Kissin girl cousins

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She watched as her cousin leaned over the pool table. God she was beautiful. The last time she had seen her she was nothing more than a leggy tom boy. Now she was a goodess. She had a flat stomach breasts that begged to be teased. She wanted nothing more than to lick and kiss her supple breast. She wanted to fuck her pussy with her mouth to taste her juices. But no one knew she was a lesbian. How would…

“Hey girl stop starin its your turn..” She was so preocuppied with her cousins breast she had lost track of the game. As she blushed she went and got the pool stick from her cousin.

“Whats the matter Kimmy? You were in another world.”


Wow Kimmy had grown. Her ass was awesome a girl could get lost kissing it. She tought of the way her nipples would feel in her mouth. She grew wet at the tought of touching her cousin and having her cousin touch her.

“Hey kimmy how have you been? any boyfreinds?”


“Nope i like girls!” With that she walked to Kimmy and rubbed against her. “I like the way they feel the way they smell.”

“Me too” and with that they kissed. It was a kiss of needing and passion. Their tounges danced and touched. The girls hands began to roam over each other. They felt breasts and nipples. Clothes started to fall to the floor. Never did the kiss end. Finally Kimmy got up the courage to break the kiss and she started to kiss down her kneck and she began to kiss the swell of her cousins ample breast. With one hand she free the breast from their cloth barrier and she made short work of teasing her nipples.

“Oh yeah thats right.” With that she slide her hands down Kimmys pants and quickly found the treaaure she was after. The sweet, sweet mound was already moist from their petting. With a flash she dove her fingers inside her cousins awaiting pussy and was suprised to see how very tight it was.

“Umum thats so good, yes.” She began to move her hips in rythm with her cousins finger as she sucked hard and fast on her cousins nipples.

“Oh oh oh touch me Kim touch me.”

Thats all she need to hear with that she dropped in front of her cousin and pushed her back against the pool table. Where she pulled up her cousins skirt and started to lick at the damp panties that held back the honey sweet mound.

“Oh god please Kim fuck me with your tounge.” and with that she started to lick and suck on the lips of her cousins wet wet pussy.

“Oh yeah.” With a power she had never felt before her body started to convulse with her orgasm. “OH yeah yeah yeah.”

Her cousin kept sucking and licked every last drop of hgoney into her mouth.

“Now its my turn.” With that she got on her knees and quickly kissed her cousin but not long for she had other body parts to please. She leaned down and took her tiny nipple into her mouth and sucked while she caressed the other breast with her hand.

“Oh man…” she felt her pussy begin to quake. She had a needing to feel her touch and lick her pussy. She wanted to feel her tounge in her pussy to feel her finger her pussy to make her cum.

“Oh please i need you to taste me.” With that she laid between her cousins and started to lick at the already wet pussy. She licked for only seconds when her cousin moaned loudly. So she shoved two fingers into her pussy and made her cum instantly. The juices spilled over her lips and into her mouth she licked every drop.

“Yummy that was fun… wanna spend the night at my house Kelly?”

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