Helping Sis part 3

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Helping Sis
Part 3

“Hey Mike you wanna come along?” Mike’s Dad asked from the doorway to the family room.
Mike turned his attention from the TV to his Dad as he asked, “Go where?”
“Oh I gotta run down to the store and pick up some stuff for the backyard,” his Dad said with a half hearted shrug.
Mike groaned softly; his Dad had been talking about putting some seed down in the backyard. He apparently didn’t like the looks of the grass back there but Mike would have been happy to assure him that it was quite adequate, since he was the one responsible for mowing it. But he knew it was useless to try and convince his Dad otherwise; his Dad would often talk about different home projects but rarely got around to them but when he did there was no stopping him. Luckily he rarely got past the talking stage and those that he did weren’t usually major projects.
Mike briefly considered his Dad’s offer; he was bored, Saturday afternoon and nothing to do. His buddies were either working or out of town and there was nothing worthwhile on TV. That is unless one was interested in watching an old western, baseball, NASCAR or golf. Still the idea of tagging along while his Dad examined numerous brands of grass seed was not exactly his idea of a way to relieve his boredom.
“Naw, thanks,” he said with a slow shake of his head.
“Suit yourself,” his Dad said as he turned and headed for the door.
Pointing the remote at the TV Mike began to scan the TV channels in the vain hope that maybe one of them would have started showing something interesting since the last time he had swept through them. Laying the remote down after he had completed his check he laid his head back and stared blankly up at the ceiling. He tried to decide what he could do to kill some time. As he did a sly grin came to his lips as he thought of what he would really like to do. He thought of his sister, Michelle, she was upstairs in her room getting ready for work.
Yes there was something he’d like to do and with her, he thought. They had been having sex for almost a week and a half now; it had all started one afternoon when she had been laying out back tanning. It had started with him rubbing some suntan lotion on her back and things had quickly heated up, ending with them making love there on the back porch. He had expected her to display a feeling of regret or shame but to his delight she hadn’t. In fact when he had gone to pick her up from her work that night she had suggested they stop somewhere so they could be alone. At first he had feared that she was about to give him some guilt trip for what had happened but instead she had let him know that she had liked what had happened and wanted it to continue. They ended up fucking in the front seat of the car. Since then they had been able to get together just twice more.
Mike groaned softly as he thought about the last time they had been able to screw. He had offered to go pick her from work and they stopped by the parking lot on the way home for another session. He sighed as he recalled that last wonderful time with her, she had seemed even hornier then he had. She was sliding her panties off as they pulled out of her job’s parking lot.
Grunting disgustedly as he slowly rubbed his face telling himself that he should try and think of something else besides Michelle’s hot body. Despite his wish he allowed the delightful image of her pale round ass filter into his mind. He closed his eyes and allowed the memory of her thrusting breasts and her smooth belly and neatly smooth shaven pussy dance through his mind. He groaned wearily as his cock began to stir and stiffen thanks to his memories. He wished he could stop thinking about her hot body and how wonderful it felt being pressed against his.
“Damn it,” Mike muttered disgustedly as he dropped his hands to his side and raised his head from the back of the sofa. Thinking about her sweet and hot young body was pure torture. Mainly because they hadn’t been able to get together for almost a week now. It was almost as if there was some kind of huge conspiracy to prevent them from fucking.
Their parents seemed to always be home, at least one of them. They couldn’t take advantage of stopping by the parking lot after work because a friend and co-worker of Michelle’s had just gotten a car and was quite happy to give her a ride to and from work. Michelle’s boss wasn’t helping their situation because the jerk had decided that Michelle and her friend should work almost identical schedules. He had toyed with the idea of trying to sneak over to her room late at night but had decided against it. The main reason was because their parent’s bedroom was right next to Michelle’s and their Mother was a notoriously light sleeper.
