Grow up 6

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Chapter Six

While Clint was gone I did my regular chores. Cleaned the house, wash dishes and did the laundry. I was thinking to go grocery shopping but I didn’t want to use my money so I would have to wait for big bro to get home. I wanted to go out to lunch but didn’t know where to go. It didn’t take long to finish cleaning. Afterward I went to take a shower. I was in the shower when I heard something in the house. I wrapped a towel around me and grabbed the only weapon that was in the bathroom, a scrub brush, and my hairspray. I come out of the bathroom and down the hall. There is a huge man going through stuff on my brother’s table. I run out yelling ” Get out you burglar,” beating the man on the back with the scrub brush, “My brother will kick your ass,” I throw in a kick in the ankle. The towel falls away, I go for another kick and the man grabs me. He is holding me against his huge chest with my tits over his huge hairy forearm. I still squirming the man is breathing hard.
“Stop I’m not a robber.” the guy is saying but I’m not trying to hear it, then my brother comes out with a bewildered look. I calmed down and wondered what was going on.

“Gena this is a college of mine, his name is Victor he is not trying to rob us,” the big guy Victor puts me down.

I turn around and look at the guy. He is very handsome. He as brown hair to his neck, blue eyes, and just an inch taller than Clint. He was just as muscular. His lips were thicker and picker. A cute nose.

“Nice to meet you Victor,” I stick out my hand and he shakes.

“Lovely to meet you also Ms. Gena, but I think you may need some clothes,” he kisses my knouckles and let go.

“Gena go put on something nice I came to pick you up for lunch since there is barely any food,” Clint leans down, passes me my towel.

I want to look nice two handsome men are taking me to lunch. I put on a light blue sun dress, that showed off my tits and ass. I knew Clint would appreciate and hopefully Victor would think I was hot. Both were so handsome. I grab out my white two inch heals. I wanted to look sweet not sluttish. I brushed my hair out since I didn’t wash it today. I put it in a pony tail with a little hanging down at the back.

“Guys does my hair look frizzy?” I asked.

“Naw not really,” Clint said

“Okay then I’m ready,” I grabbed my little wallet and put it in Clint’s pocket.

“Come on Gena we only have forty minutes left for lunch,” I followed behind going to the underground garage. We got in a black Lincoln that was a company car. I had to remember to ask Clint how far he or Victor was up in the company.

The place they went to was really expensive. My brother was really making some money to be able to pay for mine and his food. The restaurant must really been expensive because I didn’t even see prices. I just order what I was used to ordering; chicken parmesan and sweet tea. The food was delicious. Clint orders Beef Wellington and Victor ordered a steak. Clint and I ate off each other’s plates as always. I wanted some of Victors.

“Victor may I have a piece of your steak it looks so delicious,” I gave him my biggest smile leaning toward him a little.

” Yes anything for a lady like you,” he gave me a dazzling smile. He let me cut my own piece, ” Many I also have a bite of yours,” I slide my plate over.
We all finished our meals chatting away. My brother had to go to the bathroom, I took the time to get to know a little about Victor.

“Are you and Clint like hang out buddies after work?” I asked leaning toward him a little bit. I flashed him a little more of my cleavage. I got the reaction I wanted his eyes slipped to my breast.

” Yeah your brother and I hang out a lot,” he looks back into my face.

“Good at least now I know I will be going to my first club,” I smile, ” So what club will you and my brother be taking me to Saturday,” I take a deep breath making my chest rise and smile.

He laughs stealing another peak at my tits ” Well have to see what your brother say and are you too young?”

“No I’m 18 I’ll be turning 19 next month, I’m legal,” he laughs Clint is back.

“Don’t tell me you’ve let this brat charm you already,” he pulls my ponytail.

“Not yet, but she’s claiming she’s 18 I know she’s can’t be no more than fifteen or sixteen,” he looks at Clint.

” She’s telling the truth, her birthday coming soon,” Clint confirms.

” She’s trying to convince me to get you to take her to a club,” he tells Clint sipping on his beer.
Clint looks at his watch, “Shit we only have ten minute to get back to the office,” We all get up and head back to the company car, “Damn we got to drop Gena off.”

“How about I go to work with you two,” I suggest.

“What are you going to do while you’re there?” Clint looks back.

“She could fill in for Daisy for me, you know she leaves at one o’clock every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,” stated Victor.

On our way we went to the company and I’d be filling in for Daisy. We went to the sixth floor where the guys offices were. I went to Clint’s office first I knew he had a PSP stashed back somewhere. I got him to give to me he did. fifteen minutes after watching him get to work and being bored I asked how to get to Victor’s office. I stopped by his secretary, Margret, desk. Got to know her a little. She was thirty long blond hair brown eyes average size breast flat lips. She was conservatively dressed and married. I saw pictures of her family on her desk.

“Go straitght to other side and you’ll be at Mr. Graven’s office,” she said giving me as smile, “you look better than your brother pretty dress, and please come back and see me before you leave.”

I was on my way to Victor’s office. Sitting at his front desk was a smoking hot bombshell. Black hair tits about my size little petite body. When she stood up she was exactly my height. with green eyes. She was about twenty one. I wondered was he doing her. I hope she wasn’t his girl friend. Only difference between her and me was that her skin was pale. Victor came out.

“Daisy meet your substitute Gena,” she looked me over just as I did her, she tugged on her short charcoal grey shirt, ” I’m sure you’ve met her brother Clint.

“Yes I remember Mr. Clint,” I saw that she saw me as competition, ” my does all you and the rest of your sibling so beautiful,” she looks at my tits, ” are those real?” she tried to ask innocently.

