mom has him babysitting me ugh.”

“Oh you two do look alike,” she looked us over, ” But where did you get your tan?,” we laughed she looked nervous.

“She does look she has a good tan doesn’t she,” Clint joked.

“Oh it’s a natural tan, I’m part black that’s all.” I answered.

“You are too beautiful, if I can say, both of you are,” she looked us over again, “you two should get some modeling gigs and I’m an agent but I do fetish shoots, you pretty gal would be a great tits model,” she pulls out a card and give us both one.

We exited off the plane and got our bags, Clint called the cab. Then we were at his place in less than thirty minutes. I got settled in the guest room and went to raid the fridge to find out did I need to go grocery shopping. I could cook nothing but soup, so if I had to cook it was take out or soup or maybe a sandwich. But I was going to make the two week I’m here fun.

Clint and I were on the couch when Kevin came in. At first he walked straight passed me then when he came back he sat beside me and gave me hug and watched television with us. We watched our favorite television show Hell’s Kitchen, well at least my favorite show. I loved to watch Ramsey go off on his cooks. Especially when he called them donkeys, that made me laughs. After the show I started cooking while they turned to UFC.

I went to the kitchen and put on some tomato soup. I add some seasoning, boiled some noodles, add some veggie and mixed it together to serve to the guys. Thank goodness Kevin already had some sweet tea in the fridge. We were set. The soup was good and need some cheese toast but all together good. I had got some on my jeans and some sauce on my tea shirt but good. This guy Ben came to the door; he had some weight and need to work out, nice blue eyes and black hair. He was nice and spoke to me, he thought it was cool that he got to meet Clint’s baby sister and I knew he looked me over and he was really stuck on my tits for a few second and invited me to come over to check out his anime collection. I gave him some soup he thought it was good.

It was now time for bed I had on my little short and my tank top. Few minutes later Clint came in.. He got in the bed beside me nude. I lay on my back as he raised my shirt and beginning to fondle and suckle my breast. I moaned. He kissed me on the lip and flicked his tongue in and out of my mouth. He kissed down my body. I was already getting wet from my tits being sucked. When his tongue touched my clit I went crazy. I just couldn’t stop moving. He was pulling my clit and licking up and down my slit. It felt so good. I came all over his face and it was so good. I held his head in place as I came the second time. He brought his head up to kiss me and I tasted myself. Then he slide with a little force into my tight hole. It felt so good to have him inside. He flipped me over on top of him and helped me ride him he pumped my hips up and down. He pulled my ass checks apart and it felt so good when the air hit my ass hole and I loved. I came before him then he fill me with his cum.

In the middle of the night I felt someone else get in the bed but I was so sleepy. I opened my eyes a little it was Kevin. He love to eat anyone’s cum; male or female. He pulled me away from Clint and slid into my cum filled pussy. He was a norm size five inches two inches thick and I moaned as soon as he got it in. It felt so good. He grunted as he sucked my breasted and pumped into my body. He came inside me and sucked the cum out tasting him Clint and myself mixed together. I went back to sleep the orgasmic sleep I was in. I woke up around ten and the guys were gone.

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