Mike wondered if Michelle was feeling as frustrated as he was. Probably not, he had heard once that a girl can go without sex and it not bother them as much as a guy; kinda like a camel being able to go without water for a long time. The worst part of the whole thing was he couldn’t complain to anyone about it. He knew that a number of his friends considered Michelle a good looking girl and would have no objection to screwing her themselves, but they would probably be grossed out to learn that he was fucking his own sister. On top of that he couldn’t brag about his conquest either; oh well at least he was able to actual fuck her while they would have to just dream about it. Crap that’s all he could do, just think about it. That and jack off a lot.
Grabbing the remote he began to flip through the channels trying to force the images of his hot sister from his mind. Their parents still hadn’t said if their Mom was going to go along with their Dad on the business trip he was scheduled to go on soon. He muttered a silent prayer she would, damn he knew if she did that he and Michelle would be spending a lot of time together. Their parents wouldn’t have to worry about them throwing any kind of wild party while they were gone. No, they would be quite happy to stay home, just the two of them.
“Damn it,” he muttered as he flipped through the still unchanged programs.
Glancing over he spotted Michelle coming into the family room; she was dressed for work and was chatting to someone on her cell phone. He grunted softly as he eyed her, both enjoying the view and regretting the urges it caused. She worked at a locally owner pizza shop and the outfit that the girls wore there was apparently designed to lure male customers. It consisted of a short denim skirt, which showed an awful lot of thigh, which fortunately Michelle had a pair of nicely toned pair, not to mention a nice round tight butt which the skirt also helped to display. Their Mother absolutely hated that uniform but luckily she had no control over what the girls wore at work. Her top was a somewhat snug red pull-over with short sleeves. Mike didn’t know for sure, but he had a feeling that Michelle’s top was possibly just a little too small for her; not that he was complaining. He didn’t know if it was the store’s fault that her top was as snug as it was or if Michelle had deliberately selected one that was just a little too snug. Whatever the case her breasts nicely filled her top; he would love to see her going braless with that outfit. He grinned softly just imagining the explosion their Mom would have if Michelle ever tried something like that.
Mike allowed his gaze to rest on her breasts allowing the images of her magnificent mounds to fill his thoughts. He groaned softly as he remembered the feel of them sliding under his hand as he rubbed them and how her nipples would become so erect and hard; much like his throbbing cock. Damn he was definitely going to have to go up to his room and take care of his little problem as soon as she left. Trouble was he had being taking care of the problem on his own too much; he would love to have her help again in taking care of it. He hoped, desperately prayed, that their Mom would decide to go along with their Father. If nothing more so he wouldn’t have to spend so much time masturbating. He grunted quietly as he thought that he wouldn’t mind letting Michelle stroke his cock; that would be a nice change of pace. He gritted his teeth as he tried to discreetly shift his now stiff member to a more comfortable position in his pants.
“Sounds good,” Michelle said quickly. She paused for a moment and then said, “Okay well I’ll see ya soon. Bye.”
“Who was that?” Mike asked casually.
“Oh Jenny,” Michelle said as she laid her cell phone on the arm rest next to her. Jenny and Michelle had been close friends since grade school.
“Is she gonna pick ya up for work again?” Mike asked allowing a little of his frustration over the problem Jenny was creating to sneak into his tone.
“And bring ya home too?”
“Unless one of us gets off early,” Michelle answered with an understanding soft smile.
Mike grunted in acknowledgment, wondering if Michelle was feeling as frustrated as he was over the concentrated effort to prevent them from being alone. He knew he should be ashamed with himself; being upset that he and his sister couldn’t be alone so they could fuck. Yes it was wrong and all that but damn she had one hell of a hot body and she had enjoyed it just as much as he did.
Michelle looked about the family room and Mike wasn’t sure if she was doing it on purpose or not but she had allowed her knees to part somewhat giving him a rather unobstructed view up under her short skirt to her panty covered crotch. She was wearing some plain white panties and from his limited view he couldn’t tell if they were regular or thong panties. He lightly shook his head, regretting the added amount of lust and frustration it added to his thoughts but he didn’t pull his eyes away either.
“Where are my tennis shoes?” Michelle asked as she looked about the family room. Mike simply mumbled a response, keeping his eyes glued to her snatch. Finally she sighed and stood up quickly, saying, “Oh there they are.”
