How my aunt seduced me

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It all started when I was 18. I got into alot of trouble when I was younger
and decided to get away from the old neighborhood so, it was then that I moved in
with my aunt and uncle who had a little girl at the time. We lived in an apartment
on the far eastside of town. My aunt would parade around the house in some
skimpy night gowns and one day she was laying on the floor and her tit had fallen
out and I was laying on the couch, I couldnt help but notice it, it was so big. I layed
on the couch and stroked my cock thru my jeans as she watched television I
watched that beautiful tit just wanting to suckle on it. I knew I couldn`t because
my uncle was in the bedroom sleeping, so I got up to use the restroom, really to go
masterbate in the bathroom over seeing her tit, and told her she was hanging out of
her night gown. I didnt know if she had done this on purpose or not and was
hoping that she had. Well nothing happened after that except when we went
swimmimg she would play around with me and that was all that happened. I so
wanted it to go further but it never did until we had to move for financial reasons
then thats where it all started.We had moved closer to town and my room was in
the basement where the main bathroom was. it was a hot summer day and I had
been out all day and when I came home I went to the basement to use the bathroom
and when I opened the door my aunt was lying in the tub straight back and it was
then that I saw her completely naked, and yes that body was all that I had dreamed
of and masterbated so aften to. I was so embarressed that I hurried up and shut the
door and she didn`t say anything about it. Later in the evening I was sitting on the
couch watching TV and she came down stairs in one of her skimpy night gowns
and sat beside me. She told me not to be embarressed about what I had seen. I told
her ok and the she moved behind me and started to massage my back and
shoulders. She had place her legs on each side of me and I could feel the heat
coming off of her pussy. I was so turned on that she was rubbing my back and
shoulders that my cock was rock had. She must have seen it because she reached
her hand around me and said it looks like you have another problem and started
rubbing my cock thru my jeans, man it felt so good I was ready to cream my jeans
right then and there. She then left me hanging and said that she had to get my uncle
up to go to work but she would be down later to take care of my other problem.
Well I had went onto bed thinking that there was no way this was going to happen.
I didnt hear my uncle leave and I always slept in my bikini underwear and to my
suprise I heard my aunt coming down the stairs and my cock was already getting
hard. I pretended like I was still asleep and I heard her ask me if I was asleep. I
didn`t say anything and then I felt the covers being pulled back and her hand
rubbing up against my now rock hard cock thru my shorts. She then pulled off my
bikini underwear and out sprang my hard cock. She couldnt`t wait she had to have
it. She placed her tongue on the shaft and licked it up and down several times like
she hadn`t suck a cock in a long time. She then place her lips on the head of my
cock and I could feel her tongue pressing at the tip, she then opened her mouth and
started sucking my cock like there was no tommorrow. Man was she a good
cocksucker, here I lay in the bed my aunt sucking my cock, my wildest dream
come true. my aunt wanted to take it all but I could hear her choking but that
didnt`t stop her, she sucked my cock I thought it was going on forever. I took over
from there I had to have some of that pussy. I needed o know what I would feel
like inside of her. I pulled her off my cock which she was reluctantly to do and
rolled her over onto the bed and I just had to suck on those titties that she had me
teasing me with all those years. They were bigger that I thought. There was no way
that I could get these big tits in my mouth but that didnt stop me I sucked on those
titties like it was the last ones that I`d ever get to suck on again.I then felt her
hands on my cock guiding me into her wanting pussy. i could tell she hadn`t had
any in a long time because that pusssy was so tight that I thought I would come
right there,but I had to hold on I wanted this to last as long as it possibly could.
that pussy felt so tight and hot I could feel the walls of her pussy just sucking my
cock in and pushing it back out. I had to fuck her long and hard and thats exactly
what I did, fucked her long and hard. She told me how good my big hard cock felt
inside of her and how my uncle wasnt`t giving her none and that my dick was so
much bigger than his that it didnt` matter if he gave it to her or not now that she
has mine to fuck. She fucked me for hours, it was the best sex I had ever had. Now
we have fucked many times over the years but those are different strories I will tell
later down the line. This is my first story so comments are welcome and if you
would like to hear more just drop me a line.

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  1. SpiderMan

    i like it

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  2. SpiderMan

    i have to read it again

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  3. Ramrod

    Very hot story.

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  4. bobswm31

    dude you have any pictures of your aunt id love to see how sexy she is please reply to

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  5. WayneCleveland

    awsome story, ive always wanted to do my aunt but was afraid to act on it. I’m 30 and she is 50, I may have to act on it now!!!

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  6. WayneCleveland

    awsome story, ive always wanted to do my aunt but was afraid to act on it. I’m 30 and she is 50, I may have to act on it now!!!

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