Love for my daddy

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Today I woke up in my bed with the memories from last night. Last night was the best me and my dad finally did it we finally had sex. I smiled when I saw my dad beside me I touched his cheek and then his neck and his chest my hand went lower until I found the treasure. I started massaging it with my hand and I squeezed it I heard my dad groan and I squeezed it more another groan came to his mouth. I leaned in and kiss my days soft lip he kissed back but I pulled away and smiled an saw that he was awake I let go of his cock and said “good morning daddy”. He said “good morning baby girl” and touched my breast and was founding my breast. I moaned and said ” so daddy did you have fun last night.”. He sat up and said”yes I did I had a very good time baby girl ” I smiled and sat on his lap.”daddy I love you so much “. “I love you to pumpkin ” he kissed my neck an my collar bone and then he came to my breast he looked up and smiled and started sucking on my breast I moaned loudly. “daddy your making me horny now” I wined . “good ” his hand moved downward to my pussy and played with my pussy lips then he entered on finger and moved slowly at first. “someone’s wet”he moved alil faster entering another finger moving faster and faster.”ohh daddy I don’t want your fingers I want your dick”.I wined.and he smirked laying me down on my bed an straddling my legs as he pointed the head of his dick at my pussy .”daddy stop teasing me” he smirked and put a whole 3inches of his 8inch dick. I moaned loudly and closed my eyes .he moved in and out slowly . “daddy faster ” he moved faster and faster. I moaned louder and arched my back . “ash baby’s girl” he said grunting while fucking me fastest he could go.”ohh daddy cum in me daddy cum” he moved faster and cum his load into me I moaned and kissed him. “I love you daddy”

The end

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