Michelle walked over and bent over, her round ass pointed at Mike as she did, and grabbed her tennis shoes from the floor over near the small wooden magazine rack he had made in wood shop years ago. He wasn’t sure if she was deliberately teasing him or not but she was driving him crazy. If he did get the chance to go pick her up from work tonight they probably wouldn’t get out of the parking lot if he had his way. He swallowed hard as she straightened and turned, her shoes dangling from her fingers; they had better find some way to get together and soon. She walked over and plopped down on the couch next to him, dropping her tennis shoes in front of her. She flicked her head back and ran a hand through her hair as she asked, “So what are you going to do tonight?”
“Hell if know,” Mike said with a shrug. The place he had been working at had suffered some electrical problems and was temporarily shut down.
Michelle leaned over towards him slightly and said, “You could always come up for a pizza.”
“There’s something else I’d rather have,” he muttered gruffly.
Michelle giggled softly and placed her hand high up on his thigh, giving it a pat. She kept her hand there and began to rub his leg, gazing into his eyes. Mike groaned and reached down to grab her wrist. She didn’t say anything as he guided her hand up and pressed it to the bulge in his pants. She groaned deep in her throat as she began to firmly rub his hard cock through his jeans.
They both hastily shifted towards each other; Michelle moved her hand from his crotch and reached over with her other one to replace it. Mike quickly tossed his arm around her and leaned towards her to plant a heavy open mouth kiss on her lips. His heart was pounding; damn if they couldn’t get together real soon. And this wasn’t about to help his torment.
Before their lips touched their Mom came clamoring up from the basement with a load of laundry. Both jumped and quickly pivoted away from each other; Michelle jerking her hand from his crotch to smooth her untroubled hair and he pulled his arm from around her and rubbed his face. He gritted his teeth, hearing Michelle’s soft giggle as their Mom came into the family room and dropped the filled clothes basket to the floor.
“I didn’t realize how late it was getting,” she said breathlessly as she closed the door that led down to the basement. She ran a hand through her hair as she walked over to the easy char near the end of the couch. As she sat down heavily she said, “I’m meeting with the ladies advisory group at church this evening. We’re going to meet for dinner and have our monthly meeting.”
Both mumbled a response and Michelle leaned forward to fish her socks from her shoes. Their Mom shifted forward, asking, “How late are you working tonight?”
“Until closing,” Michelle answered keeping her eyes from her Mom as she fumbled with her rolled up sock.
“Mike I’m not going to have time to put that laundry away,” she saod with a wave at the basket, “Could you take care of it for me?”
“Sure,” he said with a curt nod. He added under his breath, “Sure why not nuthin’ else to do.”
“Great, thank you,” she replied and then struggled to her feet. She started out of the family room saying, “Well I better go jump in the shower and get ready.”
Michelle giggled softly after their Mother had vanished from view. She raised one foot and placed it on the edge of the sofa cushion so she could slip her footie sock on and uncovering most of her well toned and tanned thigh. Mike ran his eyes along her thigh, those years she had spent in gymnastics sure had paid off he decided.
Michelle dropped her foot and then raised her other with a soft giggle as she mimicked Mike, saying, “Nuthin’ else to do.”
Mike gave her a short grunt to which she looked over her shoulder at him and said with a playful pout, “Poor Mike doesn’t have anything to do. Ah.”
Mike sneered at her as she laughed and dropped her foot to the floor. The sound of the shower being turned on was heard as Michelle leaned forward again and grabbed one of her shoes from the floor. She laid it on her thigh as she loosened the shoe strings and then leaned forward to slide it on her foot.
Michelle gasped loudly when Mike abruptly sat up and leaned towards her jamming his hand forward to cup it firmly to her boob. He gave her mound a quick, light squeeze as he pressed his palm against it. Michelle moaned and tossed her head back. A little roughly he pulled her back, pushing her back against the sofa, keeping his hand locked on her boob. He scooted forward and turned towards her as he pressed her back, sliding his hand across her chest to grip her other boob through her blouse and bra.
