I turned a young reheaded lesbo stright Pt3

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I didn’t see Sandy for a couple of months later. I saw her in the mall with her girfriend. This was the first ime I met Beth she was older than sandy she just turned 20 the month before. We decided to go get a drink they both easily passed fo 21 we had a couple of drinks and they said they had to go. All this time I couldn’t help but check out Beth she was about 5/7 130 lbs but all in the right places. She has dark hair and big brown eyes I was immeditley attracted to her. Beth must have noticed my interest because she nuged sandy and squeezed her hand. They then invited me home to see their place I jumped at the chance because I was hoping to let them attack me. I followed them home and called my wife and told her I was going out on my friends boat,Deb told me have a good time and be carefull I assured her I would. When we got to theit apartment Sandy poured us all a glass of wine at the same time she gave 2 viagra and smiled and said you are gonna need these. I went into the living room where Beth already had a hot movie on. They excused themselves one at a time so I watched getting hotter and hotter. I figured what the hell I stripped naked and laid back with a fresh glass of wine and a hard dick. Just then they both walked out of the bedroom both dressed in sexy lingire one sat on on side of me and the other sat on my other side. I began to feel euphoric and felt like I could have sex all night they both giggled and said they spiked the wine with something so we would really enjoy ourselves. Since I hadn’t touched Beth yet I began kissing her deeply and realized that sandy was going down on my cock. I massaged beths beautiful 38C tits her nipples were huge as I filled my mouth with each of them in turn. Well by this time everything must have kicked in I said lets get naked and get into bed. They laughed and each grabbed an arm. As we entered the bedroom I was greeted with a King size bed with a large mirror on the back wall. We all fell into bed naked and I begged Beth to sit on my face I told her I have to have that giant bush. Beth straddled my face so her ass was facing me as my dick was hard sandy sat right down on it and began moving. They began to kiss each other deeply and both began to move faster and faster beth was almost suffocating me she was humping so hard. We played around as to all cum at once. We were shaking the bed and making a ton of noise lucky they have no neighbors. We all lost our loads and just laid there. Beth put her arms around me and said shave me like you did sandy which I noticed was still clean shaven. Her bush was so thick I had to trim it with scissors first. Beth said it’s your turn now I said you can’t shave me someone will know. She laughed and said thats not what I ment she then took out a large strap on dildo and commanded I want your cock in my pussy while Sandy puts it in your ass. I willingly obliged she drove the whole thing in at once I gasped I got on top of Beth and she guided my cock into her hot wet waiting hole. We finally got our rytham together and were bucking furiously we all collapsed again. They bothe snuggled up next to me and I put a arm around each one of them They each put their mouths to mine and we began a 3 way exchange of our juices we kissed each other deeply and then rolled over. Both of them smiled and said were not finished with you yet. But thats for the next chapter where it became a full blown orgy when a guy friend of theirs stopped over.

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