Julie Marie Wilson Ch1 Julie Alone

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Chapter One – Julie Alone

Julie was 22 years old and a month ago had moved back in with her parents, Walter and Wanda. She had lived in an apartment the first year out of college but she didn’t like apartment life. She had dropped her college boyfriend soon after she graduated because he wasn’t husband material and was focused on her job as an accountant. He had been a rowdy sort with a bit of a mean streak. What was exciting early on in the relation seemed childish by the end. Julie felt glad to be rid of him. However, her warm-hearted nature and fundamental spirit needed a connection to people she loved. As her lease was ending she decided going home to her parents would fulfill her need for personal connections without distracting her from her career goals.

Julie was a sexual being with specific needs and finding release in a house with her parents seemed like a challenge. While in college she discovered her passion for hard core pornography and had about a dozen DVDs. Occasionally Julie would watch these with lovers but her obsession was to watch them alone. She would wear her favorite lingerie, light candles, and put new batteries in Bula2. The original Bula was a simple one speed dildo given to her as a gift from her freshman year roommate, Lucy. It lasted a couple of years performing its function until it gave up, worn to exhaustion. Julie replaced Bula with Bula2 which was another simple dildo but gold in color with three speeds.

It was mid-June and Julie’s father, Walter, was going to be gone for a couple of nights on business. Her mother, Wanda, was going to a co-worker’s home for dinner and some sort of decorating party. Julie would have the whole house to herself until 10:00. As soon as she got home after work she rushed to her room to get ready for a special night of intimacy. Her pornographic DVDs were under the bed in a plastic box with some candles and her sex toys. She wasted no time selecting a title, three candles and Bula2. Laying them on the bed, she stripped naked in what seemed like one fluid motion. As she leaned over to open the drawer with her intimate apparel she glanced at her breasts in the mirror. A coy smile came as she reached in the back for her sheer white babydoll lingerie. Putting it on she looked longingly at herself in her mirror. At 5 foot 7 she was not tall enough to be a model but she was proportioned well. Making a slight turn to admire her profile as she thought about how much she liked her body. Leaning over slightly was enough for her ass to peek out from beneath the chiffon fabric. Julie rubbed it sensually before giving it a firm slap. As the heat rose in her butt cheek there was a quiver of anticipation between her legs. Julie was not a slave to her desires but she fought to restrain her sullied urges for a few more moments.

She reached back into her drawer to find the lacy panties she would sometimes wear. Wearing them was a sign that she planned to take her time getting to orgasm. Sitting on the bed she watched in the mirror as she parted her legs to reveal her pussy that had been shaved that morning. The hand holding her panties slid down over her negligée, over her warm bare pussy, and sensually touching her well shaped legs. Quickly she pulled on the delicate panties as she rose from the bed with a twirl, watching herself carefully in the mirror. She was a connoisseur at preparing for sex and she didn’t neglect preparation when she fulfilled herself.

In less than a minute she had grabbed a towel from the bathroom, scurried downstairs, lit the candles, started the DVD, and positioned herself conformably on the family room couch. Her left hand squeezed her right breast as her right hand fondled the DVD remote. It had been weeks since her last orgasm and she thought about a quick go before she started the movie. Feeling the warm breast and the desire building she decided to start the movie as it would help her control the pace to a mammoth climax of multiple orgasms.

She knew the movie well, about a detective and a woman with a missing necklace. Today the plot didn’t matter and Julie fast-forwarded to the first good scene. It was the detective doing his secretary a favor. Julie always liked the way the detective undresses the secretary, taking his time to touch her sensuously as each garment is removed. Julie’s face flushed as she put her hand inside her panties letting her fingers lay motionless between her open legs. Julie moaned with the women on screen who took the detective’s cock in her ripe pussy doggy style. Julie’s finger moved between her pussy lips and gently began to rub. Julie’s right hand moved in the rhythm of the woman’s swaying breasts. Her left hand caressed her own breasts as she imaged the detective penetrating her. Julie knew there was plenty of time, no need to hurry or press hard. Her vision blurred and her breath came quicker but still she held back.

The detective pulled his cock from the secretary’s cunt and turned her around to face him. Julie sat up a little and focused. She enjoyed the view of his cock standing erect as the secretary began a blowjob. Julie’s right hand moved from her pussy to her sensitive left breast as she focused all her attention to the screen. As the scene moved on and the detective was pounding the secretary from the front, Julie’s heart pounded and her body temperature began to rise. Julie’s hands moved about her body. Her left hand rested against her neck as her right hand slid down once again inside her panties. This time her fingers stroked deep inside as her thumb pressed hard on her clitoris. The secretary was moaning in ecstasy from being pounded by the detective. Julie gasp for breath. Flicking her hand furiously she too began to moan in ecstasy as the waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled through her entire being. Julie sighed deeply after this torrential release and then she watched the detective’s cock irrupt on the secretary’s face.

Chapter Two – Julie caught by Walt
Julie stood up to slide her panties down for the next phase. She startled as she saw her Dad standing in the kitchen. Without missing a beat she adjusted her panties back into place, looked straight at her dad and said, “I thought you were going to be out of town?” Walter missed several beats as his face immediately flushed and he staggered slightly. He took a deep breath and put his hand on the table to steady himself staring at this gorgeous woman in front of him. He muttered, “The meeting was canceled.”

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