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Tim “the toolman” Taylor and his wife Jill had a normal married life. Jill was satisfied with Tim in spite of Tim spending more time with this tools rather than with Jill. Her three sons were growing up into strapping young men. Brad and Randy were already on their way to college and Mark, the youngest son, also not much behind his brothers.

Jill noticed that Mark seemed to grow more quiet and reserved as he grew up. Mark in fact was easily the tallest person in the family. Although he was not as well built as his brothers he was easily taller than them. Jill seemed to be puzzled by Mark’s silence and decided she would have to have a one on one talk with him.

Tim had gone out for his daily shoot at the studios and wouldn’t be back till dinner time. Brad and Randy had gone for a football match. Mark was in his room as usual. Jill decided to have a talk with him.

Jill knocked on the door “Mark, are you there?”

Mark replies “Yes mom just a sec.”

Jill walks into the room and finds Mark in his jockey shorts and t shirt, trying to hide something on his computer screen. “What is it Mark?” Jill asks and pushes Mark aside to see what is on the screen.

The screen is filled with nude pictures of ladies and one thing in particular was striking that there were all ladies in their mid thirties to be frank. Jill decided to take a mature approach and have a talk with Mark at this moment it self.

She sat on his bed. Mark was standing in front of her with a guilty look on his face. Jill noticed that penis outline was clearly being seen through the jockey shorts and it was the biggest she ever saw. She turned her face away and looked him in the face and said ” Mark, don’t feel guilty. It’s normal of a growing boy to have such urges. We can talk about it if you want. ”

Mark looked up to his mom and said “Ok .”

Jill asked “Is it by chance or were you looking at middle aged ladies nude?”

Mark replied “No, I searched for middle aged ladies pics only”

Jill asked “Why? Don’t young girls ……hmmmm nude pics turn … you on ”

Mark replied “No ,” still looking down.

Jill was puzzled ” Why? I don’t seem to under stand your choice ”

For the first time Mark looked at her directly and said ” I try to visualize you in these pics ”

Jill was annoyed and puzzled. She didn’t know want to say. At the same time she noticed that Mark was getting hard talking to her. She wanted to storm out of the room but something made her sit tight.

Jill said ” What? How dare you?”

Mark said ” You are one of the most beautifull ladies I ever saw mom and only thoughts of you turn me on. ”

He didn’t seem to be feel bad or guilty. Jill decided not to stay anymore.

She stood up and started walking out of the room. Mark caught her by her arm and turned her towards himself. He had a funny look in his eyes. He put his other arm around Jill’s waist and kissed her on her lips. Jill seemed to lose all her efforts at resistance.

She responded to his kisses and kissed back with equal intensity. Mark pulled her long skirt up. He got it till around her hips. Pulled her top apart. Her big juicy tits were seen through her filmsy silk bra. Mark didn’t remove the bra. Mark took then one by one in his hands. He kneaded them like dough, pressing her nipples between his fingers. Jill felt wet.

Mark came closer to Jill and pushed his hips into Jill’s. Jill spread her legs a bit to receive Mark. Mark started moving his hips. Jill responded. Mark started screwing his mom through her panties without even removing his shorts. Jill never felt so much excitement. She was wet, very wet. They started moving faster and faster. Jill’s juices made her panties wet. Mark knew this and didn’t let up. He made Jill cum . It was a long one and with a lot of intensity. Jill never had such a big orgasm.

Jill lost all her inhibitions now. She got down on her knees and pulled Mark’s shorts down. His penis immediately sprung up. Jill took it in her hands.

Jill asked ” Is this how you wanted it to happened?,” giving a long lick to his dick held firmly in her grasp. Mark could hardly talk replied ” Yes . ”

Jill took the entire penis in one go into her mouth and sucked on it as a small girl would have on a candy stick. She took licked at it giving special attention to his tip and gave it a good licking. Mark was close to cumming so pulled his mom’s face closer. Jill understood this. So started giving long sucks. Soon Mark came and it was a thick long one which Jill easily sucked out. ” It is sort of sweet ,” Jill thought.

Both Jill and Mark were exhausted. Both kissed each other once more and sat down next to each other. Jill thought ” I wonder how big Randy and Brad are and how they taste. . . ”

The End?

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