“Yes god blessed me with them,” I bounced a little ” Mine move so yes their real good genetics,” I gave her my sweetest smile, “you’re?”

Daisy said nothing then Victor asked me to set in his office. I had the PSP in my hands walking around. He was on the phone with someone Daisy had sent through to him. Daisy then came in, I felt her look over at me and lay some files on Victor’s desk. She went and filed others. I had a feeling she was there to watch me. So I’d give her a show. I went over to Victor and saw that nothing was up on his computer and his cell phone. I point to the computer and he stands up and let me get the chair. I pull up my face book page with pictures of Julie and me. The new ones she upload of both of our brothers and sisters. Few minutes later Victor was off the phone.

I got out of his seat I went to the picture of Julie and me, ” Okay this is my best friend my bosom buddy,” he laugh catching the joke the next pic was of my family.

” No wonder why you’re so spoiled,” he looks at me, ” You’re the only girl out of five kid and you’re the baby.”

I poke him, going to the picture of my mom and I, ” Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yes she is, and don’t tell your brother I said that,” I was partly sitting on his lap, the next picture was of my dad and I, ” You look more like him than your mom.”

” I think he be happy to know that his prettiest child looks like him,” I laughed.

He voice got lower, ” But I see you took after your mother in certain area,” I guess Daisy heard that comment, she came up behind him and looked at the picture.

“Daisy to show my beautiful family, you get to see the angel,” I go forth two pics and there is me and my brother Jesse.

She gasp, ” Is your brother a model god he does have the face of an angel.”

I go to the next picture it another pictures of me and my brothers. She must have thought I had a nice looking family. Victor asked her if she was about to get off. She looked at him pushed her chest out a little and said yes. She was gone.

I was glad she was gone. I logged off face book and exit out. I went to his side closes to the phone so he could show me how to work it. He didn’t try to make a move on me or anything! Well I could say I never have to get guys attention because I have over five men whom attention I can have anytime I want. Well I wanted this one. So I have to find out if he’s single.

“So who’s cooking for you tonight?” I asked he said he was ordering out, ” Why isn’t your girlfriend cooking for you?” looking shocked.

“I’m single, I do all my cooking myself,” He grabbed his phone and started replying to something.

” It is Clint, he has a business dinner and asked me to take you home,” He told me then he showed me how to work the phone and to the front desk I went.

I was mostly playing on the PSP under the desk when two guys came. Their names were Mr. Stafford and Mr. Wharton. I paged in to Victor and sent them through. They were both in their forties, Mr. Stafford was balding in the center he was pudgy with green eyes and flat lips. Mr. Wharton was the opposite nice black hair going grey and really thin with brown eyes.

They must have been in there talking about business and thank goodness they didn’t see the PSP. My brother showed up. I stood up and gave him a big hug. He asked how was being an assistant going and told him I was doing good and that Victor would tell him the same thing. He told me he was going in that the VPs called him. Glad I did a great greeting.

Few minutes later the VPs and my brother came out. He introduced me to them as his little sister they commented on how beautiful I was and then told me to go in Victor’s office. Before Clint left he gave me my wallet and told me some cash was in it for anything I wanted to eat. He told me he’d be leaving in about twenty minutes I straighten his tie to make sure he looked handsome and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He gave me a wink and left. Then I was on my way into Victor’s office.

He was all business. I sat at the desk in front of Victor.

” The VPs like you and I have been asked to proposition you to work for this company for the next six weeks. You will work Monday, Wednesday and Friday from one until I get off which sometime is until past eight at night. The pay is $13.50/h. That I would be paid for my hours today. You will have until the day after tomorrow to accept.” He smile and told me don’t respond and I went back to my desk. I couldn’t wait to tell mom, dad and Julie, I couldn’t wait to get home.
Victor and I didn’t get off until seven thirty. I talked him into stopping by a movie gallery and renting a movie, I even talked him into renting me a hentai. He was so shocked. I held his hand while I picked it out. He rented it for me. The girl clerk must have thought I was underage. We had a horror movie and hentai. I mostly wanted to watch the hentai.

We got in the apartment around eight fifteen. Thank goodness we had ordered the pizza while we were on our way to the apartment. I ordered two; both supreme. Victor took off his jacket and set down. He wouldn’t let me get the hentai so the horror movie was put in after I found out where the DVD player was. I was right in his view when I lifted my dress letting him see the white French cut panties I had on.

I turn around and look directly at him, ” Okay Victor I like you, you are exactly the type of man I’m attracted too and I think we have a lot in common, do you want to give it a try and date or be friends.?” I walk up to stand in front of him. He didn’t respond just pulled me down to watch the DVD with him. I just laid in his arm and laughed at all the parts the people got chopped up. Glad I didn’t shock him or did I.

Victor’s hand was doing slow circles on my inter-thigh. Good hopefully that meant he was interested. He was slowly easing up more and more. His finger was now in the edge of my panties. He was such a tease. He was finally getting to the good spot and I knew I was already wet. His finger finally started massaging my clit. I know my legs must have been open like prostitute in a backseat. I tried not to moan. He started kissing my chest. I wished he would just bring my bra down and suck my tits already. I could feel his fingers slide down and enter my wet hole. I just had to pull the front of my bra down and the pleasure of him taking my nipple in his mouth and sucking. I was moaning loud and hoped no one would show up before we finshed. He removed his fingers and rub around my clit and sticks his finger in again while his thumb is working my clit and now I know I’m yelling. I must have said “Oh fuck yes yes oh oh ooooh awww.” I was so close to coming. I heard the door open and Victor removed his hand and mouth from me.

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