Grow ups

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Chapter one

I’m leaving college ready to go home to my family. I know my mom and my dad is waiting on me. I have missed them so much, and its so lonely being with out them. We live on a family farm that only like a good 200ft away from my grandparents. I love my mom, Katharine, so much, she’s not my real mom but she has always taken care of me since I was three, and my biological mom gave me to my dad cause her husband didn’t want me. I am the result of an affair between my mom and dad. . My parent are such a beautiful couple. My mom is five foot six, blonde hair, with a beautiful big smile, and all of the guys from town loved my mom’s big 36DD rack. Daddy is so handsome, black hair with a streak of gray through the temple, six foot five, great body from working out and had a big cock ten inches long and four inches thick.

When I got home it looked as if no one was there. We have an eight bedroom house, and I remembered that my brother, Jeff, had rode back to his school with our closest neighbor son, Rob. Jeff was older than me by only a year and a half(all of my four brothers are older than me). He looked almost just like dad, except he got mom’s blond hair. I went in his room and he was in the bed sleep. My brothers always slept in the nude and sometimes I did too. He was laying on top of the cover, that pretty pink ten inch cock seemed to be calling my name. I took off all of my clothes, my 38D tits coming out of my shirt.

I lay on my stomach on the bed near Jeff’s cock. Its already semi hard. I give him a hand job, pumping his cock slowly. Jeff stirs a little. I put the head of his hard cock into my mouth, I suck the head hard. I pull his cock out and lick the cock all over. I lick his ball while rubbing his cock, Jeff moan, “Good job Gena.” I go back and start sucking his cock again. I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue. I started to lick my tongue in and out of his slit. He kept moaning. I get him into my throat. He is now moving his hips getting more of his delicious cock into my throat.

I removed my mouth from his cock. I get my tit around his cock. I squeeze them tight sliding them up and down his cock. His cock feel so good and warm. He raises up and pinch my hard nipples, then tells me to suck him. I put his cock back into my mouth. He tastes so good, I can’t wait for him to cum.

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