kissin cousins.

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Everyone was arriving on this special christmas eve. the snow crunched beneath everyone’s feet as they walked into the house. everyone laughed and reminissed. Ali and Astrid finally found eachother in all the craziness. Ali and Astrid were both 18 years old and cousins. they had been closer than sisters since they were born.

they sat in the gorgeously decorated living room with the rest of the family and shook some of the gifts under the tree that stood almost to the ceiling.

“girls” ali’s mother said “we’ll be eating dinner a little later tonight than usual. the roast is slightly burnt so if you two just wanna occupy yourselfs till then we’ll call you when its ready”

the girls nodded and went up to Astrids room. they sat together and watched some tv. Astrid sat down at the computer shortly after they turned on the tv.

Ali turned to astrid “ASTRID!!” she said surprised. “youre looking at porn… not just porn… lesbian porn!!!”

Astrid turned to ali and smiled. “well ive been thinkin lately and.. we could … well our parents dont have to know…” she stopped herself and blushed. “i mean.. that was stupid…”

“no” ali said and put a hand on astrids leg. “we could.. be because ive had thoughts too.. of being with another girl. and i know i can trust you….”

Ali leaned in and her lips lightly brushed against astrids. astrid let her tongue flick ali’s lips gently. Ali moaned lightly and let her cousin enter her mouth completely. they stopped briefly a deep moan escaped from ali’s lips and she went back for more.. this time lifting astrids shirt off. Her eyes opened a little more when she realized astrid wasnt wearing a bra. Her beautiful 36 c tits fell free and ali sucked on her already erect nipples. Astrids head fell back and she moaned and blushed wildly.

Astrid pulled away and pulled her cousins lips to hers. she unbuttoned ali’s shirt and brought one of her 32 b tits to her mouth. sucking at it until her nipple took a pointy pink shape. she lightly pushed ali back until she was laying down. she lifted her skirt and slowly kissed her way down to ali’s heat. she put her mouth over alis panties.

Ali moaned softly and bucked her hips slowly, yearning for astrid to uncover her pussy and dive in. Astrid licked at her cousins covered pussy until there was a damp spoton them. she uncovered her wet muff and let her tongue enter her cousin like a hard cock. Ali let out a scream and then covered her mouth… surprised at her loud yell.

astrid then concentrated her tongue on ali’s clit. she suckled it and flicked her tongue at it until ali screamed and came in her mouth several times. it was an explosion. she moaned and girated vigerously until she was finished.

She smiled and pushed astrid back. she layed sweet.. soft kisses all over astrid .. slowly. until she got to her pants. she unbuttoned them and let the back of her tongue slide down to where her underwear started. she pulled them down and without warning pushed her tongue deep in astrids cunt. astrid let a cry escape her and yearned for more. she pushed her pussy to alis mouth “lick it. god use your tongue like a dick”

ali licked her cousins pussy vigerously until astrid cried for more. she then backed off and wouldnt touch her anymore than breathing on her pussy. “god lick it.. please fucking lick it… please” she bucked hard now.

Ali dove back in and licked and suckled wildly and waited till she made her cum.

she then climbed up and kissed her cousin. “your cum tastes good doesnt it?” astrid nodded and smiled. they got dressed again and wandered downstairs.

on the way down the stairs ali stopped “hey.. how about we do this when i see you next…. i mean.. if you want…”

astrid made sure no one was looking and kissed her cousin gently again then nodded. “of course”

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