“Mike Mom’s upstairs,” Michelle gasped but made no other effort to stop him as he began to push her down on the sofa.
“She’s in the shower,” he grunted as he continued to push her down and move so he could be on top of her.
Michelle both giggled softly and grunted as she began to slide off the front edge of the sofa. She threw her arm out to ease herself to the floor as Mike slid off with her, also using his arms to prevent himself from dropping on top of her. Once they were on the floor Michelle threw her arms around him and held him close. Mike loved the feel of her grinding her crotch against his as they began to eagerly kiss. He jammed his tongue into her mouth and her tongue instantly was pressed against his.
In a small part of his brain Mike was glad to realize that apparently Michelle was as eager for him to fuck her as he was. He made a silent plea that their Mom would remain in the shower long enough that they could finish this. Please don’t have forgotten something, he silently added.
So much for foreplay, Mike decided as he broke their sloppy open-mouthed kiss and slid off of her. Propping himself up on his elbow he reached down with his other hand and roughly drew Michelle’s short skirt up. He then jammed his hand between her legs to her panty-covered crotch. He was pleased to feel how her panties were already moist; yes it seems that she too was wanting it and wanting it bad. She groaned hungrily as he firmly rubbed his hand against her cunt; as he did she began to grind her hips against his hand.
Deciding he had waited long enough for this moment and not wanting to wait any longer he pulled his hand from between her legs and scrambled to his knees. Michelle scooted a little further away from the couch as he threw first one knee and then the other over her leg so he could move between her legs. He jammed both hands up under her skirt and located the waistband of her lacy white panties. Roughly he hooked his fingertips inside of the waist band and began to tug her panties down.
“Jenny’s gonna be here any moment,” she gasped. Mike wasn’t sure if her comment was a vain plea to stop or an urge to not waste any time.
“Let her wait,” he grunted as he eagerly began to tug her panties down. Michelle obligingly raised her ass up off the floor a little bit making his efforts to pull her panties down past her hips and ass easier.
Michelle giggled again as he reached down, grabbed her ankles and raised her legs up making her bend at the waist. He held her legs up, with her feet over his head, with one hand and used the other to shove her panties to around her ankles. He slapped the lacy garment off of one foot and then allowed her to lower her feet, placing one on either side of him. Mike briefly noted the panties that Michelle had on were a bikini-cut style; while it wasn’t truly a thong it certainly left a lot of her ass cheeks bare. He would have enjoyed seeing her prancing around with just those on and maybe he’d get the chance to if their Mother would finally decide to go along with Dad.
Grabbing his jeans, Mike frantically unsnapped his jeans and forced his zipper down. He raised his ass up off his ankles so he could jam his pants and shorts down past his hips. Michelle groaned longingly when his stiff cock sprang into view. She lifted her shoulders up off the floor as she reached down and took hold of his erect cock, giving it a gentle tug towards her. Not really needing any more encouragement, Mike dropped unto his hands and knees and crawled forward, lowering his pelvis as he did.
“Shove this in me,” Michelle begged in a throaty whisper as she guided his throbbing dick towards her waiting pussy.
Mike simply grunted as he allowed her to guide his cock. She groaned loudly when his fat cock head pressed against her glistening pussy lips. She groaned again as she slowly, firmly rubbed his cock head along her slit. She then slid the end of his shaft to her snug pussy mouth and gave another light tug. Mike grunted and began to push his hips forward; Michelle released her hold on his erect shaft as it slid into her warm, moist pocket. Mike groaned as his shaft smoothly slid into her in one hard thrust. He halted when he had shoved his length deep into her, enjoying the warm snug grip her pussy had around his shaft. He gulped a hasty prayer that their Mom would take a very long shower; at least long enough so they could finish this.
“Ohhhh yes,” Michelle sighed as Mike began to pull his hips back. He paused when just the head of his cock remained wedged between her pussy lips and then with another steady thrust drove his length back into her.
