Julie Marie Wilson Ch 8 – Wanda & Sarah show

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Chapter Eight – Wanda and Sarah put on a show

Sarah jumped up from the floor and began giving orders. Julie watched her aunt’s breasts bob as she jumped up. The erect nipples were an outward sign of the sexual energy in this woman’s body. “Stand up here,” as she pointed to a place beside her and in front of Julie. Wanda rose slowly saying, “you want me here?” Sarah immediately back handed Wanda’s left breast saying in a stern voice, “you are in trouble little girl.” Wanda played the hurt victim well feeling Julie’s eyes on her reddening breast. Julie was shocked at the transformation but enthralled by her mom and Aunt Sarah playing for her benefit.

Sarah went to her things and produced a three foot long cane. Wanda asked in a small quavering voice, “am I going to be punished?” “Silence,” cried Sarah. She walked once around her sister and touching her in a deliberate manner as she spoke. Grabbing the red bra between the cups shaking, she said in a low voice, “you wore this red bra and panties to please me didn’t you?” Wanda nodded. As Julie saw her mom’s ample breasts wiggle in the red satin bra, she put one hand between legs and the other cupped her own breast.

Sarah had the cane resting on Wanda’s ass as she said, “you set me up to be seduced by your daughter didn’t you? You knew why I was coming over and you didn’t tell me what to expect.” Sarah’s left hand slid slowly down the crotch of Wanda’s panties between her legs and then with a jerk the panties were at the floor. Sarah got a chair from the dinning room and positioned it beside Wanda so that Julie would be able to see everything. Still with the cane in her hand she pressed her body against Wanda’s and massaged her breast through her bra. “You have been naughty and you know how naughty girls get punished,” she said in a controlling way. As Wanda nodded her head, Sarah undid the clasp on her bra. Wanda’s breasts burst free as the bra fell to the floor. Sarah stepped back putting the cane beneath Wanda’s erect left nipple. “A little excited about the punishment it seems.” Julie watched as Wanda breathed deeply causing her chest to heave against the cane.

Sarah moved to sit on the edge of the chair and purposefully pulled Wanda over her knees. Wanda muffled a scream but did not resist. The hand with the cane rubbed Wanda’s ass gently as Sarah said, “you are wise to take your punishment without fussing.” In an instant Sarah raised the cane and struck a fierce stroke across Wanda’s ass. Julie startled in surprise. Wanda let out a yelp and began to cry.

“Ooh,” said Sarah, “I believe that will leave a nice reminder.” She leaned across Wanda’s back and put down the cane. Her hand came up and fingered Wanda’s pussy. Julie caught her breath and relaxed a little. Wanda squeezed her own nipples as Sarah methodically stoked her pussy. Julie knew her mom was close to orgasm when Julie stopped and stood up. Wanda rolled unceremoniously to the floor. Julie didn’t understand what was happening until her mom started pleading. Real tears running down her face as she said, “Please don’t stop now. Please touch me a little more.”

“I suppose you have been punished enough,” Sarah said with a smile. She lay down beside Wanda giving her deep passionate kiss. At the same time, one hand grabbed a breast and the other dove to her pussy. Julie felt her Mom’s ecstasy flowing through her body as she screamed over and over. There was something magical how in a few minutes Sarah had brought her sister to complete fulfillment. Even though she had not reached orgasm again she was exhausted.

After a few moments for them to catch their breath, Wanda asked Sarah, “What do you think of your niece?” Sarah looked at Julie and shook her head saying, “Not what I expected. She was always so straight laced and proper as a young girl. I expected her to be more reserved. Instead she is a wild one.” Julie laughed saying, “You two have no room to talk the way you carry on.” Sarah was curious about how the sex started between Julie and Walt. She had a voyeuristic attitude and wanted a detailed description of all aspects of the first encounter. Wanda blushed as Julie described how she seduced her Dad in explicit detail. Julie went on and described erotic spanking and the first time with her Mom. Julie skipped most of the details of the first three way with both her parents. The idea of Walt fucking his daughter in front of his wife was a real turn on for Sarah.

The women were going to the kitchen to fix something to eat. Sarah started to get dressed but Julie stopped her. Wanda and Julie explained that they rarely wore clothes in the house anymore. Julie added how unfair it would be for Sarah to cover up such an exciting body. Sarah looked Julie right in the eye and said with a pout, “Do you think it is so bad I might get a spanking?” Wanda drew her hand high swinging it down with a slap across Sarah’s bottom. Instead of screaming in pain, Sarah cooed, “I want Julie to spank me!” With that Julie began to blush but Wanda grabbed Sarah by the arm and said, “I’m hungry. We can play games later.”

Chapter Nine – Sarah

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