I Married Daddy

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MY name is Mary and to me the farm is the entire world. For as far as the eye can see there are beautiful pastures and crop rows. I would most often go a week or more without seeing a living soul except for daddy and daddy was a farmer, a simple hard working farmer, a man of the earth and strong as a tree. My daddy is a very handsome man and I love him.

My mother died five years ago just after my 14th birthday. So it was just me, my big sister and my dad. Truth be told dad always wanted a son. A farmer needs a strong son to help with the work. I wasn’t big or strong even for a girl. I was tiny, petite and delicate like the spring flowers. My hair was blond, eyes deep blue, my waist was slender and my breasts round and pretty but not large, not like the girls in the men’s magazines.

My sister was was also tiny and very pretty. She had left us to try her luck in New York City. She wanted to be a fashion model. Anyways, no strong sons for daddy, just us girls and now just me – just me and daddy on our farm, in our world, far away from city, town and all of society.

I missed mom and loved taking care of daddy. While he worked hard doing what he has always done, I did laundry, kept the house looking good and feeling cozy and I made daddy good hot meals including fresh warm bread, healthy stews and delicious fruit pies. We had a traditional farm including fresh eggs and milk. We wanted for nothing but a strong young man to help daddy do his heavy lifting and back breaking work. Daddy wanted me to go back to the community college but I was happy. At 19 years of age I just didn’t want to go anywhere. I just wanted to care for all of daddy’s needs. I wanted to be all that mom was. I wanted him to be happy – that’s what truly made me happy.

Of course anyone could tell something was missing – Daddy needed a wife. How could he get a son or even have his man needs cared for without a wife. I tried to fix him up with every woman I could find but he just wouldn’t take any woman. I found a few that were young and pretty and still he just wasn’t interested. Somehow I was secretly glad but somehow I was worried too. I knew enough to know a man has man needs and I was sure my daddy needed a woman.

I said “Daddy why won’t you bring a girl home? You know how women are attracted to you. Go out some night. Bring some cute thing home.”

He said “Baby you are the only woman for me – you, your sister and your mom. There won’t ever be another.

“Daddy I’m not a little girl anymore. . You can’t be alone forever. Mom is dead. Forgive me if I embarrass you but I know a man has needs”

“I’m not alone baby girl, I have you, and as for needs don’t you worry, that’s my business.” he paused in grieving silence and then looked deep into my eyes, a sad look, and said ” You are truly an angel to care sweetheart.”

Something changed in me that moment on that day – I fell in love with daddy but in a whole new way. I saw my daddy as a strong sensitive man, a good man, a man with needs and a man that I loved.


My big sister is not only very beautiful but somehow she has always known things. Everything I know about sex and men I learned it from her. Her name is Angela and she is four years older and like I say she has gone off to The Big Apple to be a fashion Superstar. No doubt she will find her way, she’s the kind of girl that walks into a room and everyone turns to look, the women get jealous and the men get erections. She is just so beautiful and so sexy.

I would sneak into her room at night, she would talk about boys. She would tell me to pretend she was a boy and we would kiss, kiss for hours. I learned to suck her tongue and to kiss her deep. It didn’t stop there, she showed me provocative nasty stuff too. She would suck and drool on my fingers and tell me “That’s what you do to a man’s penis, Makes them hard and excited like the the bulls when they mount the cows.”

I would practice sucking her fingers. She told me “Men like to see a woman.” She would show me her body, massage her tits and pull at her nipples. She taught me to be comfortable masturbating. She would masturbate in front of me.

“Now you do it Mary, its OK.” Sometimes she would rub my pussy and then suck my fingers and say “Mmmmmmm you are such a sweet girl Mary”

Angela would let me stay the night in her room and I would learn all about sex and men and what it was to have an orgasm. Most of all she taught me to be comfortable being a sexy girl. And now Angela was gone to New York and it was just me and daddy.


I knew daddy needed a woman, and deep inside I knew that woman would be me. I just didn’t know how it would happen.

One night after I had gone to bed I heard loud a noise outside my window. I ran into daddy’s bedroom. He was reading, laying on the bed, no shirt and plain white boxer shorts, flat stomach and strong as a bull.

“I’m frightened daddy. I think someone is outside”

He put on his robe and spent a long time outside making sure that I had imagined the intruder. I have to admit it was at this moment I decided to use the event as an excuse to stay all night with daddy.

“No one is out there sweetheart. Why don’t you run along back to bed now so we can both get some sleep.”

I begged “Please daddy, let me stay with you. I’m scared to be alone. Put your arms around me like when I was a little girl and hold me tight while I go to sleep.”

Daddy responded “That’s just the problem sweetheart, you aren’t a little girl anymore, you are a grown up beautiful woman. I don’t think you should stay the night in my bed Mary.”

“But why daddy, I’m afraid of the dark and that noise outside. Let me stay with you.” I pleaded in that soft childish voice that I knew daddy could not say no to.

He motioned to me to lay down in the bed. “Now go to sleep young lady. I have hard work and need to get an early start.”

“OK daddy, you hold me tight and I will go to sleep. And I promise to make you a very tasty, very early breakfast.”

Daddy slipped off his robe, put his strong arms around me, gave me a kiss on the back of my head and closed his eyes. This night the relationship between daddy and I changed forever.

I waited until daddy was fast asleep, still his arms around my tiny body. I made sure my sheer nightdress rode up above my waist exposing my soft warm bottom. I wiggled tight up against daddy’s shorts. I could feel the warmth of his balls against my flesh. I drifted off to sleep having very erotic thoughts about making love to him.

When I woke very early in the morning, before it was fully light, daddy’s huge cock had become exposed through his boxer shorts. I could feel his big dick straining and throbbing against my bottom. Daddy was still fast asleep. With my nightdress still hiked up I began slowly and rhythmically rocking back and forth against his excited penis. I loved the feel of his huge balls against me.

All at once daddy grabbed me tight and – one, two, three four hard strokes and deep grunt and groan – huge hot streams of man-milk shot into the warm virgin crevice of my ass, running down onto the bed-sheet.

Daddy jumped up in a panic and said “Oh gawd what have I done! I’m so sorry Mary.”

As he frantically slipped on his pants and headed out the door. He said “We will talk later tonight. Again, I am so sorry for what I have done sweetheart. I knew it was a mistake for you to lay in bed with me all night – as your father, I can’t be forgiven.”

I shouted after him as the door slammed shut “Please daddy, no, you don’t understand, I made it happen, I rubbed against you, I did it to you daddy, I wanted it to happen. – please don’t be mad. I love you daddy”

He looked back and hesitated for just a minute as if he would say something and then turned and went to work.

I went back into the house to begin my cleaning chores. I took the sheet off daddy’s bed. I felt the moisture where he had cum. I secretly tasted it with the tip of my tongue. As I put the linens in the wash I thought, ‘Soon I will be daddys new wife soon daddy will get strong a son to help us with the farm.’

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