Mike began to pump his cock in and out of her pussy with hard quick thrusts, he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he would cum and from Michelle’s panting she might too. Shakily he balanced his weight on his knees and one hand, while with his other hand he jammed it up under her top and grabbed her boob. A little roughly he mauled her mound through her bra, briefly he wondered if he could force her top up so he could get a glimpse at her bra-covered boobs. Deciding that he couldn’t and also that trying to maintain his balance and fuck her was getting a little awkward he reluctantly pulled his hand from under her top.
Placing his hand on either side of her, Mike began to pump his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy. Michelle reached down and tightly grabbed his ass cheeks; she eagerly pulled his ass closer with each of his thrusts driving his cock deeper into her. Michelle began to grunt with each thrust as his hips would slam against her. Dimly Mike noticed that she was gritting her teeth as her head rolled from side to side. He didn’t know if she was trying to stifle any loud outbursts or what and he really, at the moment, didn’t care.
“Oh shit don’t stop,” Michelle gasped adding a deep throated groan to emphasis her plea. If he wasn’t as aroused as he was Mike probably would have assured his hot, horny sister that he wasn’t about to stop. Not until he had shot his wad. That or Mom got done in the shower.
Michelle dug her fingernails into the flesh of Mike’s ass as she maintained her grip, pulling him deeper with each thrust. She was now panting heavily, almost hyperventilating. The family room was filled with her low groans, their gasping breaths and the wet sound of Mike’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy.
Suddenly Michelle let out a short little squeal and inhaled deeply. She then arched her back sharply and groaned loud and long. Through his horny haze and approaching climax Mike felt her pussy muscles suddenly flex tightly around his shaft and then as Michelle shuddered and let out a long moan they began to rhythmically pulse around his shaft. As her pussy muscles flexed Mike felt a gush of warm fluid sweep along his shaft. As her pussy cream gushed out she exhaled deeply and then went limp.
Mike pumped his cock a couple more times, feeling his balls tightening. Michelle’s climax helped cause his. As her warm, thick pussy cream flowed along his shaft he rammed his cock deep into her one last time and held it there. He dimly heard her groaning as his cock pulsed and the first large glob of his cum flowed into Michelle’s wet pussy. He arched his back, groaning as the week’s worth of cum that had accumulated gushed into her cunt
After a few wonderful seconds Mike shuddered all over and slowly lowered himself down on top of Michelle. He laid there on top her and she wrapped her arms around him as they both tried to catch their breaths. Finally Michelle turned her head and light kissed him on the cheek and began to lightly stroke his back.
Mike raised his head when he heard a car pulling into the driveway. Weakly he pushed himself up off of Michelle. Whoever it was honked their horn quickly and Michelle began to crawl out from under him, muttering, “Oh crap that’s Jenny.”
“Well thank her for not getting here too soon,” Mike said as he rose up on his knees and grabbed his pants. Clumsily he clambered to his feet, holding onto his pants so they wouldn’t fall further down his legs. Michelle also scrambled to her feet, turned and plopped down on the sofa. She quickly slipped her panties over her foot and then pulled them up to her knees.
Mike wearily dropped down on the sofa and began to pull his pants and shorts up while at the same time Michelle stood up pulling her panties up after she had. Although he was drained from their session Mike still enjoyed the slight flash he got as Michelle drew her panties up under her skirt and then hastily adjusted them. She dropped onto the sofa next to Mike and quickly slipped her shoes on as another quick pair of toots came from outside. Placing his feet flat on the floor so he could lift his ass up off the sofa so he could get his pants up and snapped shut he muttered a soft thank you when he heard the shower stop.
Surprisingly Michelle turned and leaned over to place a quick but hard kiss on Mike’s lips. As she pulled back she told him, “I’m glad you didn’t have anything to do ’cause I needed that.”

A short time later Mike looked up as his Mom came into the family room, nicely dressed up. She walked over to the easy chair and sat down. After she had, she asked, “I take it Michelle has left for work.”
“Yeah a couple of minutes ago,” Mike said with a casual nod.
“Well I’d better get going,” she said as she stood up. As she started for the door she said, “Well I hope you can find something to do.”
“I did,” Mike whispered softly, “And I hope I can keep doing it.”

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